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    1996-1998 News Archives

    Is Linux desktop DOA? It swept the server world. Now Corel wants Linux on your PC. (December 1998)

    Linux databases here, but support scarce (December 1998)

    Open Source: Blessing Or Curse For The Channel? (December 1998)

    Linux challenges giants with off-the-Net program Server operating systems: Success seen as part of 'anything but Microsoft' attitude (December 1998)

    Even with open source, Red Hat is red hot. (December 1998)

    For the Love of Linux How OpenSource violates Microsoft's natural laws. (December 1998)

    Is Linux a Fad? Vote in the ZDTV Poll. (December 1998)

    Windows magazine does a Linux review, 2 other articles in same mag. Ed: Outcome, better than expected considering the medium! (December 1998)

    OpenLinux OS cleanly integrates NetWare, NT and Unix. Ed: Get it here! (December 1998)

    DisGust: And a Linux new year? (December 1998)

    The Christmas Document Ed: An interesting whitepaper about Internet search engines and how they work versus how they should work. The document requests an extension to HTML in the process. Judge for yourself. Thanks to Maxim Lifantsev for this link. (December 1998)

    Using Linux as a Network Operating System Well known as a Web server operating system, Linux can also function as a network operating system. With a bit of customisation it can provide all the functions of a true NOS. (December 1998)

    Diary of a LINUX Bumpkin Linux is catching on like wildfire, capturing the hearts and minds of daring techies everywhere. Is Linux in your future? Find out where it came from and why people are talking about it. Ed: Good article, but his history omits many prior years (over a decade) and projects. BSD at Berkeley, and Unix at Bell Labs among others played a significant role. Linux is simply the next generation of the concepts & specifications developed there, and at other projects such as AlohaNet, dARPA, etc. GNU was a reaction to lacking features, and faults in commercializations of these items, and many GNU and Non-GNU projects were added. Finally Linux took over from there and brought it all together. Then the Open Source moniker was coined to include all open licenses within one overall concept. Linux is now the crucible for deployment of further advances. (December 1998)

    Compiling Apache A step-by-step guide to customizing the world's most popular Web server (December 1998)

    Linux is hot, hot, hot New study says Linux shipments were up by 211 percent last year. Ed: And this does not even count all the FTP downloads, and individual CD makers. For instance no one asked how many were pulled from our mirrors, or how many CDs Linux Mall pressed and shipped. I can't tell you how many it was, but I can tell you it would have made a significant and positive difference in the overall numbers on the cited survey. (December 1998)

    The year in enterprise networking Solaris, NetWare and Linux advance, with Windows 2000 on hold (December 1998)

    AT&T; Labs cooks up voice-data mix using Linux! Ed: Thanks to Patrick Holloway for this link (December 1998)

    IBM paints Linux blue How about Linux conquest of IBM? A deal with Red Hat could alleviate support concerns for stuck in the mud IS managers. Compaq too has been offering support contracts for Linux Systems. (December 1998)

    VARBusiness: News Trends & Analysis Sun, IBM, Netscape open up -- VARs Applaud Push To Open Source Code -- Expanded access to underlying code enables VARs to better meet customers' application demands Ed: Is this the same magazine whose editor I met with in 1995 during a press tour for Linux, to tell him how important Linux would become? At the time I wasn't believed. (December 1998)

    The IT world turned upside down Titans clash, the masses demand open source, the DOJ gets tough, and the Net cashes in (December 1998)

    We taught the Linux boys everything they know -- SCO exec Ed: Baloney to the title, but a good article nevertheless. (December 1998)

    Latching on to Linux Ed: 212% growth no surprise to us. (December 1998)

    BSDI jumps in and: Linux adds another member to supporting cast (December 1998)

    Linus Torvalds, newsmaker of the year Or he could be if you vote for him. Ed: In the interest of Linux do it today! He is currently in second place, and only 2790 votes would tie him for first place. We can do this! (December 1998)

    Apple to bundle Linux with PowerPC system (December 1998)

    Linux should be fun! So join in Die Linuxbierwanderung: ie, The Linux Beer Hike! (December 1998)

    Linux quiets the cynics Thanks to new services and support offerings, the open source OS gets its day in corporate. Ed: Thanks to Ed Weinberg for this item. (December 1998)

    Linux Internet Server: Providing Internet Services Part 4. Ed: Check out parts 1-3 as well! (December 1998)

    "Tutorial" A Cup of Java -- With Two Lumps of Linux (December 1998)

    Learning to love Linux (December 1998)

    Sun's Open Source Move Gets Mixed Reviews (December 1998)

    Show me the money (and the code!) (December 1998)

    Linux is mail bait, columnist Michael Surkan confirmed, after he asked what it would take to get you to run Linux. 'We already are,' came the cry! (December 1998)

    Why Microsoft needs Linux (December 1998)

    Boulder Colorado Linux Mini-Expo See you there! (December 1998)

    Forget Java. Linux now the key to besting Microsoft. Corel's CEO shares Linux vision (December 1998)

    Jikes! More open source code IBM jumps on the open-source bandwagon by releasing code for Java compiler (December 1998)

    Federal Government should evaluate Open Source Ed: Check this out, here is a way you can help. I just signed it, and encourage you to do so too! (December 1998)

    What does Sun have to fear from Linux? Linux may be setting its sights on Windows NT, but commercial Unix vendors could get caught in the cross fire (December 1998)

    The uncertain future of Windows NT (December 1998)

    Musings on open source security models How can software be secure with source code in the open? (December 1998)

    Getting help with Linux (December 1998)

    Lessons to be learned from Linux (December 1998)

    Linux gaining support in the enterprise (December 1998)

    Business users share real world experience of Linux (December 1998)

    IBM Ships AFS for Linux IBM Brings Enterprise and Web File Sharing to Linux. Ed: Also look at the CODA filesystem effort, as it is the "Next Generation" of AFS, which itself was first an open source project. (December 1998)

    Linux--Achilles' heel? (December 1998)

    Linus Torvalds and Linux Win Person and Product of the year Awards from Software Development Magazine. Ed: Good choices. Unfortunately SD improperly credits Linus with what Richard Stallman did. Shame on you SD. Richard is the Pioneer of OpenSource under the name GNU, and Eric Raymond holds the OpenSource Trademark. Linus is the Creator of the Linux kernel and defacto leader of the Linux Community as you also properly attribute. Note to the Reader: You have to fill out a free registration to see this news item. (December 1998)

    Linux 101 (December 1998)

    Novell to open parts of NDS source code (December 1998)

    Netware for Linux Get The Best Of Both Worlds Ed: Note that this item is Linux Mall part Number 00815 and is just one of many great items published by Caldera. (December 1998)

    Linux cynics - Freeware OS may be hot, but skeptics abound. Ed: come back soon for our article in response to this article. (November 1998)

    Linux: Back door to the front office (November 1998)

    Comdex: Marc Merlin's page Ed: For those that wanted to be "virtually there" Warning this is a big page (November 1998)

