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    1999 News Archives

    Cast your vote for the best of the millenium!  You have until midnight (their Web site doesn't specify which time zone) December 31 to participate in this poll presented by The Linux Show!!. Let your voice be heard: which is the best Linux distribution, who is the greatest contributor to the Linux Community, which is the best Linux company, etc. (December 31, 1999)

    Beowulf Test Drive  Compaq offers Alpha-Linux developers the opportunity to test their applications on an 8-node Beowulf cluster. (December 30, 1999)

    Predictions for Linux in 2000  What will happen in the coming year? Various authors polish up their crystal balls and preview coming events here, here, and here. (December 30, 1999)

    Do businesses love Linux as much as Wall Street?  If Wall Street likes IPOs, it must love Linux. But amid the zeal for Linux stock, how enthusiastic have businesses been about bringing Linux into their enterprise? Ed: If you do not already have a "passport," will require you to log in before reading this article. (December 29, 1999)

    Next Linux IPO No Sure Thing  LinuxOne is expected to launch its initial public offering as early as next month. But the upstart company faces a host of issues that were absent in the highly successful IPOs of Linux companies Red Hat, VA Linux, Cobalt Networks and Andover.Net. (December 29, 1999)

    2.4 in 2000  Looks like development is starting on the pre-2.4 kernel release and we should see a 2.4 Linux kernel in the first quarter of 2000. (December 28, 1999)

    Linux Good Samaritan Gives Hotmail Helping Hand  According to reports, Microsoft's Hotmail service was unavailable over part of the holiday weekend until a big-hearted Linux user lent a helping hand. Get the full scoop at CNet. (December 27, 1999)

    Linus on Fortune's List  Linus Torvalds is one of Fortune's "People to Watch" in 2000. (December 27, 1999)

    ESR on Cheating with GPL'ed Quake  Since id Software GPL'ed the source code to Quake, some less-than-ethical gamers have written cheats into the game itself. John Carmack's suggestion was to have closed-source encryption programs to test the clients for networking games, Eric Raymond says that's not the answer. (December 27, 1999)

    The Latest Linux Weekly News  Don't forget to read the latest Linux Weekly News before you head off for the holidays! (December 23, 1999)

    Quake I GPL'ed  id Software has released the source code to the game that upped the ante, Quake I. The source code has been released under the General Public License, making it available to anyone who wants to do cool stuff with it. (December 22, 1999)

    Bazaar Coverage has Jeff Alami's report from the Bazaar. (December 22, 1999)

    Tigert's Gimp Tutorial  Get a grip on the Gimp with this tutorial from Tigert. This tutorial is taken from Tigert's tutorial at the Bazaar, he also has several others that can be found here. (December 22, 1999)

    Linux Weekly News 1999 Timeline  Don't remember what happened in 1999? Check out the LWN 1999 Timeline. All the big events from the last year, browseable by month or the whole year in one big page. (December 22, 1999)

    Challenging the Windows Monopoly  The Sunday Times talks about Linux giving Microsoft a run for the money. Ed: There are a few inaccuracies, such as stating that Linus asked that no one make money off of Linux (not true), but otherwise a decent article. (December 20, 1999)

    The Amazon of All Boycotts  Wired News has coverage of RMS' boycott of (December 20, 1999)

    Picking Richard Stallman's Brain  Linuxcare has an interesting interview with RMS that focuses on his technical contributions and opinions, rather than political. (December 19, 1999)

    New Work from ESR  Eric S. Raymond is working on a new writing project, The Art of UNIX Programming. The book is still in development, and Eric is asking for input. You can find this new work at (December 18, 1999)

    Corel Suing U.S. Government  Corel is suing the U.S. Department of Labor for awarding a three-year contract to Microsoft, claiming that it violates government rules for "open and fair procurement." Corel has already won a similar suit against the Canadian government. (December 18, 1999)

    Adobe to Port Products to Linux  The Linux momentum continues with a recent announcement from Adobe that they will be porting Adobe Acrobat Distiller and Framemaker to Linux. You can download a beta of Framemaker from Adobe now. Ed: I hope this means we'll be seeing Illustrator and other Adobe offerings soon as well. If you want to see more apps ported to Linux, be sure to send Adobe an encouraging note about supporting Linux. (December 17, 1999)

    A New Way to Look at the Source...  An image of Tux created from colorized Linux kernel source code. Amazing. The link was provided by Frank Brodsky. (December 17, 1999)

    GNOME News  GNOME News has an interview with some of the GNOME developers about the state of the GNOME and upcoming 2.0 release. (December 16, 1999)

    Wearable Linux  Xybernaut, makers of wearable PCs, has announced Linux support for their product. Now you can not only have Linux on your laptop, desktop and server - you can have it in your wardrobe as well! Ed: This definitely going on my "want" list for Christmas... (December 16, 1999)

    Who's Behind LinuxOne  Wide Open News has a feature story on the mysterious LinuxOne, including Bruce Perens' opinion on the company. (December 16, 1999)

    The Bazaar, FSF Awards and Market Insanity  All of that and more in this week's edition of Linux Weekly News. (December 16, 1999)

    Will Apache be the Next Linux  Covalent Technology, a vendor that sells technical support and enhancements for Apache, has received $5 million in venture capitol and seems to be on the IPO trail. (December 16, 1999)

    KRASH Leading to KDE 2.0  The KDE project has released the developer version of KDE 2.0, KRASH, to provide developers with the API for KDE 2.0. KDE 2.0 is slated to be released in the spring of 2000. (December 16, 1999)

    Microsoft Looking for Linux Hit Squad  According to, several job postings for people to "execute Microsoft's Linux strategy" and someone to create Microsoft's "message" about Sun, Linux and Novell -- kind of an anti-Linux spokesperson -- have appeared on Microsoft's site recently. Ed: One can only wonder what nefarious plans Microsoft has cooking... (December 15, 1999)

    The Lovesong of Arne W. Flones  How Linux made the computer fun again. (December 14, 1999)

    SGI Releases SGI Linux 1.1  SGI seems to be putting their money on Linux for the future. Recently SGI has released SGI Linux 1.1, based on improvements and modifications of Red Hat Linux, and they are focusing on enhancements to Linux including the XFS journaling file system. (December 14, 1999)

    RMS Calls for Amazon Boycott  Richard Stallman is calling for a boycott of Amazon because of their lawsuit against Barnes and Noble over the "One-click" patent. Because the outcome of the lawsuit could take ages, Stallman urges people to use the power of the pocketbook and boycott Amazon and their "attack against the World Wide Web and against E-commerce in general." (December 14, 1999)

    Linux IPO Backlash  Many of the Wall Street cognoscenti are being very openly derisive of the recent IPO successes of Linux companies. Are their criticisms founded, or is it just sour grapes? (December 13, 1999)

    Compaq, Samsung Serious About Linux  Samsung and Compaq have signed a pledge to invest more than $500 million into Alpha development. Part of the investment will go towards targeting Linux on Alpha. (December 13, 1999)

    When Richard Says "Free" Software, He Means It  Richard Stallman could have invested in VA Linux, but chose not to. Find out why on (December 13, 1999)

    Linux Leaders Join Trillian Project  Four of the major Linux distributors have officially joined the Trillian Project. The Trillian Project aims to have Linux available for distribution on Intel's 64-bit processor next year when it ships. According to Sridhar Chilukuri. (December 13, 1999)

    VA IPO at Record Levels  The VA Linux Systems IPO has jumped to near-record levels in its first day of trading. (December 9, 1999)

    IPO Fever and Bazaar Happenings  This week's Linux Weekly News talks about the VA Linux and Andover IPOs, Cosource and sourceXchange launches and the Bazaar taking place in New York next week. (December 9, 1999)

    Money is Good  Bernie Thompson, co-founder of, believes that Open Source and money are a good mix. Upside Today has a story about and their somewhat unique business model. (December 8, 1999)

    I Don't Like Spam!  Nick Petreley discusses spam, and how to stop it with CommuniGate Pro. You can get CommuniGate Pro from (December 8, 1999)

    Interview with Michael Tiemann  Wide Open has an interview with Michael Tiemann, co-founder of Cygnus Solutions. (December 7, 1999)

    Will VA be Hotter than Red Hat?  BusinessWeek talks about why investors may favor VA Linux over even Red Hat stock. (December 7, 1999)

    Market Excitement for Linux  The market is already excited about Linux, and this week two more companies are going to hitch their wagons to the stock market train. VA Linux Systems, a company that has been a big part of the Linux Community for years, and (December 7, 1999)

    Geek Christmas Guide  Don't know what to get that geek on your Christmas list? Evan Leibovitch has some fact, you can get most of them here at We've got Loki games, Sys Admin Subscriptions, more than 100 O'Reilly books and of course tons of Penguin Power shirts, stickers and lovable plush Tuxes. (December 6, 1999)

    FreeBSD Gets Helping Hand from Linus  Daily Daemon News is carrying a short story about a kernel patch for FreeBSD submitted by none other than Linus himself. (Who should know a thing or two about kernels...) Ed: It may be that the patch was actually submitted by someone else, but it does go to show how well the various free Unices compliment each other. There's no reason why Linux and the BSD variants shouldn't collaborate with each other, there's a lot of massive talent in each project. (December 6, 1999)

