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The Linux Newsletter Vol. 4 #2

July 10, 2000

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Table of Contents

Linux in Business
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Recent News in the Linux Community
Volunteers Wire Guatemalan Hospital With Linux
Alternative Lifestyle Linux RFC
Sponsor: Allaire ColdFusion
Hammers, Nails and Code
Tips and Useful Software for Linux Users
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Welcome to the July Linux Newsletter. We've got quite a few great stories this month in the Newsletter, and don't forget to check out for the latest and greatest Linux news every day.

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Have a happy July and we'll see you in August!

Linux in Business:

SpeechWorks: Open Up and Say "Ahhh..."

SpeechWorks International has announced the Open Speech Web, an interconnected speech services network to enable `speech-surfing' Internet access and connections to speech-enabled applications with spoken commands over a telephone.,1,307

SuSE Appoints New Latin American Head

Xavier Mormol has been appointed to head SuSE's Latin American division and plans to waste no time spreading Linux in Latin America.,1,305

Google, Linux & Sliced Bread

In what may be the greatest collaboration since peanut butter met jelly, the creamy goodness of Linux has been spread across an estimated 4,000 PCs that help search engine Google make the Internet a better, and far less sticky place.,195

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Recent News in the Linux Community:

It's not a Wintel World Anymore

Dell, Gateway, Intel and Compaq aren't just flirting with Linux anymore.

Why We Need Debian

Evan Leibovitch points out the benefits of a non-commercial, totally free, Linux distro.,10228,2598156,00.html

Linux Growing Despite W2K

Windows 2000 has been available for four months, but hasn't made a dent in Linux growth.

Apache Still Going Strong

Apache is still racking up the big numbers, growing an impressive 2.09% from May. And that doesn't include Apache variants like Stronghold. Apache now holds an astonishing 62.53% of the Web server market. (Taken from Netcraft's June survey)

Volunteers Wire Guatemalan Hospital With Linux:
by Michelle Head

A hospital installation of Linux demonstrates the link between the availability of medical resources and informational access--and the effect poverty can have on both.

Thirty-six-year old Houston psychiatry resident Ignacio Valdes, his 27-year-old wife Corazon, a physician's assistant, and 43 other members of the volunteer group Faith In Practice traveled to the Hermano Pedro Hospital for the Poor in Antigua, Guatemala, where the group provides supplies and skilled surgical and medical teams. This trip brought a little something extra to the impoverished hospital--Linux and the Internet.

Read the rest on,191

Alternative Lifestyle Linux RFC:

Technical Editor Greta Durr dreams of the distribution that will change her life once and for all.,196

Sponsor: Allaire ColdFusion

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Hammers, Nails and Code:
by Greta Durr

Building a silicon Habitat for Humanity, the Software Carpentry project uses Python and Open Source ideals to construct a solid foundation for ideas to develop and thrive.

"The phrase `computer literate user' really means the person has been hurt so many times that the scar tissue is thick enough so he no longer feels the pain." This quote from Alan Cooper's The Inmates are Running the Asylum is the running theme of sorts for the Software Carpentry Project.

Read the rest on /news/?1,138

Tips and Useful Software for Linux Users:

XFce - The Little Desktop that Could

All about XFce, one of the many desktop options for Linux, including installation and configuration.


Web+Shop - E-commerce Application

The most flexible Linux e-commerce solution for building online stores is here!

  • Fully and easily customizable
  • Platform and database independent
  • Easily integrated with legacy systems
  • Online credit card validation
  • User friendly web-based administration
  • Strong reporting features
  • Ability to export files to Sun StarOffice

Web+Shop is written in WML (Web+ Markup Language). Web+ is a tag based scripting language that is easy to learn. Web+ is a powerful middleware that allows you, the Web developer, to link your web applications to databases and other applications or legacy systems very quickly and easily. Learn more about Web+ at /shop/01011.

Drop us a note and give us your feedback on our product at We would love to hear from you!

Put a Python in your Pocket

Looking to learn your first programming language? Cameron Laird suggests you start with Python.

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