    Microsoft: Linux poses threat to Windows Ed: Very interesting reading, Submitted by Dan Wold (November 1998)

    Microsoft Points to Linux to Deny Monopoly (November 1998)

    News from Comdex where the action is this week (November 1998)

    Troll Tech Announces Plans to make next generation of Qt Open Source (November 1998)

    Unix Vendors Should Align With Linux (November 1998)

    I Come Not to Praise Linux ... (November 1998)

    Comdex preview: Even in sidelights, Linux still shares the spotlight Ed: Come see the penguin team! (November 1998)

    Questions about Linux which LinuxMall answers often! Ed: We'd be happy to entertain for inclusion, other general questions submitted to us with answers. Write to (November 1998)

    Can Microsoft raise lawsuits against Linux projects? (November 1998)

    Halloween, Friday the 13th, Microsoft (November 1998)

    Linux vs. Windows 2000: A Showdown for the Next Millennium (November 1998)

    Microsoft Frets over Threat of Linux (November 1998)

    Open Source and Open Data (November 1998)

    Don't expect Linux to hurt Microsoft much (November 1998)

    At Brigham Young, NT Barely Makes Grade (November 1998)

    Linux: Back door to the front office (November 1998)

    Linux May Keep Comdex In The Spotlight (November 1998)

    Intel to discuss Linux at next IDF (November 1998)

    Sun studies open source Java (November 1998)

    Pundits Wrestle With the Future Linux most important innovation of all? (November 1998)

    Intel Plots to Overthrow Microsoft (November 1998)

    Lining up for Linux (November 1998)

    Open Source Software: Meaningful Competition? (November 1998)

    Software patents A potential threat (November 1998)

    Borders says (among other things) Red Hat Linux as a Christmas Gift, How about one of LinuxMall's adorable Tux Penguins Too? (November 1998)

    Silicon Valley Tea Party Boston Tea Party, Penguin Style (November 1998)

    Oracle to Sun: Make Java open source (November 1998)

    Linux will continue to gain ground, panel declares (November 1998)

    Open Source booster group debuts Ed: in "Why Linux is Significant" written in 1994, our CEO stated that NT would become Unix, and it would one day become good. But he also asked "why wait", and encouraged people to learn and use Linux right away. Well, this article confirms it. Microsoft isn't there yet but Linux rolls on. Linux is not yet quite on par with MS enduser useability either, but soon... (November 1998)

    Linux: The next big thing? (November 1998)

    Newsmaker: Robert F. Young (November 1998)

    The Ties that Bind The many paths to Linux enlightenment (November 1998)

    NT5.0 vs. Unix-What's In The Cards? Will Linux be the Joker? (November 1998)

    Pull better PC performance Out of Red Hat Ed: Note that you can get it for less here at Linux Mall than via the contact info in this article. $39.95 less 5% for ordering online.... (November 1998)

    Microsoft saw Linux as Copyright Threat (November 1998)

    Halloween Was it faked? (November 1998)

    Sun and OMG put emphasis on Linux (November 1998)

    Retailer Buys Into Open Source Linux OS (November 1998)

    Mexican School Children go for Linux (November 1998)

    Bill doesn't live here anymore (November 1998)

    Smaller OSes May Steal the Show Will Linux be center stage in Las Vegas? (November 1998)

    The Linux Preachers Many resellers are heeding the call, and emphasizing service to turn a profit. (November 1998)

    Opportunity Watch The Linux Channel: Money for nothing? (November 1998)

    Linux in French Schools (November 1998)

    Sleazy Politicians etc (November 1998)

    Perl "Too Good" (November 1998)

    Perl Success Stories (November 1998)

    It's Free and it works No wonder Bill Gates hates it. (November 1998)

    People who challenge Bill Gates Ed: Good, but needs to be spell checked! I think it is a translation to english (November 1998)

    Interesting Statistics from the VERY popular Atlanta Linux Showcase last month (November 1998)

    Story includes Linus' comments on Halloween Documents. (November 1998)

    Clipping the Penguin's wings (November 1998)

    Halloween Three Ed: Bill Gates' stated at the introduction of NT was that it would be a "Better Unix than Unix", and Microsoft has worked hard indeed to make this a fact. But the truth is that they never truly understood this undertaking, and cannot hope to achieve it until they embrace rather than fight OpenSource. But Linux is acheiving it. So now instead they say that NT is different? And that they innovate? And that Linux is stealing from them?. (November 1998)

    Jerry Pournelle On the "Halloween Papers". Ed: I've spoken to Jerry several times about Linux since he presented Linux Pro with a "Byte: Best of Comdex" award in 1995. I keep hoping he will jump in and start writing Linux related articles. Hey, Jerry, do you call it the second revolution because I called it essentially that? How about a referral link to Linux Mall to help you keep those bills paid? (November 1998)

    All Netscape servers & Products will run on Linux soon. Andreesen comments on Microsoft, Microsoft responds. (November 1998)

    Which is better Linux or NT? Ed: Microsoft said Linux.... see below. Actually this article contains a conclusions that are in error due to lack of understanding. He doesn't see the bigger picture. If he were right, Linux Mall and it's competitors would not be in business! Perhaps the author should visit here? (November 1998) back online Ed: Congrats Michael, good work. Sorry to hear you had troubles! (November 1998)

    American Megatrends announces Linux support. Ed: This is the maker of the AMI Bios, motherboards, and other industry standard PC items. I have been after them to do this for 3 years now. Success is sweet as this is another major triumph for Linux! (November 1998)

    Microsoft on Linux, again: 'best of breed' Unix. Another interesting opinion from a fairly recent convert is right on the money. Ed: Right now almost no matter what Microsoft does, they are seen as being in the wrong. They've made their bed and now they have to sleep in it. Don't be seduced when they try to hire you! Alan Cox wasn't even if LinkExchange was. Linux Mall is one of LinkExchange's busiest member web sites, and we now have to devise an appropriate response. Is it better to use MS' own new promotional engine to promote Linux, or should we boycott someone who made "a deal with the devil"? (November 1998)

    Linux-CORBA spat gets readers' goats. Ed: Relax, CORBA is already on Linux, and there is more than one implmentation of it. (November 1998)

    Microsoft internal memo touts Linux Also see Microsoft Evaluates The Open Software 'Threat', and finally, See what de-commoditizing protocols means. (November 1998)

    Halloween II the saga continues. Another internal Microsoft document, this link accesses both. Ed: Please read and understand. Do you really want to have to tell your children and their children that you actually helped to support this company? (November 1998)

    Tim O'Reilly Responds to "Halloween" (November 1998)

    I2O Opens Up! (November 1998)

    Microsoft Can't Win? Thoughts by Robert G Brown. Ed: A very entertaining read about the "Halloween Memo". It has the ring of truth (November 1998)

    Linux under the Y2K Microscope (November 1998)