    Red Hat Gets Boost From Dell  Red Hat's stock saw a major surge today when Dell announced it would be factory installing Red Hat Linux on PowerEdge servers. (December 6, 1999)

    Open Source Response  Last week a Microsoft product manager made derogatory comments about the security of Open Source systems. ZDNet UK carries the Open Source response. (December 6, 1999)

    Eric Raymond Interview  Wide Open is carrying an interview with Eric S. Raymond that first appeared in Fast Company. (December 6, 1999)

    They're Baaaack!  After taking a (well-deserved) week off, Linux Weekly News is back. This week's issue, French analysis of the GPL and raccoons run amok. (December 3, 1999)

    Linux for 99 Cents!  1999 has been such an awesome year for Linux that is celebrating by dropping the price on our Penguin Power CDs containing Linux distributions to 99 cents until December 15th. (December 1, 1999)

    Miguel de Icaza in MIT's Top 100 features Miguel in a series of profiles of the top 100 young innovators from MIT's Technology Review. also features this piece on GNOME, including a bit about Miguel and Havoc Pennington. (December 1, 1999)

    Down on the Farm  Linux is rapidly becoming a popular solution for clustered computing and server farms. SGI recently demo'ed a 132 CPU Linux server farm running a Verilog simulator at the SuperComputing99 conference in Portland. (December 1, 1999)

    Novell Joins the Party  According to InternetWeek, Novell will be opening portions of their Novell Directory Services code as well as other Novell products. Bruce Perens assisted Novell with their Novell Cooperative License, which does comply with the Open Source definition. (December 1, 1999)

    Marc Merlin's Comdex Report  Marc Merlin, the leading documentarian for Linux conventions, has graciously sent us a link to his pictorial and commentary from Comdex and the Linux Business Expo. Ed: It took Marc much longer than usual to submit the report from the show - I was starting to get worried he didn't make it to Comdex! (November 29, 1999)

    Penguins for Sale?  With Linux becoming an incredibly hot investment, as well as an incredibly hot technology, is consolidation ahead? ZDNet's Smart Reseller has a story speculating on possible mergers and acquisitions in the Linux market. (November 29, 1999)

    ESR in Ireland  The Irish Times covers a recent visit by Eric S. Raymond. (November 29, 1999)

    The Free Software Nobody Noticed  Caught this on - apparently, Applix's SHELF Rapid Application Development system was released under the LGPL and managed to somehow managed to escape notice by the majority of the Open Source Community. If you haven't given SHELF a try, check out SHELF and some of its sample applications, like the Palm Pilot desktop for Linux. You can download them here. (November 26, 1999)

    The State of Free Software Licensing  Bruce Perens writes about the variety of software licenses. One of the many great articles from Linux Magazine, now available online. You can also pick up back issues of Linux Magazine if you've missed a few copies. Don't wait too long - issue number 3 is already sold out. Once they're gone, they're gone. (November 25, 1999)

    A Linux Thanksgiving  Joe Barr lists all the things he's thankful for as a Linux user on LinuxWorld. (November 24, 1999)

    Linux as a Disruptive Technology  No - it's not a bad thing. Rob Landley discusses Linux as a disruptive technology on Disruptive technology replaces older, entrenched technologies, with new and larger ones. (November 24, 1999)

    Super Savings on a Supercomputer  Thanks to Linux, building a supercomputer has gotten a whole lot cheaper. The 44th computer on the list of the world's fastest computers is a cluster of commodity parts using Linux as the operating system. (November 24, 1999)

    Win Linux Cool Keyboards  Until December 31st you've got a chance to win Linux Cool Keyboards from the nice folks at CoolKeyboards, or you can be sure to have one in time for Christmas by getting one now. You can find the contest under their promotions link. (November 24, 1999)

    Big Blue Testing Linux Apps  IBM will be testing applications running on Linux on Netfinity servers. Big Blue has already validated 28 apps running on Linux out of about 100 in line for the process. (November 24, 1999)

    Hat in Hand  Red Hat is looking towards the handheld market after their acquisition of Cygnus Solutions last week. Cygnus already has a entry into the embedded system market with their Embedded Cygnus Operating System, otherwise known as eCos. (November 24, 1999)

    Linus Torvalds Interview  The Herald Tribune has an interview with Linus. (November 22, 1999)

    Linux Business Expo Kicks Butt  When the first Linux exhibit booth was opened at Comdex in 1994 the goal that CEO Mark Bolzern and Red Hat's Bob Young set was for Linus to do a Comdex keynote within five years. It's great when a plan comes together. (November 22, 1999)

    Kenwood Likes the Sound of Linux  Kenwood has chosen Linux to update their back-office servers. (November 19, 1999)

    Microsoft Mediator Appointed  Judge Jackson has appointed Richard Posner, chief judge of the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago, to handle negotiations between Microsoft and the government. (November 19, 1999)

    Pre-Thanksgiving LWN  The folks at Linux Weekly News are taking a well-deserved break over Thanksgiving, so this week's LWN will have to hold you over for two weeks. This week - COMDEX coverage and ext2 fragmentation updates. (November 19, 1999)

    Ask the Antitrust Experts  Slashdot hosts an "Ask the Experts" Q & A session with some antitrust experts about the DOJ vs Microsoft trial. Ed: Very informative reading, some really good questions from Slashdotters... (November 19, 1999)

    Comdex Notes  Computerworld has some brief coverage of Comdex, including the impressive showing that Linux has made this year with the LINUX Business Expo. (November 18, 1999)

    E-Commerce Times Coverage  The E-Commerce Times has a bit of coverage of's relaunch. (November 18, 1999)

    Publicizing Project Gutenberg  Slashdot is running an open letter from Michael Hart, the head of Project Gutenberg, asking for help publicizing Project Gutenberg. Project Gutenberg has an online repository of Etexts of public domain works. If you're not familiar with Project Gutenberg, you owe it to yourself to check the site out. Ed: Not exactly Linux-related, but Project Gutenberg is a Good Thing, so I thought I'd try to help and give 'em a plug here as well. Funny, I used PG religiously in college and I assumed they had plenty of recognition. (November 18, 1999)

    Fear of Forking  Many have thought that GPL'ed programs would be victims of the dreaded code forking that fragmented the UNIX world. Rick Moen says it ain't so on Linuxcare's site. (November 18, 1999)

    Does Linux Need Microsoft?  Much of the innovation in Linux comes from the Linux Community competing with Microsoft. Would the innovation go away if Microsoft did, or would the Community continue to innovate anyway? Erik Levy addresses this topic on (November 18, 1999)

    Who Controls Free Software?  Does Red Hat's aquisition of Cygnus give Red Hat too much control over free software? Andrew Leonard addresses the topic on (November 18, 1999)

    Marco Boerries Interview  Computerworld has an interview with Marco Boerries, the founder of Star Division, now the vice president and general manager of Web-top and application software for Sun. (November 17, 1999) Site Redesign  We've redesigned Take a look around and see what we've done! We think you'll really like it. (November 17, 1999)

    Linux at COMDEX has a look at the Linux Business Expo, running concurrently with COMDEX this week in Vegas. Ed: By the way, if you're at the show, be sure to say hi to the nice folks at the booth and check out the Penguinmobile! (November 16, 1999)

    A New Era for Linux  Linus Torvalds' speech in Las Vegas yesterday offered some insight into Transmeta, and the future of Linux. Linus says that user needs will now play a larger role in the development of Linux. (November 16, 1999)

    Microsoft's Fatal Error  Eben Moglen covers one possible outcome of Judge Jackson's findings of fact. (November 16, 1999)

    GNOME Guru Behind Linux Start-up  Miguel de Icaza is working with a start-up tentatively named "Helix Code" that will focus on applications for Linux. (November 15, 1999)

    Interview with the PHP Group has an interview with the team behind that marvelous scripting language - PHP. (November 15, 1999)

    Red Hat Buys Cygnus  Red Hat is reportedly merging with Cygnus in a stock-for-stock trade that is valued at about $674 Million dollars. In other Red Hat news, Bob Young is stepping down as CEO and Matthew Szulik is being promoted to the CEO position. Young will remain the Chairman of the company, but cease handling day-to-day operations. (November 15, 1999)

    Extreme Linux Giveaway  Last week a contingent of Linux folk from the Northern Colorado, Boulder and Denver Linux User Groups attended a Microsoft "eXtreme" event that promoted Windows 2000. In the parking lot, they gave away Linux CDs and other freebies, and talked to anyone who would listen about Linux as an alternative to Windows. Many thanks to Robert Harris for the pictures and narration. (November 12, 1999)

    Linux in the Enterprise: Fact vs. FUD  Dave Leigh counters the Microsoft "Linux Myths" page point by point. (November 12, 1999)

    Linux Weekly News for November 11, 1999  This week's LWN features commentary on the latest Red Hat/Oracle announcement, the findings of fact in the DoJ vs Microsoft case and other goodies. (November 11, 1999) and SCO co-host the Linux Community Hub  SCO and are co-hosting the Linux Community Hub next week at the Linux Business Expo in Las Vegas. The Linux Business Expo is co-located with Comdex. If you're going to be at the show, be sure to stop by and say hello - we'd love to meet you! (November 10, 1999)

    Judge Jackson Finds Microsoft Holds Monopoly Power  Judge Jackson has issued the rulings of fact in the DOJ vs. Microsoft case. According to the findings of fact Microsoft does hold monopoly power.Ed: Not a good week for Microsoft in court... (November 5, 1999)

