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Against All Odds, LinuxFEST Yugoslavia Will Happen, Organizers Vow
In an environment of poverty created by years of conflict and punctuated by the recent overthrow of the ruling military regime, Linux organizers in the former Yugoslavia remain determined to champion the operating system by staging a major Linux event in their still-troubled capital, Belgrade--and hope the worldwide Linux community can help them in their struggle. (November 16, 2000)

FreePM Forges into a Wide Open Frontier
Tim Cook speaks softly, but carries a big stick. With the public debut of his project at the Los Angeles conference of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), the soft-spoken, ex-Marine and ex-hospital IT tech is swinging a stick that could crack open an area where the open source force could really make its mark. (November 9, 2000)

FAQ Answer Man Talks about GIMP
Deep in the wilds of the software documentation landscape lurks a rare hybrid of artist, techie, teacher, soccer dad and visionary, with a great deal to say. (November 8, 2000)

Move Over, Spartacus--Here Comes DeCSS
In case you've been in a cave for the last year, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has been taking action against anyone who distributes DeCSS, a program for decrypting DVDs (Digital Versatile Disks) on Linux computers. One Free Software advocate decided to do something about it: "if I couldn't distribute DeCSS," remembers Mr. Bad, "I would distribute DeCSS." (October 30, 2000)

EuroLinux Calls for Position Papers to Address Software Patent Danger
In a continuing effort to alert the European Community to its views on the dangers of software patent laws, the EuroLinux Alliance is amassing its favorite form of ammunition--knowledge. (October 25, 2000)

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Government Linux users gather in Washington, D.C.   One large successful project could open the floodgate for Linux use in government. ( November 1, 2000)

$10,000 Bounty for `Prior Art'   BountyQuest offers a $10,000 prize to anyone who can find evidence of a "One Click Shopping" system in use before September 28, 1997. Be sure to read all of the requirements and the instructions. The bounty expires January 18, 2001. (October 19, 2000)

Microsoft considers apps for Linux   Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer commented on the possibility of Microsoft applications becoming available for Linux. Ballmer spoke at Gartner's autumn Symposium/ITxpo. (October 18, 2000)

`Tsunami of hits' follows StarOffice GPL release   Early on the morning of Friday, October 13, Sun Microsystems released StarOffice 6.0 under the GNU General Public License (GPL), as Brian Proffitt reported on Linux Today. In their eagerness to download the code, hordes of Linux users crashed the Web server.'s system administrators, however, quickly got a backup server working so that the code was still available for download. (October 13, 2000)

`World's Toughest' Code Cracked!   A team of Swedish computer buffs has fought off thousands of rivals from around the world to crack what was billed as the toughest code challenge ever set. (October 12, 2000)

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