    Shifting Technology Stimulates Sizzling New Operating Systems Gartner Group Survey. Ed: Go tell em what you think! (November 1998)

    On the shoulders of Giants Ed: A lot of good points made by this paper! Also see Why Linux is Significant (November 1998)

    Halloween Spooks Microsoft Ed: The war is about to heat up as Microsoft's methods and substance (or lack thereof) continue to be revealed. (November 1998)

    OMG objects to Linux Ed: Give em a few weeks or months, ridicule always comes before acceptance, or if not, and their technology is necessary, it is simply reproduced. Perhaps it is time for them to look at the open source model for their technology, before they become irellevant. (November 1998)

    Lotus hedges on Linux move. Ed: If you remember, we told you their position of not supporting Linux would not last. But they still don't get it.... (November 1998)

    Halloween Papers The empire prepares to strike back. Internal Microsoft document is leaked. (November 1998)

    Red Hat Linux 5.2 has arrived! order it now for only $39.95 and be among the first to have it!. (November 1998)

    Microsoft denies Linux threat (November 1998)

    Buying into Microsoft (November 1998)

    Off-the-shelf supercomputing (November 1998)

    NT Service Pack 4 hits a few bumps (November 1998)

    Linux: Upstart OS gets some respect! (November 1998)

    Sun ports JDK 1.2 to Linux in push for ubiquitous Java (November 1998)

    Linux, Apache, Freeware Anyone? (November 1998)

    Belarussian newspaper Computer News publishes articles about Debian (November 1998)

    WebTV drops plans for Java support (October 1998)

    Make Money With Linux (October 1998)

    Red Hat secure server wins best of show at Networld+Interop '98 Atlanta (Buy) (October 1998)

    Oracle strikes deal to push Linux apps in Japan (October 1998)

    Apple: Shutting Down NT: How We Did It (October 1998)

    Unix Growth Still Outpaces Win NT (October 1998)

    How Windows could open up for Linux (October 1998)

    Linux Influx: Turning Freeware Into Bloatware (October 1998)

    Gates "on the warpath" (October 1998)

    Weighing Your Options NT versus Unix: Which operating system is right for your environment? (October 1998)

    A white paper by John Kirch and a new site (October 1998)

    Solaris has nothing to Fear From NT - AnalysT (October 1998)

    Showcase '98 mini report (October 1998)

    A giant killer called Linux (October 1998)

    Red Herring Online: Comdex Venture Forum 1998 (October 1998)

    UniForum Partners With Internet Security Institute to provide Linux Boot Camp Training (October 1998)

    StrongARM connection makes Corel Linux deal worth watching (October 1998)

    Opera's 'Magic' Looking Black (October 1998)

    A little take-out Chinese helps Bobby think about what the future holds (October 1998)

    Corel adds Red Hat Linux again (October 1998)

    Linux inventor assesses future of open-source software (October 1998)

    IBM-SCO Unix deal may raise question over PPC future (October 1998)

    Does Linux Threaten More Than Sun? (October 1998)

    Corel Computer and Red Hat Software Linux Operating System Partnership (October 1998)

    The Mining Co. recognizes Debian with an award. (October 1998)

    Cahners In-Stat Group Expects [Linux] to Gain Popularity with Telecom Industry (October 1998)

    Databases move to Linux (October 1998)

    The Case Of The Century -- But Which Century? (October 1998)

    Control Data Announces IntraStore 2000 for Enterprise Networks and Internet Service Providers (October 1998)

    NetBeans Announces Final Release of Java Based IDE, NetBeans Developer 2.0 (October 1998)

    DMW's HostCHECK Provides the Power to Protect From the Inside Out! -- Announces Shipping of HostCHECK Version 2.0 for UNIX, Secure E-Business Solutions (October 1998)

    Linux Gains Application Momentum (October 1998)

    Corel Offers a Linux WordPerfect (October 1998)

    LWN: Saturday ALS Keynote by Corel CEO Dr. Michael Cowpland (October 1998)

    The future of computing starts with an L (October 1998)

    Open Letter from Corel Computer to Jim Pick (October 1998)

    TCP fingerprinting solutions for Linux offer another way to gather security data (October 1998)

    Linux needs more tools to make it to the corporate desktop (October 1998)

    Brief report on Atlanta Linux Showcase (October 1998)

    IBM inks Unix pact with SCO (October 1998)

    Xybernaut Corporation and Hewlett Packard Announce Worldwide Launch of New Wearable Computer (October 1998)

    Will VoIP make toast out of pay calls? (October 1998)

    Changes at Corel overblown: Cowpland (October 1998)

    At Linux Speed (October 1998)

    Finding Unix ain't broke, chip side balks at NT (October 1998)

    Java GIS Software Puts Web Data On The Map (October 1998)

    NT making EDA inroads but not as fast as expected (October 1998)

    Microsoft under real pressure now to finish NT 5.0 beta 3 by Thanksgiving (October 1998)

    College computer science enrollment skyrockets (October 1998)

    PCs Without Windows (October 1998)

    Group forms to develop universal print driver (October 1998)

    Linux redux (October 1998)

    Looking for the Wizard of Redmond? Follow the yellow brick road ahead (October 1998)

    Corel Announces Free WordPerfect 8 For Linux (October 1998)

    Corel revs Linux strategy and release WordPerfect 8 (October 1998)


    'Real' designers reject Windows NT (October 1998)

    Power to the People (October 1998)

    American Megatrends Announces Support for Linux Operating System (October 1998)

    Can Microsoft Hurt Linux? (October 1998)

    Unix users face Navigator bug (October 1998)

    800 Support: The next best thing to Linux accountability (October 1998)

    LMC Releases New Serial Synchronous WAN Adapter With Multiple Connectivity Options (October 1998)

    Alteon's large frames to run transparently across Ethernet (October 1998)

    Informix courting Linux users (October 1998)

    Netscape Communicator 4.5--Smart browsing? (October 1998)

    Liberty and Linux for All (October 1998)

    MP3 Player Could Skirt Legal Challenge (October 1998)

    Open code frees up the Net (October 1998)

    Unify Linux and they will come (October 1998)

    Linux's appeal compels large firms to respond (October 1998)

    Informix Leads the Industry With Unmatched Commitment to Linux (October 1998)

    IBM's latest DB2 gains Web administration capability (October 1998)

    A Freeware and the Net War (October 1998)

    Netscape CEO Takes the Stand (October 1998)

    MathSoft Partners With Linux Industry Leader Red Hat (October 1998)

    the bazaar: The Technology of Cooperation (October 1998)

    OpenLink Unleashes Virtual Database Technology for Internet & Intranet Solutions (October 1998)

    CERN and Alteon Networks Collaborate on New Linux Gigabit Ethernet Drivers (October 1998)

    MS/DOJ: What are the charges (October 1998)

    Microsoft's OS is an integral part of your PC (Yeah, right. If you want something else try our Free CD Offer) (October 1998)