    Microsoft to Face Jury Trial  Honorable Judge Dee Benson has issued an opinion in the Caldera vs. Microsoft case. Microsoft will face a jury trial in the Caldera case. (November 4, 1999)

    Richard Stallman Responds  Richard Stallman has responded to a piece that was run on Linux Today about software licenses. As usual, whether you agree with Mr. Stallman or not, he does make interesting reading. (November 4, 1999)

    This Week's Linux Weekly News  Don't forget to get your weekly dose of LWN. This week the fearless folk at Linux Weekly News tackle software patents (they're evil), the DVD hack and bogus bogomips! (November 4, 1999)

    Lean and Mean Linux  Is the PC passe? Upside today talks about the future of embedded systems and Linux. (November 4, 1999)

    Creative Labs Open Sources SoundBlaster Live Drivers  Creative Labs has released the source code for the SoundBlaster Live drivers under the GPL, and even has a site dedicated to Open Source. Ed: I love seeing hardware manufacturers support Linux. (November 3, 1999)

    Bash Shell Basics  Ext2 has a column on basics of using the Bourne Again Shell, also known as Bash. Great info for Linux users who aren't familiar with life at the shell prompt. (November 3, 1999)

    3D Window Manager  This looks like it could be almost as fun as the Doom system administration tool...a 3D Window Manager. It's not quite ready for prime time just yet, but it is apparently under development. (November 3, 1999)

    This Week's Linux Weekly News  The Linux Weekly News for October 21, 1999 features an ALS wrap-up and commentary on the controversial Gartner report on Linux. Linux Weekly News is updated, appropriately enough, every week on Thursday. They feature a daily page as well. (October 22, 1999)

    The Risks of Closed Source Computing  Alan Cox talks about how companies can reduce risk using Open Source software. (October 22, 1999)

    Outside Intel  The story of Linux on the PowerPC, by Dan Burcaw. Featured on Linux Magazine's Web site. (October 22, 1999)

    US May Relax Encryption Export Limits  The Clinton administration may relax export limits on encryption source code, which is very good news for Linux. (October 20, 1999)

    The World's Most Entertaining System Administration Tool  Only a few weeks after the source to Doom was GPL'ed, Dennis Chao has released a patch to turn Doom into a system administration tool. Ed: This is without a doubt the coolest thing I've ever seen, and I hope that development doesn't stop there. NT has nothing on this! (October 20, 1999)

    Interview with Eric S. Raymond  Fast Computing has an interview with the man behind the Bazaar, Eric S. Raymond. You can find the Cathedral and the Bazaar's print version here. (October 20, 1999)

    AppWatch Goes Stable  AppWatch is now out of beta, and has doubled their library of Open Source apps to more than 550! (October 20, 1999)

    Getting Better All The Time  Jason Levitt talks about some of the new features in Red Hat 6.1, and why they make Microsoft Nervous. (October 20, 1999)

    ATI Announces Linux Support  ATI will be releasing specifications for their 2D, 3D and multimedia programming technology, including the popular RAGE chipsets. In addition to releasing specs, ATI has contracted Precision Insight to develop an open source 2D and 3D driver for the RAGE 128. ATI is a manufacturer of video cards for Intel-based PCs and Macs. Ed: It's great to see hardware manufacturers supporting Linux and Open Source. Yes, there's money to be made supporting Linux - but it's the Right Thing TM to do, too. (October 20, 1999)

    Domination and Denial  Ganesh Prasad discusses the potential for Linux World Domination, and whether Linux can, or needs to, achieve market domination. Ed: I'm not sure I agree with all of the specifics, but Ganesh does put the discussion in an interesting framework. Definitely worth a read. (October 19, 1999)

    WinCE to be Open Source?  Rumor has it that Microsoft is considering making Windows CE an Open Source product, so that it will be able to compete with Linux in the embedded market. (October 19, 1999)

    Linux Today Acquired by  Linux Today is becoming part of's LinuxPlanet. (October 19, 1999)

    Rave review of Caldera OpenLinux 2.3  Nicholas Petreley posted his review on He loved OpenLinux 2.2, and likes SCO Becomes Partner  SCO is investing in and becoming a partner. With their investment, an SCO representative will hold a seat on the board of directors. (October 14, 1999)

    Photos from ALS  Dave Whitinger has provided a page of thumbnails that link to larger photos. They include a photo of the booth. (October 14, 1999)

    Why Microsoft Has to Run Its Own FUD  Why Microsoft is running the "Linux Myths" page on its own. (October 11, 1999)

    The Apache Success Story  Apache, and Apache-based, Web servers run more than 60 percent of all Websites, according to Netcraft. But that's only part of the story. (October 11, 1999)

    VA Linux Systems Files for IPO  It looks like VA Linux Systems is the second serious Linux company to head into the IPO jungle. VA is looking to trade under the symbol "LNUX" on the Nasdaq. Ed: Sorry, LinuxOne just doesn't count. Vaporware doesn't cut it in the Linux world. (October 8, 1999)

    Making Art From Microsoft?  The folks at the are organizing the "Expose Microsoft to Art" program to poke a little fun at Microsoft. Donate your copies of the legacy operating system and get an upgrade to Linux courtesy of Penguin Computing is donating a $2,000 voucher towards a Penguin Computer to the winning artist. Stay tuned for more details. (October 8, 1999)

    Linux Writers and Publishers BOF at ALS  Linux writers and publishers will be getting together on Thursday, October 14th at 5 PM for a Birds of a Feather session organized by Michael Hammel. Quite a few other BOFs are schedules as well, the full schedule is located here. will have a booth at the show, be sure to drop by and say hello! (October 8, 1999)

    2.4 By November  Alan Cox says that the 2.4 kernel should be released by November. (October 8, 1999)

    The Deb Richardson Interview has an interview with Deb Richardson, the founder of LinuxChix. (October 7, 1999)

    A Future of Free Operating Systems  Linus told attendees at the Internet World trade show that he sees a future of free operating systems. (October 7, 1999)

    Rebuttals Roll In  A few days ago Microsoft posted a Linux Myths page. Naturally, the rebuttals are rolling in. This one is from Les Barstow. Further updates as events warrant. (October 7, 1999)

    All You Ever Wanted to Know About Licenses  Juancarlo A�ez talks about various open and not-so-open licenses. Ed: Juancarlo calls the GPL a "restrictive" license, but I tend to think the point behind the GPL is to allow everyone equal access to any code licensed under it. (October 5, 1999)

    Hitching a Ride on the Gravy Train  It seems like Linux is such a hot property that everyone wants to get into the act. LinuxOne, a company with a horrid Web page (done in Adobe GoLive 4, no less) and no visible products, is filing for an IPO. Not only does the company seem to be trying to hitch a ride on the Linux gravy train, they've apparently copped bits of Red Hat's SEC filing! (October 5, 1999)

    Philadelphia Freedom  Philly Tech Magazine has an article on Philadelphia businesses and organizations using Linux. (October 5, 1999)

    Doom Source Code GPL'ed  Game programming guru John Carmack has released the original Doom source code under the GPL. All of the art, sounds and music are still copyrighted by Id software, but the actual game code is now available under the GPL. (October 4, 1999)

    Free Software in Korea  Why the Korean government decided to support Linux and promote its use in public organizations. (October 4, 1999)

    Solaris Source to be Released  Sun almost gets it. A few weeks after buying Star Office and allowing anyone to download it for free, Sun is announcing that they'll release the source under their Community License. Unfortunately, unlike the GPL and other truly Open Source licenses, Sun's license requires licensing fees for products released that use their source code. (October 1, 1999)

    Linux Labor Pool  With Linux becoming more popular everyday, employers are wondering where to find Linux-savvy people and how to tell if they are qualified. (October 1, 1999)

    Linux to Dominate Industry  Linux is set to dominate the computing industry, according to Michael Cowpland - CEO of Corel. He also says that Corel is in "the perfect position to exploit this," according to Ed: Of course it is, we've know that for years! I'm not sure "exploit" is a good choice of words, considering Corel's beta license blunder a few weeks ago. (September 30, 1999)

    Advanced System Administration  Derek Balling shares some tips he picked up at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention about advanced Linux system administration. (September 29, 1999)

    Which Would You Rather Install?  Nicholas Petreley talks about the differences between installing Linux and Windows. (September 29, 1999)

    Linux and High Fashion  St. John Knits, a high-end retailer and manufacturer of ladies fashion merchandise, is going with Linux for their retail management systems. (September 29, 1999)

    Magic Software Donates $10,000 to the Wildlife Conservation Society  Magic Software, the company that created a stir by having live penguins at LinuxWorld Expo in August, has donated $10K to the Wildlife Conservation Society for the preservation of penguins. Magic Software will has also announced they will no longer use live penguins to promote their products. The penguins that appeared at the LinuxWorld Expo were not harmed by the event, and are trained animals that have appeared in one of the Batman movies and several commercials. (September 29, 1999)

    Chase Research Remote Access Solutions  Need remote access for your small business? Check out Chase MultiModem and MultiPort Serial Cards. (September 28, 1999)

    Do Penguins Eat Apples?  Andrew Leonard compares the Apple and Linux communities on (September 28, 1999)

