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Our Price:US$89.95
Size (in):36"x 30"x 23"

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Tux the 36 Inch Stuffed Penguin Tux the 36 Inch Stuffed Penguin
Manufacturer: LinuxMall
Version: 2.0
LinuxMall Part No: 00903

Carefully custom-designed to resemble as closely as possible Larry Ewing's famous "Tux" Linux Mascot drawing, this charming, cuddly, and darn big penguin would love to guard your office, cheer up your girlfriend, boyfriend, or mother. He can also keep your favorite young person company, or just inspire positive thoughts about Linux into anyone who has not yet come into the fold. Please see the notes regarding this penguin's shipping weight.

Mall Price: $89.95
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Made in China especially for

Extended Information
Tux 2.0 in his six inch form was first introduced at Atlanta Linux Showcase in October 1998. The 10 inch edition and the 4 inch edition became available in mid-November 1998. These three sizes proved so popular that we decided to also make an 18 inch edition, and this 36 inch edition.

Shipping weight vs. actual weight: This penguin actually weighs 15 pounds. Unfortunately, because of his size, shippers calculate the freight cost based on his "dimensional weight". The shipper charges us as if he weighed 52.5 pounds, so we must pass that cost on to the customer.

Customs Information for this item: (What is this info for?)
QuantityItem Description Price per Unit
1 toy US$ 89.95
1 Intellectual value is sale price minus sum of components

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