    Stuart Anderson on the Linux Standard Base Project (October 1998)

    HP lines up Linux for embedded role (October 1998)

    HP tries Linux on for size (October 1998)

    Linux gets real (October 1998)

    Linux as an Educational Tool in Undergraduate Labs (October 1998)

    Informix Announces Results for Fiscal Third Quarter. Revenue Increases Year-over-Year and Sequentially (October 1998)

    The true costs of Linux development (October 1998)

    Euorpean Net Surveillance (October 1998)

    APC awards 1998's top technologies The Gimp and Red Hat Software win awards. Buy Red Hat Linux here (October 1998)

    Microsoft goes on counterattack (October 1998)

    The Mighty Finn Hacker, geek and software hero, Linus Torvalds has devised a system that is challenging Windows (October 1998)

    Python Journal published This is the inaugural issue (October 1998)

    Another Silicon Valley startup company full of smart people The people at Cobalt Networks are thinking way outside the box with their Qube computer. (October 1998)

    High-technology has its share of big names: Microsoft's Bill Gates, Apple's Steve Jobs, Oracle's Larry Ellison, Netscape's Mark Andreessen. But who the heck is Linus Torvalds? (October 1998)

    Red Hat Software Gives Computer Users Another Operating System (And you can buy it here.) (October 1998)

    Intel's Xeon is caching in (October 1998)

    Finding An Alternative to Microsoft` (October 1998)

    US government puts Gates on spot (October 1998)

    MS Bid to Buy Palm OS (October 1998)

    Apachecon: The conference wraps up with plans still hazy (October 1998)

    Microsoft Vs. DOJ: Open Code Frees Up The Net (October 1998)

    SciComp Launches Software Package that Automates Derivative Pricing Models (October 1998)

    The Wonderful World of Linux 2.2 (October 1998)

    Objectivity Delivers Support for Red Hat's Linux (October 1998)

    Computer Associates Introduces Linux Edition of Ingres II With Innovative Open Beta Program (October 1998)

    Roll up for free time on the keyboard (Requires free registration) (October 1998)

    Linux plugless and playless without Intel-Aid (October 1998)

    Allaire Announces ColdFusion Support For Linux New Release Will Give Linux Users a Powerful Web Application Server (October 1998)

    Compaq donates Alpha to Debian (October 1998)

    Novell to offer native NDS for Linux (October 1998)

    One on one with Linus Torvalds Despite all the hype, Linux's creator says it's just business as usual. (October 1998)

    Inside SlashDot Have you ever wondered what's running in the background of this popular Web site? (October 1998)

    A distribution by any other name? What you should know about the different Linux distributions (October 1998)

    Intel: Linux Inside? The giant chip maker may need a little encouragement, but it's trying to be a friend (October 1998)

    Welcome to Linux World (October 1998)

    LinuxWorld arrives for real. A new site that looks like it'll be great! Thanks to Nicholas Petrely, Robert McMillan, Sandra Henry and all the others at IDG. Welcome to the world of Linux! (October 1998)

    Microsoft licensing policy could price NT out of UK schools' reach (October 1998)

    Unix clipping NT's wings? (October 1998)

    Linux slouches toward the EDA mainstream (October 1998)

    Microsoft research lab tackles computing's next big taskS (October 1998)

    Compaq Opens Up To Linux (October 1998)

    See you in court As the Microsoft trial begins, forget the browser war and follow the money. (October 1998)

    "Linux Actual" includes Debian GNU Linux 2.0 CDs (October 1998)

    Integration and ISP deals drive Explorer gains, says Zona (October 1998)

    Gartner Group Sees No Threat To Wintel (October 1998)

    Bristol gets access to DOJ, Sun, Caldera materials (October 1998)

    Xi Graphics Announces Plans to Bring Hardware-Accelerated 3D to Linux (October 1998)

    "The Open Group has destroyed... ...the word UNIX." (October 1998)

    Quality Unix for FREE (October 1998)

    Communicator 4.5 Due Next Week (October 1998)

    Caldera OpenLinux 1.3 (Review) Buy it online here (October 1998)

    Atlanta Linux Showcase Officials Announce Record Breaking Vendor Registration (October 1998)

    Now Microsoft plans to integrate database in the OS (October 1998)

    IBM beefs up Apache package Big Blue hopes to break into new markets by enhancing the popular freeware (October 1998)

    OS David vs. Windows Goliath (October 1998)

    What exactly is Linux? What type of people would use it? Also, what kinds of software is available? Unfortunately this reads like an article written by a rather uninformed author. (October 1998)

    It's Not Just NT That Linux Threatens (October 1998)

    IBM embraces Apache Web server (October 1998)

    New study: Navigator trumps IE in corporate market (October 1998)

    Industry reps boo Microsoft policies At expo, chief defends bundling (October 1998)

    Microsoft spin-doctors 'refute' DoJ case (October 1998)

    APPLE + LINUX = PERFECTION! Apple's future? Unix guys are weird! (October 1998)

    Linux Solutions Score in InfoWorld 100 (October 1998)

    Microsoft offers surprise support for Linux (October 1998)

    Microsoft Statement on Government Lawsuit They claim it is setting the record straight, we call it spin doctoring. See this Linux Today response, Microsoft Cites Linux in DOJ Defense (October 1998)

    Windows NT crash leaves them high and dry? Here are details of plans to move to Windows technology. It is also alledgedly what crashed. Please don't bet the future of our government on NT! (October 1998)

    Linux gets NDS boost You must have a free login to read this article. Sign up on line if you wish (October 1998)

    It's only free Unix - but I like it (October 1998)

    Cathedrals, Bazaars and the Town Council By Alan Cox (October 1998)

    Debian gets Award (October 1998)

    The Joy of Perl (October 1998)

    LDP gets a number of updates (October 1998)

    The Case for Linux (October 1998)

    Will NT Sink You? (October 1998)

    Microsoft ports Media Player to Linux (October 1998)

    Richard Stallman: Linux's Brave GNU World (October 1998)

    FBI gets sweeping powers? to abuse every American's privacy and rights! (October 1998)

    Is Torvalds a god? No! just a good guy with talent. (October 1998)

    Doh! Egg on my interface (October 1998)

    Name Game Microsoft to rename NT? "A rose by any other name" (October 1998)

    Linus Torvalds on DOJ case against Microsoft (October 1998)

    Elliot's Linux dilemma This view while true, is also wrong. It's judging the whole market by looking at a segment of it, like the blind men described the elephant. Read Geoffrey Moore's "Crossing the Chasm" if you want to understand more. You cannot judge the entire Linux market that "will be" by the leading edge. (October 1998)

    A maintainer's view of Open Source (October 1998)

    Another Pretty Face, For Free Linux GUI desktop, GNOME (October 1998)

    Bring It All Back Home Linux Web server, a case history with comparisons (October 1998)

    CRN Reader Poll Will implementations of Linux grow to seriously threaten Microsoft's operating-system dominance? (October 1998)