    Linux on NPR  NPR's show Public Interest will have a feature on Linux as part of their "Tech Tuesdays." (September 27, 1999)

    Linux: Fighting Crime for the Department of Defense  The Department of Defense is finding ways to utilize Beowulf clusters to fight "cybercrime." (September 27, 1999)

    Spam and Spying in Austria  Apparently, Austrian Linux users who had signed up with the Linux Counter project were spammed by a research firm employed by Microsoft Austria to get information about Linux users. Read the full scoop at Linux Today. (September 27, 1999)

    Deepak Saxena Interview has an interview with Deepak Saxena, the founder of the Linux Demo Day project. (September 27, 1999)

    Linus Awarded Honorary Doctorate  Linus Torvalds is now the youngest recipient of an honorary doctorate from the University of Stockholm. He was recognized as an "IT rebel" and a "computer genius" by the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Thanks to Johnny Östberg for the tip! (September 27, 1999)

    Marc Ewing Talks About the Road Ahead for Red Hat  Linux guru, and billionaire newbie, Marc Ewing tells us what lies ahead for Red Hat. (September 24, 1999)

    Loki - The Games Microsoft People Play?  A tech support person at Loki reports that they recently received a support call from someone at Microsoft installing Civilization: Call to Power for a "usability study." (September 24, 1999)

    Transmeta Announcement Coming...Maybe  Transmeta, the world's most secretive company, may finally announce what's up their collective sleeve at Comdex in November according to Linus. (September 23, 1999)

    Linus Predicts Software Price Crash  Linus predicts that when the need for consistent software upgrades disappears, software prices will fall as well. (September 23, 1999)

    CoolKeyboards Announce Non-US Keyboards  The Linux CoolKeyboard has been so popular that CoolKeyboards Corp. and are going to work together to provide non-US keyboards to overseas distributors. (September 23, 1999)

    Linux Professional Institute News  Update on the Linux Professional Institute - where they're at and where they're going. (September 23, 1999)

    Overview of the /proc Filesystem  UNIX & LINUX Computing Journal has an overview of the /proc filesystem. A little on the techie side, but good info. (September 22, 1999)

    Closing Arguments in Microsoft Antitrust Suit  11 months after the trial began, lawyers in the Microsoft antitrust suit made their closing arguments yesterday. A final ruling could be several months away. (September 22, 1999)

    Taking a Bite of the Apple  A story on Upside Today about the relationship between Linux and Apple. Ed: Want to run Linux on PPC hardware? Try LinuxPPC. (September 22, 1999)

    Questioning Sun's Motives  Evan Leibovitch has some doubts about the benevolence of Sun's moves regarding Star Office. (September 21, 1999)

    To GPL or Not GPL  Stig Hackvan discusses the pros and cons of various software licenses. (September 21, 1999)

    32BitsOnline Reviews Mandrake  Part of 32BitsOnline's continuing Linux distribution review series. (September 20, 1999)

    Remember Astroturfing? Microsoft Tries to Wrap Itself in the Flag  Eric S. Raymond responds to Microsoft's latest attempts to turn public opinion their way in the anti-trust lawsuit. (September 17, 1999)

    Happy Birthday Linux!  The Linux kernel turns 8 today! Born version 0.01, now a whopping 2.2.12 (or 2.3.18 if you're daring) Linux has come a long way. Thanks Linus! (September 17, 1999)

    The Trouble With Windows  Mike Elgan of talks about the trouble with Windows. Ed: I don't agree that price is the only problem with Windows, but Linux has the advantage there anyway. (September 17, 1999)

    New Apps Site  AppWatch is a new Apps site that announces Open Source Software releases. The database is updated many times a day with the latest releases of the greatest OSS software around. (September 16, 1999)

    Free Software Entrepreneur's Guide  Can you make money off of free software? Jeff Alami, Editor-in-Chief of has a few things to say on the subject. (September 16, 1999)

    Tux I, Earl of Apache, Protector of the Source  The server with the Royal Family's Web site has switched from Solaris to Linux. You can visit the site at (September 16, 1999)

    Chix Dig Linux  ZDNet has some decent coverage of LinuxChix. LinuxChix started as a mailing list for women using Linux (guys are welcome too) and has grown into local chapters that meet face to face as well. LinuxChix was founded by Deb Richardson, who is also the founder of the Open Source Writer's Group. (September 16, 1999)

    Bigger Faster More  LinuxWorld has a feature on the new and improved Slashdot. (September 15, 1999)

    250,000 Downloads for Star Office in 1 Week  Offering Star Office for free has been very successful. In the last week there have been more than 250,000 downloads. Scott McNealy's plans to "webify" Star Office may make it even more attractive. (September 15, 1999)

    Documentation License for Review  Richard Stallman has posted a license for GNU documentation for review. It is not a final draft and comments are welcome, but please do not use the license yet. (September 14, 1999)

    Happy Birthday Linux Today!  Linux Today turns 1 on September 30th, and today marks their 10,000th story. (September 14, 1999)

    Learning Python Review  Jim Severino provides a review of O'Reilly's Learning Python. (September 14, 1999)

    Loki President Scott Draeker Speaking in Denver  If you happen to be in the Denver area, join CLUE (Colorado Linux Users and Enthusiasts) for a presentation on Linux games by Scott Draeker. (September 14, 1999)

    Oval Office Going Open Source?  Are politicians moving to Open Source? Does your candidate favor Open Source software? Salon asks the important questions. (September 14, 1999)

    Sys Admin Launching E-newsletter  Sys Admin magazine is launching an E-newsletter targeted at, appropriately enough, system administrators. If you're not subscribed to Sys Admin yet, sign up today! (September 14, 1999)

    Windows 2000: Pizza Express  Paul Ferris has a few things to say about Microsoft's moving target API's. (September 14, 1999)

    Stealth Linux  Linux is making inroads to federal government use, particularly in research areas. (September 13, 1999)

    2.4.x Linux Kernel Feature Freeze  Linus has announced that the 2.4.x Linux kernel is now in "feature freeze" and the 2.4 kernel should be out by the end of the year. As Linus says "everybody knows, our targets never slip." (September 13, 1999)

    First Linux Keyboard  CoolKeyboards has developed the first Linux keyboard. Get rid of those Windows keys and type with Tux. (September 13, 1999)

    Linux and Commercial Databases  Byte columnist Jon Udell talks about the various commercial databases available for Linux. (September 13, 1999)

    Motorola Announces Linux Strategy  Motorola Computer Group (MCG), has announced a new family of Linux-based platforms and is collaborating with Lineo, Inc. and Caldera systems. (September 10, 1999)

    Surprise Linux IPO  Cobalt Networks has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to go public. Cobalt manufactures server-appliances based on Linux. (September 10, 1999)

    32BitsOnline and Announce Strategic Alliance and 32BitsOnline are working together to provide more news and reviews for the Linux Community. (September 9, 1999)

    Letting the Lizard Loose  Caldera has released the source to their popular Lizard installation wizard under the Q Public License. (September 9, 1999)

    Linux - It's Not Just for Nerds  Claire Wolfe explains why she's moved to Linux, and why it's not a nerd-only OS. (September 9, 1999)

    Compaq Getting Thin with Linux  Compaq has announced thin-client machine based on Linux with an integrated Netscape browser. The Linux thin-client is in beta right now and should be available next month. (September 9, 1999)

    Donnie Barnes Interview  32BitsOnline has an interview with Donnie Barnes, Director of Technical Projects at Red Hat. (September 8, 1999)

    Interview with Donald Knuth  The man who wrote The Art of Computer Programming and created TeX speaks to Technology Review. (September 8, 1999)

    GNU Privacy Guard Released  GnuPG is a free replacement for PGP that does not use patented algorithms and is compliant with the OpenPGP standard. (September 8, 1999)

    Gateway Tries on Red Hat and Other News  Red Hat's quiet period is over, and there's lots of news from them today. Gateway has announced that they will be installing Red Hat on servers, Red Hat will be opening an office in Japan and Red Hat will be providing the phone support for Burlington Coat Factory's 260 stores using Linux. (September 7, 1999)

    SuSE 6.2 Now Shipping  The latest version of SuSE Linux, Europe's favorite distro, weighs in at 6 CD-ROMs and includes the 2.2.10 Linux kernel and tons of new and updated packages. (September 7, 1999)

    Connectivity with SAMBA  Tim Orbaker covers using SAMBA to access Win9x/WinNT files and printers. This is the first half of a two-parter, next month he'll cover accessing UNIX-type files under Windows. (September 7, 1999)

    Linux Gets Two Journaling File Systems  Next week two journaling file systems for Linux will be shipping. The race is on between the Reiserfs and the ext2 teams to deliver the highest-performance jfs. Meanwhile, Linux users are still waiting for SGI to deliver the code of their XFS journaling file system. (September 7, 1999)

    Bruce Perens on the StarOffice Release  Bruce Perens has a few things to say about Sun's purchase and release of Star Office under their Community License. (September 7, 1999)

    More on the UCITA  Bryan Pfaffenberger has more on the odious UCITA. The UCITA (Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act) would give software companies more dubious license stipulations the force of law and remove even more consumer rights. Be afraid. Be very afraid. (September 6, 1999)

    HP Dropping HP-UX?  IT-Director reports that some sources say that Hewlett-Packard may be considering dropping HP-UX in favor of Linux. Ed: It's little more than speculation now, but it makes sense for HP to embrace Linux. (September 6, 1999)