    Debian now boots on Corel Netwinder (October 1998)

    Another Security Flaw in Microsoft Internet Explorer (October 1998)

    Linux continues to dominate Internet in Europe (October 1998)

    Apache market share rises to 51.85% in Netcraft survey (October 1998)

    When Linux met Wintel more changes afoot? Paradigm shifts even? As PCs changed the world they entered and adapted along the way, so must Linux. (October 1998)

    Linux Install fests are becoming more common. How many people know that in 1995 our CEO coined the term "Installfest" after he formed one of the first Linux user groups in the country known as CLUE, (Colorado Linux Users and Enthusiasts) together with several Smoky Hill high school students. Unfortunately the Colorado CLUE has not had the good fortune of finding enough ebullient leaders like other well known groups. If anyone in Colorado would like to help bring life back to CLUE, they could use it, and LinuxMall will support it, as we support other user groups around the world. See "User Groups" in the navigation bar on the LinuxMall home page. (October 1998)

    Linux Pavilion one of 12 at Comdex Fall. How many people know that Linux Mall's CEO Mark Bolzern started more than 4 years ago putting the Linux Pavilion concept together by promoting and convincing Comdex as to it's value. Mark provided for both Linux International, and LinuxMall/WGS booths while inviting volunteers and other Linux related vendors to join in. Mark also called the Comdex folks right after Comdex last year, and asked them to invite Linus Torvalds to keynote this fall. Mark told them that the attention to Linux would be hitting a crescendo by the following fall (now), and they'd look like prophets for having called it right. The Comdex folks instead settled on a much less visible panel session put together with help from the Linux Journal folks, called "Windows Alternatives". Mark suggested Mike Cowpland and Nick Petreley for that panel. It is being done. Plan to come and show your support for this, and for Linus Torvalds as a keynoter at future Comdex shows. (October 1998)

    Mac, Windows And Now, Linux You must register to see this article, but it's free. (October 1998)

    Works Great, Costs Less (October 1998)

    Oracle Embraces Linux Official Oracle article on Oracle site. (October 1998)

    Yahoo news coverage of industry takeover by Linux (October 1998)

    Lotus Chief scorns Linux don't worry, it won't last long. (October 1998)

    Internet Developers Flock to new Oracle Release (October 1998)

    Linux Office Suite Delayed The reason we didn't make a big deal about it, is we knew it was delayed. We think it is a sin to announce products before customers can buy them, or dealers can deliver them. We refuse to pre-announce. If you want to know if a product is actually available or not, check us, or wait for us to announce it. (October 1998)

    Oracle aims Oracle8 for Linux at Microsoft NT. We've been predicting this, finally it happens! You will now start to see Microsoft round up the wagons, as the rest of the industry indians join each other in the attack. It won't happen instantly, but it will happen. Now the key is for each of them them not to do their own disparate Linux versions but rather work with Red Hat, Caldera, SuSE, and Debian, and press a CD with one of these and their product as their own (as well as mark it with the name of the original distribution used). They need to test on all four (easy to set up with LILO on one machine with a shared development directory, unlike the old Unix days). They need to follow the Linux Pro philosophy when doing so, and it'll work. This includes submitting fixes back to the distribution maker they chose to work with. If this happens, Linux wins. It will be fait accompli, with only time needed to prove it to the doubters. (October 1998)

    Oracle backs Linux to fight off Microsoft Threat (October 1998)

    GPL .vs. Qt License issues stop KDE distribution. Either Troll-Tech should shift to GPL / LGPL, or KDE people need to replace Qt library. KDE is potentially a great product, but Qt restricts it too much. If not solved soon, Gnome will win. (October 1998)

    Project to promote competition and innovation in the Digital Age. (October 1998)

    Computing Fabrics repackaging the wheel and claiming it's new. Ok, maybe to Microsoft it is. (October 1998)

    Lotus says no to Linux. This from the same company that lost it's leadership in spreadsheets when it refused to support Microsoft Windows a few years back. I guess he does not realize that supporting Linux is just a recompile from their Solaris version, and that techs inside the company already have the product running on Linux. Heck there are people using it in Linux' SCO Emulation mode. Typical executive denial for lack of knowledge or fear of the unknown. (October 1998)

    What will happen to Linux VARs? (October 1998)

    Fred takes the Linux Plunge (October 1998)

    Corporate Giants are stirring. (October 1998)

    Linus is only joking when he spoke of world domination. But we were not. (October 1998)

    Global Warning Linux on the move (October 1998)

    The Linux Bandwagon (October 1998)

    Checking the Rearview Mirror (October 1998)

    MSNBC discovers Linux (October 1998)

    Computing's next wave (October 1998)

    Windows Losing Market Share: will Linux be the OS of the next Millenium? Why do people keep being surprised, and acting like this is news? While the details change daily, the overall trends remain very predictible. We predicted the success of Linux in 1994, in the article Why Linux is Significant, so what's next? See for yourself. (October 1998)

    Internet Developers flock to new Oracle 8 application server for Linux (October 1998)

    Clinton declares war on Software pirates. Just what we need, another unwinnable war, like the one on drugs. Think this'll sell a few Linux? Remember piracy *is* a marketing method... (October 1998)

    Sales of Linux overtake sales of Windows 98 in France (October 1998)

    Sybase and SilverStream beef up their server offerings (October 1998)

    Consumers Will be the Winners if Lawsuit Ends Microsoft's Abuse of Monopoly Power (October 1998)

    A little bit of Linux Advocacy (October 1998)

    The People's Revolution (October 1998)

    Linux builds momentum as alternative to Microsoft (October 1998)

    The Linux Alternative Gets Serious (October 1998)

    Is Linux, Linux everywhere? Linux in Redmond, yes, Microsoft uses it too for what NT can't do! (October 1998)

    Open Source Software Technology Overview (October 1998)

    Open Source Software May Finally Melt The Shrink-Wrap (October 1998)

    Interview with Robert Young by Computer Reseller News. (October 1998)

    More on Intel and Netscape make investments in Linux, news from ISPcon (October 1998)

    SheepShaver to bring it's MacOS runtime environment to Linux. is this the solution to the "Not ready for publishing" article below? (October 1998)

    Bill Gates local council opts for Linux (October 1998)

    Gates pushes hometown to Linux (October 1998)

    Oracle 8 on Linux shows promise (October 1998)

    Linux Story Promises Entertainment. While the details change daily, the overall trends remain very predictible. We predicted the success of Linux in 1994, in the article Why Linux is Significant, so what's next? See for yourself. (October 1998)

    James Love Interview (October 1998)

    Beware the penguin Bill! Unfortunately they conclude pretending that Linux does not have GUI! (October 1998)

    Compaq embraces Linux groundswell. (October 1998)

    Full Throttle at Linux Speed (October 1998)

    Big League lines up behind Linux (October 1998)

    Free Software Award to be given out. (October 1998)

    Linus Torvalds Inducted into computing hall of fame (October 1998)