    LUG at First Sight  Maurice Entwistle recounts his first experience with a LUG. Ed: If you've never been to a Linux User Group meeting before, I suggest you give it a shot. If you're a Linux Guru, you can help out those new to Linux. If you're a newbie, there's no better place to find expert help. Don't know where there's a LUG? We've got a LUG Listing. (September 6, 1999)

    Brewing Your Own Java Under Linux  Chris Gibbs walks through setting up a Java development environment under Linux. (September 6, 1999)

    Optimizing Linux for the Athlon  If you're lucky enough to have an Athlon (AMD's latest processor) the nice folks over at give tips on how you can fine-tune Linux to really take advantage of that horsepower. (September 5, 1999)

    A Look at Embedded Linux  Clint Wiley explores the options for embedded Linux on 32BitsOnline. (September 5, 1999)

    Red Hat Trademark Fiasco  Why Red Hat is right to protect their trademark, and why the press was wrong to jump the gun. Ed: For the definitve movie on what can happen when the press fouls up, see "Absence of Malice." (September 3, 1999)

    Slashdot's Ask Alan  Alan Cox answers questions submitted by Slashdot readers. Everything from Alan's opinion of X to multicultural development. (September 3, 1999)

    Grepping the Web  Marin Vermeer talks about how to get the most out search engines and the Web. (September 3, 1999)

    Vaporware at its Best  In true Microsoft form, days after Sun announced their plans for Star Office as a Web-based service, the Redmond crew has announced that they're going to do the same - someday - with Microsoft Office. No actual date, pricing structure or hard details have emerged. (September 3, 1999)

    Tactics vs Strategy  The latest from Robert X. Cringely. Cringely talks about the recent developments with Star Office and the move away from W2K on Alpha processors. (September 3, 1999)

    Red Hat Trademark Flap  Bob Young sets the record straight regarding Red Hat's trademark policy. Ed: This is the way Red Hat's policy has always been. (September 2, 1999)

    Thor Threatens Windows 2000  Not the mythical Norse god of Thunder - Thor is the Timpanogas Research Group's (TRG) open source, NDS-compliant directory for Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Linux. Microsoft's promised Active Directory won't ship until well after the intial release of Windows 2000. (September 2, 1999)

    Star Office May Spur Market Shift  Analysts say Sun's move to "give away" Star Office may erode market share for MS-Office and Windows. For more on the Star Office move, read Eric Harlow's It's a Funny World. (September 1, 1999)

    Sun to Release Source to Star Office  Sun has announced that they will release the Star Office source code under the Sun Community License. Sun is buying Star Division, the maker of Star Office. Sun has also announced that future versions of Star Office will use XML as the native file format, and standards for interacting with Star Office will be published with the ECMA standardization group. (August 31, 1999)

    Who's Got the Best Linux Desktop?  Win a Diamond Rio MP3 Player from Techrepublic if you've got the most Jack'd Up Desktop of 'em all. Deadline is September 30th, winners announced on Halloween. (August 30, 1999)

    MySQL 3.20.32 GPL'ed  MySQL version 3.20.32a has been released as GPL'ed software. Note that the version number is important because not all versions of MySQL are GPL'ed. (August 30, 1999)

    Linus the Liberator  Silicon has a personality piece on Linus that is fairly thorough and interesting. (August 30, 1999)

    Loss of the Portability Battle  In the Linux vs. NT comparison, NT comes up short in the portability arena. In the last few weeks there have been announcements from both SGI and Compaq that they are dropping efforts to support NT on platforms other than Intel. (August 27, 1999)

    Give Tux a Little Credit  Or put him on a credit card...that's what the Linux Fund is doing. The Linux Fund is a non-profit organization raising money for Linux development and scholarships. (August 27, 1999)

    Lotus to Ship Notes Domino Server for Linux  Lotus, a division of IBM, is looking to Linux to outflank Microsoft Exchange with a Linux Version of Domino for Linux. Should be out by the end of the year. (August 27, 1999)

    Interview with MandrakeSoft Founder Gael Duval  Linux Weekly News has an interview with Gael Duval, the founder of MandrakeSoft. MandrakeSoft publishes the Linux-Mandrake distribution. Linux-Mandrake received Product of the Year at the LinuxWorld Expo in San Jose. (August 26, 1999)

    SGI Linux University  SGI is sponsoring a "Linux University" in Washington D.C. September 9th - attendance is free, but seats are limited, so be sure to sign up early if you want to attend. (August 26, 1999)

    Amarillo Linux Convention '99  The first annual Amarillo Linux Convention. This convention is scheduled for Saturday, September 18, 1999, at the Civic Center in Amarillo, Texas. Scheduled speakers include Ransom Love of Caldera, Marc Torres of SuSE and CEO Mark Bolzern. Ed: Hope to see you there! (August 26, 1999)

    LINUX Business Expo Keynotes  Now you've got a good excuse to head to Las Vegas...Bob Young of Red Hat, Ransom Love of Caldera and Corel's Michael Cowpland will be doing keynote addresses at the LINUX Business Expo. The LINUX Business Expo takes place November 15th-19th in Las Vegas. (August 25, 1999)

    Red Hat 6.0 Review  Part of 32BitsOnline's ongoing distro reviews, Ido Dubrawsky gives the scoop on Red Hat 6.0. You can also check out their Caldera 2.2 review, and TurboLinux 3.6 review. (August 25, 1999)

    Adventures at LinuxWorld Expo  Joe Barr's report on the LinuxWorld Expo. Ed: Don't just read about 'em - make sure you're at the next LinuxWorld Expo. (August 25, 1999)

    Windows 2000 Top Ten  Nicholas Petreley has a top ten you should read if you're planning on migrating to Windows 2000. Ed: Read it, it'll give you a chuckle. (August 25, 1999)

    The Linux Game  Mark Hall warns that CIO's who don't get to know Linux now may be playing catch-up later. (August 24, 1999)

    Mandrake Releases GPL'ed GUI Installer  More goodies from Mandrake! Mandrake has released Panoramix, a GPL'ed installer for Linux. Panoramix is now in the Cooker, the development version of Mandrake. (August 24, 1999)

    Isn't it Time You Drove a Linux?  The Lancia Thema 2000, part of the ARGO (Automatic Vehicle Guidance) Project, is a prototype car that does the driving itself. The car uses a Pentium 200 MMX, 32 MB of RAM and runs Linux. Unfortunately, it's not yet commercially available. (August 24, 1999)

    SGI Chairman Resigns, SGI Reaffirms Linux Strategy  Rick Belluzzo has stepped down as CEO of SGI, apparently to take a job working for Microsoft's Interactive Unit. Bob Bishop will replace Belluzzo and has reaffirmed SGI's Linux strategy. SGI has spun off their NT and Cray units and is focusing on Linux. (August 24, 1999)

    Darren's Penguin Habitat  Christian Computing Magazine's monthly Linux Column. Darren Remington covers finding hardware for Linux, finding Christian software and using Internet resources to support your Linux habit. (August 23, 1999)

    Sun to Buy StarDivision  It isn't final yet, but it looks like Sun is going to buy StarDivision - makers of the StarOffice productivity suite. (August 23, 1999)

    The Reunification of Linux  The latest from Eric S. Raymond. Linux isn't fragmenting - far from it, it's not only holding together well, it's bringing some of the Unices together too. (August 23, 1999)

    Compaq Drops Support for Windows 2000 on Alpha  Compaq has given up trying to support 32-Bit Windows 2000 on the Alpha processor. Compaq is more interested in supporting Linux and Unix. (August 23, 1999)

    Inprise to Port Delphi to Linux  Inprise conducted a survey of 24,000 developers, and 40% said they want Delphi for Linux. Inprise (formerly Borland) will be porting most, if not all, of their development tools to Linux. (August 23, 1999)

    Linux Newbie's Manual is proud to be hosting the Linux Newbie's Manual, authored by Laurence Hunter. The LNM is a work in progress, but it's a very good work in progress. Lots of tips for using Linux for those who are new to the fold. Laurence Hunter has his own site as well, which has lots of Linux-related info. Thanks, Laurence! (August 20, 1999)

    Linux Newsletter #16 is Out!  The August edition of the Linux Newsletter is hot off the presses. If you're not already subscribed, subscribe today! (August 20, 1999)

    OSWG Logo Contest Almost Over  The Open Source Writer's Group Logo contest is nearly over. Fire up the Gimp and get going, you've got until August 24th to submit the winning entry. You can win a 1-year subscription to Linux Magazine, one of our 18" Tuxes and a dark blue Puffin group golf shirt. (August 20, 1999)

    LinuxCare Distro Poll - Slack Leads the Pack  LinuxCare, a firm that specializes in supporting Linux of all flavors, has a poll on their Web site rating the various Linux distros. Slackware Linux is out front of the rest of the distributions with a score of 4.6 out of five. Be sure to cast your vote! (August 20, 1999)

    Linux Gamesters  The Boston Globe's Web site has a short profile of Loki Software and interview with Loki President Scott Draeker. Loki Software recently released Myth II: Soulblighter for Linux. (August 20, 1999)

    Corel Counting on Linux  Corel founder Michael Cowpland says he expects that their Corel Linux will give Corel a boost in the market when it debuts in November. (August 20, 1999)

    Linux Developer's Fund  The Linux Fund was unveiled at LinuxWorld Expo. The Linux Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to funding Linux development. (August 19, 1999)

    Interview with KDE Developer Daniel M. Duley has an interview with Daniel Duley, one of the core KDE developers. Lots of good info on what we can expect from KDE 2.0 - and some pretty screenshots too! (August 19, 1999)

    Linux Knowledge Base Looking for Moderators  The Linux Knowledge Base is looking for Topic Moderators to help enhance, maintain and promote the Linux Knowledge Base. You can get the LKB on CD-ROM too! (August 19, 1999)

    Comparing Linux and Windows Installs  Bill Stilwell walks through installing Debian GNU/Linux and Windows 98 and compares the experiences. Many people think Linux is difficult to install, but often haven't had to install Windows so they have no point of comparison. (August 18, 1999)

    Browser Choice  Opera Software is developing their browser for Linux, expect a beta to be available soon. Apparently they're developing a GUI browser and a text-only browse. Opera's browser will cost $35 for a single license. (August 18, 1999)

    Linux Gaining Ground  The International Data Corporation has released survey results indicating Linux is now being used in 13 percent of companies, and the majority of companies do not plan to deploy Windows 2000 immediately after release. (August 17, 1999)

    SCO Announces Linux Support  SCO has unveiled a line of Linux-based support services for enterprise-class customers. (August 17, 1999)

    After the Ball...  Slashdot coverage of the aftermath of the Red Hat IPO. (August 17, 1999)

    Lotus Makes Good On Linux Promises  'Sneak preview' indicates a Domino Linux port could, in fact, ship by year-end. (August 16, 1999)

    Full Linuxworld Expo summer 99 report with 500+ pictures  Marc Merlin wrote us: "I have just finished my full report on LinuxWorld Expo summer 99 which features, just like my previous LinuxWorld Winter 99 and LinuxExpo 99 reports, 500+ pictures and a virtual visit of the expo, with a full report of all the keynotes, conferences, tutorials and parties I attended." If you wish, you can express your appreciation for Marc's volunteer efforts by giving him a GameSpot on Games for Linux  Lloyd Case discusses Linux as a viable platform for gaming, talks about the process of porting games to Linux, and reviews Quake II, Eric Raymond: "MS fall has already begun"  In this interview, ESR tells ZDNet his views on the future of Linux, and what has to happen for Linux to dominate the server market. (August 13, 1999)

    New Major Linux Release by Year's End, says Linus  Speaking at LinuxWorld Expo Tuesday evening, Linus Torvalds predicted that Linux kernel 2.4 would be released before 2000. The new release will feature improved scalability. (August 12, 1999)

    LinuxPPC Cracking Contest Over  You can still win the machine, but please follow the link to see how the rules have changed. Meanwhile, you can also check the status of the Microsoft Windows 2000 Beta Internet Test Site - where, by the way, they still haven't matched LinuxPPC.Org's prize offer. (August 12, 1999)

    LinuxWorld posts their Editor's Choice Awards  Linux-Mandrake Power Pack squeaked past OpenLinux to be named Product Of The Year. Read the article to see what other products won and how they were selected. (August 12, 1999)

    Hummingbird Signs Co-Marketing and Strategic Development Alliance with Caldera  The new relationship will give Caldera's Linux users easy access to all of Hummingbird's desktop client connectivity products including: Exceed; HostExplorer; NFS Maestro Server, NFS Maestro Client, NFS Maestro Gateway and NFS Maestro Solo, while enabling Hummingbird to enhance its presence in the Linux operating system market. (August 12, 1999)

    Why CEOs should consider Linux  How to convince top brass that Linux is for real--in nine multimedia lessons. (August 12, 1999)

    Oracle, Sybase put more on Linux  The two companies say that Linux will be an additional platform for their database products. (August 12, 1999)

    Microsoft security problem discusses where Microsoft's vulnerabilities come from and what the company needs to do about it. The article was inspired by yesterday's news of a followup retracting the faulty patch. (August 12, 1999)

    Red Hat Software Inc begins trading on the NASDAQ  under the ticker symbol RHAT, and quickly triples in share price. IPO investors on E*Trade encountered some last-minute setbacks that you can read about on The Motley Fool's brand new Red Hat Software message board. Update: when the market closed for the day, RHAT was at $52.06 per share. (August 11, 1999)

    Corel announces its own Linux distribution  Unveiled at the LinuxWorld Expo in San Jose, the new distribution is to be based on Debian GNU/Linux. Users will have the choice to buy Corel Linux either standalone or bundled with the upcoming WordPerfect Office for LINUX suite, coming early next year. The distribution will focus on ease of use, simple installation, Windows connectivity and compatibility. (August 11, 1999)

    GIMP manual reviewed  A Slashdot contributor has posted this review of The Artist's Guide to the GIMP, a reference guide for non-technical users of the GNU Image Manipulation Program. (August 10, 1999)

    Caldera will make LIZARD and NKFS open source  According to Caldera's press release, a new open-source license is to be created in collaboration with the Open Source community. Source code for both LIZARD (the award-winning graphical install program) and NKFS (Caldera's kernel file system module for NetWare) are to be released under the new license. (August 10, 1999)

    Linux Kernel 2.2.11 Released  The early birds are already posting comments about it on Slashdot. Please use a mirror site to download the new kernel. (August 10, 1999)

    Oracle Announces Linux-based Product Line  Oracle is planning new versions of its software line to run on Linux. Oracle is also forming a Linux "unit" to concentrate on the Linux platform. (August 6, 1999)

    Linux Advocacy  Even though it may be fun, and it's certainly easy, Microsoft-bashing may not be the best way to advocate Linux. Ed: Written by one of the team, Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier. (August 6, 1999)

    Linux Business Expo Discussion Forum  Planning to be at the Linux Business Expo in November? Get a jump start on the topics now with the Linux Business Expo Discussion Forum. (August 6, 1999)

    Will You Be Cracked Next?  Eric S. Raymond comments on the recent Microsoft publicity stunt. If you'd like to hear Eric speak in person, he'll be speaking to the Pike's Peak Linux Users Group on Friday, August 13th. The PPLUG is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado - you can get full information on their Events page. (August 6, 1999)

    Open Source for the Classroom  The OpenClassroom Initiative has announced that they are developing a GNU/Linux distribution that is targeted at the educational market. Ed: Very encouraging. Hopefully it won't be long before schools won't have to worry so much about software budgets and can provide more computer access for students. (August 6, 1999)

    Who Do You Trust?  There's a lot of industry pundits claiming that Linux is fine for Web serving, but not for "mission critical" operations. IBM, on the other hand, is busy selling Linux Netfinity systems for mission critical uses and providing support for the servers. Now, who do you believe? (August 6, 1999)

    More on SGI's Shift To Linux  According to the E-Commerce Times SGI is putting most of their weight behind Linux for the future. Why is SGI more interested in Linux than NT? Because of the ability to "muck around with the kernel." (August 6, 1999)

    Computer Associates says "Linux is Not a Fad"  Initial results of a Computer Associates survey show that Linux is more than a passing fancy. Enterprise-level customers are showing interest in expanding the role of Linux beyond its traditional uses, and many list Linux as "important to essential" to their business. (August 5, 1999)

    Pundit for a Day  Paul Ferris unhinges his brain for a little while on Linux Today. There's nothing like reasoned discourse in the battle of the OSes...and this is nothing like reasoned discourse. But it is a fun read. Enjoy! Paul also writes about his Love of Linux. Definitely worth a read. (August 5, 1999)

    Whoops!  Apparently, Microsoft's publicity stunt of putting a Windows 2000 box on the hot seat has failed. Microsoft announced that it was putting a W2K server up with a challenge to all comers to crack its security. Unfortunately, no one got the chance to actually crack the computer because it promptly failed under the load being placed on it. LinuxPPC has announced that they're up for the challenge as well - and if you can crack the computer, you can keep it! Ed: Now that's what I call incentive! You'd think Microsoft could have at least anted up a computer too! I don't think it would hurt their cash reserves too much... (August 5, 1999)

    Kernel 2.4 Feature Freeze  A recent posting to the Linux Kernel Mailing List by Linus indicates that the 2.4 kernel will go into "feature freeze" in about two weeks. Looks like the 2.4 kernel will be out by the fall. (August 4, 1999)

    A Question of Culture  Dennis Allard tells us why he thinks Microsoft can't get it right. (August 4, 1999)

    And the Winner of the IDG/Linus Torvalds Community Award is...  The Free Software Foundation has been awarded the $25,000 IDG/Linus Torvalds Community Award for their support of the Linux Community. The Linus Torvalds Community Award will be presented by IDG's Chairman and Founder, Pat McGovern, and Linus Torvalds, at the LinuxWorld Expo following Linus' keynote on Tuesday, August 10. (August 4, 1999)

    Linus Torvalds - Person of the Century?  Time Magazine has a poll on their Web site for the "Person of the Century." Linus Torvalds is currently number 15, followed closely by Bill Gates at number 16. Be sure to cast your vote! Ed: I'm not sure what it says about our culture that Madonna is ahead of both of them. (August 4, 1999)