    Is Linux ready for publishing? (October 1998)

    Server makers cast eyes on Linux (October 1998)

    Who's afraid of the big bad Linux? (October 1998)

    Oracle to cut prices Linux and voume demand finally allows Unix (servers) to respond to the dynamics of a mass market, and Software is becoming a service, not a product economy, so don't be surprised if this trend continues. (October 1998)

    Waiting for NT 5.0 Linux may take over. It always surprises us that what we predicted in 1994 in the article Why Linux is Significant should come as such a surprise to people. (October 1998)

    The proper image for Linux not the work of inexperienced hackers, but rather veteran programmers. (October 1998)

    Linux in the workplace? share what you know (October 1998)

    Andy Grove, Intel's chairman on Intel's relationship with Microsoft (October 1998)

    Rob Malda at Slashdot summarizes his impressions of the Red Hat/Intel deal (October 1998)

    Linux marches into the big Leagues Microsoft states it fears the competition (October 1998)

    Linux to challenge NT in the enterprise (October 1998)

    Netscape, Intel put on Red Hat yet another good article (October 1998)

    Linux backing good news for Linux, but what about alternative OSs? (October 1998)

    Yet another Informix & Sybase article (October 1998)

    Caldera subsidiary sets sights on Linux, Novell relationship & KDE key (October 1998)

    Informix & Sybase now to put enterprise databases on Linux too. (October 1998)

    Microsoft afraid of Linux? All things in due time. (October 1998)

    Netscape's Andreesen: Linux Buzz very hot (October 1998)

    Interview with Linus Torvalds (RealVideo). (September 1998)

    Linux gets another Trade Show and Ezine (September 1998)

    Informix goes further down Linux Road (September 1998)

    Ed Muth at Microsoft accidentally boosts Linux (September 1998)

    Will Linux Leapfrog NT? They think no, but then they obviously don't see the paradigm shift, and the reasons Linux has come this far. (September 1998)

    Actual Red Hat investment announcment (September 1998)

    Microsoft says they don't get it (September 1998)

    Compaq/Digital ship Apache (September 1998)

    Cyclades & SuSE team up (September 1998)

    Informix joins Linux Fans (September 1998)

    Connections key to Red Hat deal CNet interviews Robert Young (September 1998)

    Microsoft Challenger gets backing They are looking at this from a traditionalist standpoint. They are the people that are continually surprised by the future. (September 1998)

    Netscape market share slipping? I suspect though that there are a lot of uncounted browsers being downloaded, and that MS bundling Explorer (Blechh) in the OS is making a major difference among the people being called. Every time we fix Linux Mall's ordering system to work with Explorer again, MS seems to find another way to break it again so that people think our system is the one that is failing. I guess being the #196 busiest web site (LinkExchange, July) in the world has it's downsides... (September 1998)

    Linux: Now Intel stabs Microsoft in the front (September 1998)

    Canadian National Install Fest (September 1998)

    IT Confidential: How far is this Linux thing going to go? (September 1998)

    Caldera to release Linux for Business (September 1998)

    OSes: For Pete's sake shop around (September 1998)

    Blue Chips backing boosts Linux Viability (September 1998)

    Microsoft says Linux is making gains on Windows (September 1998)

    Linus working on NT Optimized Chip? Now don't get upset... Linux can be ported (and prbably already is) to run well on any chip in a hurry, and optomizing for NT would just allow Transmeta to gain market share... not be in any way spurning Linux. (September 1998)

    Why the right price for your next PC is nothing? (September 1998)

    Linux Looms Large Intel, Netscape slap NT, will invest in Red Hat (September 1998)

    Microsoft hears Linux footsteps (September 1998)

    IBM & Sybase Latest to put databases on Linux (September 1998)

    Intel and Netscape to take a stake in Red Hat? (September 1998)

    When is FREE too expensive? They seem to forget that you need talented staff anyway, but why pay the maintenance fees in addition? The cost is a training issue, not a deal breaker. (September 1998)

    Microsoft seeks to delay Caldera case (September 1998)

    Wanna play with Legos? How about a Linux based personal robot? (September 1998)

    Red Hat Linux .vs. NT Rex Baldazo puts 'em in the ring to slug it out (September 1998)

    Business Apps for Linux Same comment as below (September 1998)

    Linux gets application boost. But beware, they have taken a page out of the Microsoft book, by pre-announcing product that is not really available YET. This is a practice that NEEDS TO STOP as it creates confusion and trouble for everyone. When it is available, Linux Mall will carry it. Let em know what you think (but be nice, please). (September 1998)

    NT not secure former Microsoft contractor warns Government (September 1998)

    Linux on a Mac HowTo (September 1998)

    Video editing on Linux A project in progress (September 1998)

    Linux advocacy gone awry? Please be responsible as you advocate. Most are responsible, and a lot of ground has been won. Please be part of the solution, not part of another problem. We and many others have spent a lot of time advocating Linux since 1994 and earlier. We would hate to see all that work ruined. (September 1998)

    IBM announced DB2 for Linux to be delivered later this year (September 1998)

    Microsoft's Holy War on Java (September 1998)

    Nearly 1/3 of the 100 wealthiest are in Internet related businesses. (September 1998)

    Transmeta, and other future microprocessor designs (September 1998)

    IBM to announce DB2 for Linux read down the linked page aways (September 1998)

    Why don't they hate Linux? (September 1998)

    Windows too expensive for low end, hello Linux (September 1998)

    OpenContent, inspired by Open Source, GPL and Linux (September 1998)

    Caldera & Sybase: Latest moves by Caldera (September 1998)

    K Desktop environment project leader interviewed (September 1998)

    The Number one Operating System for Internet Servers is now Linux! "Why Linux is Significant" written by LinuxMall CEO in 1994 still right on the money (September 1998)

    X-Server Source for Neomagic Video chips used in notebooks released (September 1998)

    Linux at Apple Expo (September 1998)

    Sybase joins the Linux bandwagon following rivals Informix & Oracle (September 1998)

    Petreley's Linux Forum (September 1998)

    JDK oughtta be open source Good article, is Sun going to do it? They'd still own the parts they created, they'd still own the trademark, they'd have the world behind them working for them, and most of all. They'd still be the leader provided they moved fast enough and cooperated openly. But the way it is now, the Freeware community, IBM & HP all trying to reproduce it from scratch, Microsoft wants to kill it or take it over, and all is mayhem again. We at LinuxMall have told Sun that we think the current JDK license is a vote for NT and against Linux. It is Linux, not Solaris that can take on Microsoft. In the long run Sun needs to support OpenSource (back to their roots) and build the best possible hardware. By the way, for a great Java tool & IDE check out CoffeeShop! (September 1998)

    Internic no more? Read plans for yourself (September 1998)

    Graphically track any USA flight in realtime, with only Airline & Flight number, uses Java (September 1998)

    Compaq migrates Tandem to Alpha looks like they'll keep the Chip. (September 1998)

    Linux Muxcles in (September 1998)

    Iridium: The first virtual nation? (September 1998)

    Citrix Winframe now supports Linux (September 1998)

    Y2K problem? Best analysis to date ;-> But Linux never had it, Never will. (September 1998)

    With Wintel passe Linux may be it! (September 1998)

    Of Microsoft and monopolies. (September 1998)

    Intel announces Chip for Telphone line LANs (September 1998)

    Linux Robots! (September 1998)

    Intel looks to Linux community for help (September 1998)

    Unix Envy at Microsoft? (September 1998)

    Atlanta Linux Showcase at 40 Vendors & climbing (September 1998)

    Linux to be part of Apple in Paris (September 1998)

    Uniform Driver Interface More vendors involved (September 1998)

    Uniform Driver Interface for Unix on Intel, SCO & Intel to port to Linux as FreeWare (September 1998)

    Impossible to Ignore Joy Positive Linux Advocacy noticed. (September 1998)

    Relaxing Crypto rules A good start, but too little. If we cannot legally export Crypto, it will cost the USA it's worldwide lead in software & ecommerce. To think that the rest of the world doesn't have it anyway is foolish. (September 1998)

    Linux builds momentum (September 1998)

    DOSemu gets it's own domain (September 1998)

    Embeddable Databases on Linux (September 1998)

    Software Communist? (September 1998)

    Red Hat and FrozenRiver support Linux OS as a True Graphic Workstation (September 1998)

    End of the PC? I think they missed the definition of PC (Personal Computer). We have hardly begun! On many points they are right, but it's about Microsoft not Linux. And the PC is going embedded, not going away. Let em know what you think, but be nice. (September 1998)

    Thinkpad 560X wearable PC by IBM. Hot new platform for Linux! (September 1998)

    Linux: On a 486, is actually rather impressive (September 1998)

    Linux: The back door is open (September 1998)

    Microsoft to open up *some* of NT's source code (September 1998)

    Infoworld on compiling a Linux Kernel (September 1998)

    Linux voting come express yourself (September 1998)

    Nuclear Bunker purchased by Apache-SSL Authors (September 1998)

    IBM to add Apache to WebSphere application server (September 1998)

    Dell takes Stealth approach to Linux (September 1998)

    Computing Giants Backing Linux (September 1998)

    Why Linux quite appropriately scares the bejesus out of Microsoft (September 1998)

    Applixware stands alone delivers without Red Hat (September 1998)

    Intel to offer Linux on Merced (September 1998) comes to life (September 1998)

    The Penguin that roared Linux gaining ground against Microsoft (September 1998)

    Poll: The best chance to overtake MS-Windows. (September 1998)

    Dell supports Linux ships preloaded systems (September 1998)

    Oracle expands Linux Support. (September 1998)

    Linux may win the Operating System battle (September 1998)

    Industry leaders Meet to discuss Linux (September 1998)

    I wonder why the whole world isn't using Linux (September 1998)

    Take the Giant's toe Caldera's Ransom Love speaks out (September 1998)

    Open Source proponents meet to hash out differences. (September 1998)

    Corel introduces web server Linux Computer also promised (September 1998)

    A penguin for all Seasons Linux has rapidly become a popular OS system choice for a new generation. So, if you head in this direction, which path do you follow? (September 1998)

    Hot Stuff, Technical Academy and WOW project by David Hughes, sponsored by US West Foundation and Linux Mall. "Teaching the teacher with Linux" (September 1998)

    Microsoft taking notice of free rivals Linux, Apache. Ballmer speaks out. (September 1998)

    Project Heresy Using Linux INSTEAD of Windows. (August 1998)

    Living With Linux Do it yourself AND letting the pros do it for you. (August 1998)

    Fake error messages in Windows purposely planted by Microsoft. (August 1998)

    Microsoft loses source code it is supposed to deliver to Caldera. (August 1998)

    Linux Submarine wins first prize (August 1998)

    Linux Standard Base system effort is back on track, combining first two efforts, LSB and LCS. Meanwhile the LSA has even bigger goals. (August 1998)

    How Linux got so Dang Hot The sound of Linux (August 1998)

    Microsoft Strategy Testimony, Marketing, Linux a target, FUD stage 3 (August 1998)

    Major support comes to Linux Netscape, Corel, Informix, Oracle and more. (August 1998)

    Judge says Microsoft must give Windows 95 source code to Caldera, Wow! (August 1998)

    Santa Cruz Operation (SCO), Possibly the largest player in Unixdom promises to run Linux binaries, and joins Linux International. (August 1998)

    Demise of Windows NT? That is what this mainstream article claims. (August 1998)

    IBM to do Linux? An interesting mainstream article about speculation happening at (August 1998)

    Everyone is a beta user And it makes Linux stronger than it would otherwise be (August 1998)

    Linus makes cover of Forbes! The August 10, 1998 issue has Linus looking back at you and also has an article which mentions that Netscape, Corel, Oracle, Informix and other majors are now backing Linux! (August 1998)

    So NT beats Unix, eh? If you think so you need to read this technical comparison! And also this Gartner Report on the market for NT, Unix and Linux. (August 1998)

    Windows 98 crashes Bill Gates demonstrates Windows 98 at Comdex. (August 1998)

    Linux goes Mainstream! Torvalds and others talk Linux, Microsoft and more, (July 1998)

    Navy Smart Ship Yorktown Towed in because Windows NT fails. (July 1998)

    Microsoft does Linux Microsoft releases software (June 1998)

    Linux is reading your Mail! US Post Office runs Linux (June 1998)

    "Linux is Strategic" announces Corel Corel CEO, Micheal Cowpland announces Corel will port all it's products to Linux, release a Linux based computer, and cooperate fully with the Open Source community. (May 1998)

    Announcing the Linux Used Here Program (May 1998)

    Now is your chance to vote for Linus Torvalds for Time Magazine's Person of the Century. (April 1998)

    How about these apples? Microsoft Business Practices? Do you dare support them? What's next? Gates for President? Maybe with enough votes for seats in Congress and the House of Reps bought? Also check out this IndustryWeek article. (April 1998)

    Apache Web server rules! Apache web server runs over half the Web, is included with every Linux CD. A very popular, commercially secure version known as Stronghold is also available here! (April 1998)

    National Public Radio talks about OpenSource & Linux, Guests Eric Raymond and Richard Stallman. Transcript here. Also see this article.. (April 1998)

    Linux Security Alert The name services in all commercial Linux distributions have a serious security hole, which could allow a stranger to get root access across the net. The difference between Linux and other operating systems isn't that there are no problems. It is that they tend to be fixed within days if not hours of discovery instead of being denied for months. You also find out about them fast. We tell you what this problem is, and how to get a fix. (April 1998)

    Possible remote root access by strangers, and more! The Linux Alert April 14, 1998 Edition is now available. (April 1998)

    Visual Java Development is here now! Try CoffeeShop for free! (April 1998)