    The New Computing Order  What will happen now that Linux is starting to enjoy commercial success? Will Linux triumph on the desktop, or fall to Microsoft's Thousand Points of Spite? Lou Grinzo writes on the Linux New Computing Order in Dr. Dobb's Journal. (August 4, 1999)

    Free Applix Training at LinuxWorld Expo  If you're going to be at LinuxWorld Expo, you can attend one of Applix's free training courses. First come, first served - sign up today if you're going to be there and become an ApplixWare expert. Ed: If you are at LinuxWorld Expo, be sure to stop by the booth and say hello. Hope to see you there! (August 3, 1999)

    Living in the Post-FUD Era  Traditional FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) hasn't worked against Linux. Now there's a new breed of Linux-bashing in town. (August 3, 1999)

    VA Linux Systems - Coming to a City Near You  VA Linux Systems has opened ten new offices across the United States. This follows 220% growth in revenues in their last quarter. Ed: Looking into my crystal ball, I think I see an IPO in VA Linux Systems' future. (August 3, 1999)

    Living With Linux  The Atlantic Monthly carries a fairly good history of Linux - including the importance of GNU software to Linux. Ed: Nothing really new, but a good read if you don't know the history of Linux. (August 2, 1999)

    BBC Audio Interview with Linus  The Beeb has an audio interview available with Linus and Eric S. Raymond that ran Sunday night. It should be up the rest of the week. (August 2, 1999)

    SGI Dropping Irix?  Linux may be SGI's OS of choice when they start shipping systems based on Intel's 64-bit Merced processor. (August 2, 1999)

    TuxMania!  If you can't get enough of Tux (and who can?) we've got just the thing for you - The TuxMania Bundle! (July 30, 1999)

    A Linux Lament  Salon Technology carries the story of one of the hackers who received "the Letter" from Red Hat, but was denied by E*Trade. Red Hat invited many of the key Linux developers to participate in their IPO via E*Trade, but many were rejected because they didn't meet E*Trade's criteria to participate in an IPO. (July 30, 1999)

    Congressional Bills Threaten New Monopolies  Richard Stallman writes about more legislative lunacy that could create monopolies of public information. HR 354 and HR 1858 both deal with allowing companies to monopolize publically available information. Ed: This is unrelated to the UTICA article below, but it is a further indication that it's time to start making noise with your political representatives. Happily the article also provides information on how to get in touch with your representatives. (July 30, 1999)

    The Battle Lines Are Drawn  Paul Ferris says there is a war with Microsoft, but we didn't start it. Read his essay on Linux Today. (July 30, 1999)

    UCITA Closer to Law  The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL) has voted in favor of The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA). The UCITA would deregulate software licensing - something that would allow software publishers more power and guarantee the end user even fewer rights. Approval by the NCCUSL does not make the proposal law. However, most or all states pass into law proposals passed by the NCCUSL. The proposal now goes to state legislatures for approval. Ed: If this passes, Open Source Software should be even more attractive than it is now. Remember - it's not a law yet. You can still make a fuss with your representatives and see that it doesn't become law. (July 30, 1999)

    Oracle to Produce $150 Linux Computer  Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has announced that Oracle is developing a low-cost, Intel-based, network computer. The machine will run Linux and Netscape from CD - no hard drive - and will be priced at $150 without a monitor. (July 28, 1999)

    Why Microsoft is Right - This Time...  Eric S. Raymond explains why Microsoft is in the right in their spat with AOL. Ed: No, it isn't a typo. Go read the story for the whole scoop. (July 28, 1999)

    The 86open Project Final Update  The 86open Project was dedicated to finding a common binary format for Unices that run on Intel processors. The 86open Project has agreed on a format - the Linux ELF format. (July 27, 1999)

    Linux Coming Out of The Closet  The wiring closet, that is. With the support of IBM, Sun, Oracle and many others, Linux isn't in hiding anymore. (July 27, 1999)

    Accelerated X Review  Mark Bashaw gives the low-down on Accelerated X 5.0 on 32BitsOnline. (July 26, 1999)

    The Continuing Adventures of Bruce Perens  Perens newest adventure is - a Webzine about technology policy. (July 26, 1999)

    Puffin Group to Sponsor OSWG  The Puffin Group has announced that they will be assisting and hosting the Open Source Writer's Group. (July 26, 1999)

    IBM Upping the Ante  Many large companies have voiced support for Linux, but few if any have been as supportive as IBM. (July 26, 1999)

    Adobe and Open Source  An interview in MacWEEK with John Warnock, The CEO of Adobe Systems Inc. Warnock makes a few vague comments about working with the Open Source community on upcoming products. Ed: Could be interesting. (July 26, 1999)

    Alan Cox Interview  A brief interview with Alan Cox about his role in Linux development and where Linux is going next. (July 26, 1999)

    New Sizes of Penguin Power T-Shirts!  You asked, and we listened! We've got a range of sizes from Small to 10XL. It doesn't matter if you're big or small, you can show your love of Linux. (July 22, 1999)

    MandrakeSoft Announces DiskDrake  DiskDrake is a GUI partitioning program for Linux that is supposed to allow fips-like resizing of partitions. MandrakeSoft is releasing the beta version of DiskDrake under the terms of the GPL, and is also working on a Windows version of DiskDrake as well. MandrakeSoft is the publisher of Troll Tech Interview  32BitsOnline talks with the guys who created Qt - The GUI framework that is used by KDE and the Caldera Rush for Oracle on Linux  According to Oracle more than 20,000 people have downloaded Oracle's early-access version of Oracle8i for Linux. (July 21, 1999)

    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About X...  ZDNet answers the most common questions about X Windows. (July 21, 1999)

    If You're Planning to Shoplift, Let Us Know...  Why piracy will fade in the age of free software. (July 20, 1999)

    Hardware Woes  For anyone who has been using Linux for some time, it comes as no surprise that all hardware is not created equal. Fairfax IT covers the grief of WinDevices. (July 20, 1999)

    Caldera Thin Clients to Rename  Caldera's Thin Clients division will now be known as Lineo and will focus on an embedded version of Linux known as Embedix. Embedix will be based on the Caldera OpenLinux distribution. (July 20, 1999)

    Sys Admin Magazine Subscriptions  Sys Admin is the magazine for administrators of Linux and UNIX systems. System administration is hard - make it easier with Sys Admin Magazine. (July 19, 1999)

    Linus is Not Amused  If you've gotten email claiming to be from Linus Torvalds endorsing the Java client for the Seti@Home project - they're fake. (July 19, 1999)

    More On Red Hat's IPO  Look for Red Hat to offer up to 6 million shares of common stock during the week of August 9th. Shares are expected to be valued between $10 and $12. If you're thinking about trying to get in on Red Hat's IPO, the Motley Fool has a little advice on the subject. Thanks to our amazing Webmaster Bonnie Greene for the info on IPOs. (July 16, 1999)

    Amiga to Open Source NG Workbench  Not only is Amiga planning on using the Linux kernel, they also have announced they plan to release the NG Workbench as Open Source. (July 16, 1999)

    Linux an Attractive Option for Schools  Computerworld Philippines reports that Linux is becoming a popular option for local schools. (July 16, 1999)

    Get the Linux Knowledge Base on CD  The Linux Knowledge Base is a searchable archive of Linux technical info, culled from the Linux Documentation Project HOWTO's, Web sites, mailing lists and newsgroups. Now you can get a snapshot of the LKB on CD-ROM for your browsing pleasure. (July 16, 1999)

    Microsoft Using Apache  Apparently, Microsoft is using Apache to run one of MSN's sites - if you go to this link or follow the instructions on LinuxCare's site you'll find that they're using Apache 1.3.6 on some flavor of UNIX. Ed. It has to be the stability and performance that Apache offers, surely they don't charge themselves for their own licenses... (July 15, 1999)

    Microlite BackupEDGE  Because bad things happen to good computers, you need backup and recovery software to keep your data safe. Microlite BackupEDGE and RecoverEDGE software is an excellent solution for your backup and recovery needs. (July 14, 1999)

    Darn the Torpedoes  Jon "Maddog" Hall has a little bit to say about benchmarks. As usual, a very interesting read. (July 14, 1999)

    Open Source Forum Followup  Evan Leibovitch gives a wrap-up of what took place at the Open Source Forum. (July 14, 1999)

    Is Red Hat Becoming the Microsoft of Linux?  An interesting essay on Salon Technology's site by Andrew Leonard. (July 14, 1999)

    Get Organized on the Web, Linux Style is now offering a free Web-based calendar for members of the Linux Community. (July 14, 1999)

    The Real Challenge for Linux  The real barrier for widespread, universal acceptance for Linux is not Microsoft - it's perception. Rob Bos points out the real hurdles for Linux on 32BitsOnline. (July 13, 1999)

    The Revolution Will Be Televised  The Linux-based PIA (Personal Internet Appliance) will debut on ABC's Good Morning Americal July 15th. (July 13, 1999)

    Open Source Works  Bill Gurley, a former venture capitalist, explains why Open Source software is a good investment. (July 12, 1999)

    More on Demo Day  In case you haven't heard about the Linux Demo Day project yet, be sure to check out the story on Fairfax IT. (July 12, 1999)

    Amiga to Use Linux Kernel  Jim Collas, President of Amiga, has announced that the Amiga Operating Environment will use the Linux kernel as it's foundation. (July 9, 1999)