    Heartbeat, a powerful System administration tool on sale till May 31, 1998 . Heartbeat does the routine work so that your system administrators don't have to. (April 1998)

    Dramatic price reduction on Applixware Office Suite (April 1998)

    Interviews with Linus; IS Survival Guide; and why Microsoft should fear Linux - all in this news brief (April 1998)

    Serious security hole in all commercial distributions of Linux that makes it possible for remote strangers to get root access if they know what they are doing. here is the info and the fix (April 1998)

    Linux Mall changes list building policy, apologizes (April 1998)

    Linux Newsletter #12 is now available (April 1998)

    Netscape source code and the Linux operating system could be the combination that unseats Windows, says Netscape's Marc Andreessen (April 1998)

    Wall Street Journal Reports on Linux (April 1998)

    Freeware Summit called (April 1998)

    Linux Mall offers the latest Caldera, Debian, Linux Pro, Red Hat, Slackware or SuSE Linux CDs in any quantity for $1.49, and Free when ordering any other items. (March 1998)

    New Caldera Open Linux 1.2, Wabi, Netscape & Support products and prices (March 1998)

    Thank you for your support! Read about changes at Linux Mall (March 1998)

    Netscape Learns lesson from Linux developers. Netscape Navigator & Communicator is now FREE! . (January 1998)

    Stronghold is Here, Dramatic Price Drop on WABI, ApplixWare and Tux. Read about it in Linux Alert for 12/10/97 . (November 1997)

    Nearly all major Linux Distributions get upgrades this month! Read about it in Linux Alert for 11/28/97 . (November 1997)

    Tux is hot, Tux is here (November 1997)

    Linux Reliability, Future is Linux & NT, PC-o-cide, Linux Supercomputing, Linux Lockups, Vibe Java IDE, WordPerfect, WebCheck, Linux Top 10 best sellers chart & more in Linux Newsletter Issue #11 (September 1997)

    It's a Linux Bonanza! The Linux 5 Pack gives you the latest versions of all five of the most popular Linux distributions for one unbeatably low price. (September 1997)

    Free Debian 1.3.1 CD (September 1997)

    Free SlackWare 3.3 CD (September 1997)

    Java, Linux Trademark Suit Resolved, Microsoft buys Apple, Linux Reliability, Best deals on books you'll ever find and more in Linux Newsletter Issue #10 (August 1997)

    Linux Mall unveils New Products Page (August 1997)

    Linux Trademark dispute is resolved, Linus Torvalds is owner! Full text of announcement and history available here! (August 1997)

    You, Linux and the Law, What happens when you get sued? (August 1997)

    PC Magazine says great things about Linux, Linux Web Development, Unsolicited Mail, Java on Linux and more in the Linux Newsletter Issue #9 (August 1997)

    TalentSoft and the Linux Mall team up to offer the Web Plus Web server development system at a never before heard of limited time special low price. (August 1997)

    Public announcement of the Open letter to Wired Magazine and to all people interested in more widespread acceptance for Linux or other free software. Written in response to Wired's August 97 article "Linux, the greatest OS that (n)ever was." (July 1997)

    Why choose the Linux Mall? (July 1997)

    Public announcement of the Linux Newsletter , a FREE subscription to an emailed informational publication. (July 1997)

    Information about our Current unsolicited Email Policies including our former position on the matter (July 1997)

    Free Caldera, Linux Pro & Red Hat CDs (July 1997)

    Linux in space, Microsoft annoints Linux "Open Reference Platform", Free Linux CDs, New Midnight Commander, Develop for both Linux & Microsoft at once, Major Hospital runs on Linux, and more in Linux Newsletter Volume 8 (July 1997)

    Read about The Linux Showcase, Why Linux is good for businesses, Microsoft demonstrates Linux/Apache, Free Red Hat, Free Caldera OpenLinux, Linux on a 386sx and more in Linux Newsletter Volume 7 (June 1997)

    FREE Red Hat Linux 4.2 CD

    A posting from newsgroups about the Linux Mall and WorkGroup Solutions Email Broadcast Policies with response from WGS' President. (May 1997)

    Read about Linux Expo, Corel's opportunity to boost Linux, packaging formats, the upcoming Atlanta Linux Showcase, and more in Linux Newsletter Volume 6 (May 1997)

    Powerful Caldera OpenLinux Standard 1.1 now available at the Linux Mall (May 1997)

    Better and Faster AcceleratedX Server 3.1 now available at the Linux Mall (April 1997)

    Announcing the Atlanta Linux Showcase , June 6-7, 1997 in Atlanta, GA, USA. Sponsored by Linux International and the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts (April 1997)

    Linus Torvalds and other UniForum recap, How to promote Linux, Linux in Windows NT Magazine, Linux Expo, Comdex, and more Linux Newsletter Volume 5 (April 1997)

    Linus Torvalds wins a major award. Which Linux CD distribution is best? Learn about Commercial acceptance of Linux, Infamous Black Friday, Linux Expo, Comdex, Linux International Web site wins award and more in Linux Newsletter Volume 4 (March 1997)

    Win a $1000 Online Shopping Spree (February 1997)

    Read about the USENIX/UseLinux conference, Linus version 2.0 (it's a girl!), Wearable Computing and more in the Linux Newsletter Volume 3 (February 1997)

    Linus Torvalds joins WGS executives for a day at Disneyland : photos (January 1997)

    Linux to appear at Uniforum'97 March 10-14, 1997 (January 1997)

    Here is the complete history to date, of the Linux Trademark Dispute (January 1997)

    Read about Linux on PCTV and more in the Linux Newsletter Volume 2 (January 1997)

    Read about a Business Users Survey, Comdex Fall/96 Report and the Linux Trademark dispute in the Linux Newsletter Volume 1 (December 1996)

    Help Promote Linux, Free Tickets, Volunteers needed, November 16-22 Linux Technology Showcase, Comdex Fall/96 , Las Vegas, Nevada (October 1996)

    Linux Pro Desktop with CDE (Common Desktop Environment) (October 1996)

    Accelerated-X Server 2.1 (September 1996)

    Linux Shopping Mall User Group Program (September 1996)

    Linux Shopping Mall Dealer Program (September 1996)

    Linux Shopping Mall Vendor Program (September 1996)

    Is LINUXTM proprietary? Linux Trademark Conflict. Here is Posting #1, and also Posting #2 from comp.os.linux.announce by Mark Bolzern of WorkGroup Solutions, Inc. Stay tuned, more to come. (September 1996)

    Linux Technology Showcase at Comdex Fall/96 Tradeshow November 18-22, 1997 in Las Vegas, Nevada (September 1996)

    UseLinux Tradeshow January 6-10 1997 in Anaheim, CA (September 1996)

    Linux Pro 4.0 (July-August 1996)

    Press Quotes, Article "Why Linux is Significant", includes brief Author's Biography (July 1996)

    VShop by intraDAT

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