    Linux SysAdmins Rest Easy...  While NT Admins can plan to be on call this weekend. The Cult of the Dead Cow is releasing a follow-up to last year's Back Orifice program that exploited security holes in Windows 95 and 98 that they claim will do the same to Windows NT. Back Orifice 2000 is expected to debut tomorrow at the DefCon convention in Las Vegas. The cDc also promises to release the source code to Back Orifice 2000. (July 9, 1999)

    AOL Doing the Open Source Thing  AOL has released their popular AOLserver under the appropriately named AOLserver Public License. (July 9, 1999)

    Open Source Educational Software Project  One of the biggest gaps in Open Source software is the lack of educational software. Since closed-source educational software is often so expensive it often forces schools to have fewer computers and programs for students to use. The OSES is going to try to change that. (July 9, 1999)

    More Benchmark Madness  Another NT vs. Linux test performed by the German computer magazine c't shows Linux coming out on top in different tests. Ed: Does anyone have a scorecard? I've lost track. (July 7, 1999)

    Gimp Fans Rejoice  Another issue of the Graphics Muse is hot off the presses. The Graphics Muse is edited by Michael J. Hammel, the author of The Artist's Guide to the Gimp. (July 7, 1999)

    A Unique Perspective on Software "Bloat"  David R. Boyce sent us a link to Andrew Sherman's celebration of software bloat. Not exactly Linux-related, but it is an interesting perspective. Thanks for the link, David. (July 7, 1999)

    IBM Revising Open Source License  IBM is revising their Open Source license and asking the Open Source Initiative for approval. IBM released their first Open Source license in December of 1998. (July 7, 1999)

    New Linux Column  Christian Computing has a new monthly Linux column, "Darren's Penguin Habit." (July 7, 1999)

    GNOME at the Forum  Coverage of Miguel de Icaza's presentation at the Open Source Forum. (July 6, 1999)

    Magic Cauldrons and Business  A summary of Eric Raymond's keynote at the Open Source Forum in Texas by Linux World. (July 2, 1999)

    KDE and GNOME Projects Collaborating The KDE and GNOME projects are working together on a network-connection manager and possibly on larger issues. This is the kinda stuff that makes the Open Source Community awesome. (July 2, 1999)

    Linux Consultants' Support and Resource Center  The Linux Consultants' Support and Resource Center is a forum designed to help develop a professional consulting community for Linux. (July 1, 1999)

    Maddog Speaks  Jon 'Maddog' Hall granted an interview to the good folks at Linux Today at the Open Source Forum taking place in Austin, Texas. This interview is in streaming mp3 format, so if you've got an mp3 player that can handle streaming mp3s you're ready to roll. You can also catch an interview with Mark Torres, President of SuSE, Inc. and head of the Atlanta Linux Showcase. (July 1, 1999)

    Face-Off Pt. 2  No, not a sequel to Face/Off the movie - a third installment of the Linux vs. NT benchmarks. This time the grudge match will take place in August in neutral territory. (July 1, 1999)

    Why Linux Will Win  More benchmark backlash - Dave Winer tells us why the PC Week results don't relate to the real world. (July 1, 1999)

    Linux-Mandrake 6.0 Power Pack  Linux-Mandrake 6.0 is out and ready to rumble. (June 30, 1999)

    The Apache Group Incorporates  The Apache Group has incorporated as the Apache Software Foundation, a non-profit corporation that will provide assistance for Apache Open Source projects. (June 30, 1999)

    Linux Counter Looking for Logo  The Linux Counter, the project that tries to track the number of Linux users, is looking for a new logo. While you're there, make sure to sign up an be counted! (June 30, 1999)

    Only Level Heads Will Get Linux into Business  ZD Net columnist Pankaj Chowdhry makes a some good points about Linux advocacy. (June 30, 1999)

    Slashdot Acquired  IT software and news site has acquired Slashdot. (June 30, 1999)

    Fragmentation: A Sign of Success?  Tom Henderson says that any perceived fragmentation of the Linux Culture is actually evolution, and that's a Good Thing. (June 28, 1999)

    Microsoft Advertising for Linux?  Christopher Lansdown provides an interesting analysis of the NT versus Linux tests provided by ZDLabs last week. (June 28, 1999)

    Does Linux Need Virus Protection?  A brief article on SecurityPortal's site that makes a strong case for anti-virus software for Linux. (June 28, 1999)

    LinuxWorld Expo  Don't miss the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in sunny San Jose this August! We'll be there, hope to see you there. (June 25, 1999)

    Bruce Perens Interview  Linux Today has an interview with hacker, filmmaker and ham radio geek Bruce Perens. (June 25, 1999)

    Open Source Writer's Group Logo Contest The Open Source Writer's Group is looking for a logo or mascot, so fire up the Gimp and help 'em out. (June 24, 1999)

    Linux Start-ups Fueling the Next IPO Craze? With Red Hat's IPO on the horizon and several other Linux companies not far behind, it looks like Linux start-ups will be the next IPO craze. (June 24, 1999)

    VARs and Vendors say "We Want Linux!" Now that Linux is in high demand, Value Added Resellers (VARs) and system vendors are asking storage companies and other hardware manufacturers to support Linux. (June 24, 1999) Newsletter #15 The June issue of the Newsletter - hot off the presses! (June 23, 1999)

    The Cathedral and the Bizarre, Pt. 2  We asked Eric S. Raymond how his talk at Microsoft went, and he responded. Update: You can now find this article translated to Dutch at Those of you who speak Dutch, go for it! (June 23, 1999)

    Big Bucks! No Whammies!  An Evan Leibovitch commentary on the Mindcraft benchmarks and other hurdles ahead for Linux. (June 23, 1999)

    The Comeback Kid  Corel is posting a profit for the first time in three years. CEO Michael Cowpland says that they're betting on Linux and cheap PC's to give them a fighting chance against Microsoft's existing market share. (June 23, 1999)

    Home Depot Testing Linux  Home Depot is considering switching to Linux for in-store use due to their explosive growth. Home Depot, Inc. is opening a store every two days on average. (June 22, 1999)

    SGI Deepens Commitment to Linux SGI is beefing up support for Linux on it's own Intel-based machines, and investing in VA Linux Systems. (June 22, 1999)

    Microsoft and the Art of War An interesting essay on Microsoft's strategies against Linux. (June 22, 1999)

    Fixing a Hole Just how long should it take to patch a security hole after it's been identified? Microsoft says two weeks, minimum. The Open Source Community says a few hours. How vulnerable is your server today? (June 21, 1999)

    Linux and the Gaming Community With all of the attention Linux has been getting, it was only a matter of time before the gaming community would take notice of the Mighty Penguin. William O'Neal's assessment of Linux and the Gaming Community? Linux is here to stay. (June 21, 1999)

    Red Hat: Just Another Portal? Author David Penn says Red Hat may be using their IPO as a springboard to become YALP (Yet Another Linux Portal). (June 21, 1999)

    Open Source Message Archive Geocrawler has expanded their Open Source Mail Archives. They now host archives of nearly every Open Source mailing list with a total of 2,300,000 mail messages going back to 1985! (June 19, 1999)

    The diff Between GPL and BSD Rob Bos summarizes the two popular Open Source licenses and explains the difference between them. (June 18, 1999)

    Where Linux is Going Linus talks to PC World about the next kernel release and why Microsoft will eventually do Open Source. (June 18, 1999)

    1999 ALS Call For Papers July 1st is the deadline to submit a paper for review to be presented at the Atlanta Linux Showcase. (June 18, 1999)

    Tivoli Systems May Commit to Linux Tivoli Systems is considering dropping support for Windows NT and flavors of Unix in favor of Linux as the middle tier of their Enterprise solutions. Tivoli is a business unit of IBM. (June 18, 1999) Merges with Bleeding Edge Magazine Medullas Publishing has announced that it has acquired Bleeding Edge Magazine. Medullas is the parent company of 32 Bits Online and Linux Applications. (June 18, 1999)

    No Open Source Trademark The Open Source Initiative is no longer seeking to trademark the term "Open Source." OSI is now seeking to trademark the term "OSI Certified" to indicate software that has passed their definition of Open Source. (June 17, 1999)

    Linux is Less Vunerable to Viruses According to Java Guru James Gosling; Linux, Unix and Java are almost immune to the type of viruses that have been plaguing the Windows platform lately. (June 17, 1999)

    Need Help With Linux? Try IRC If you need help with Linux, Joe Barr explains how to get help on Internet Relay Chat. (June 17, 1999)

    ZD Open Source Forum The ZD Open Source Forum takes place June 30 & July 1 in Austin, Texas. If you're an IT professional using or considering Linux, you should be there. We will! (June 16, 1999)

    Applix Creates A Linux Division Applix, Inc. - creators of the excellent ApplixWare office suite - is dedicating an entire division to work with the Linux Community. (June 16, 1999)

    Speedier Linux Kernel Upgrades It looks like the speed of Linux kernel releases is going to pick up a bit. Linus says that he's going to decrease the time between releases and concentrate on fewer new features. Look for kernel 2.4 to be out sometime this Fall. (June 16, 1999)

    The Cathedral and the Bizarre Odd as it may seem, Eric Raymond has been invited to speak to a group at Microsoft Research. Stranger still, it looks like Microsoft can't get enough of Linux - 15,000 hits on last month were from Microsoft Servers. (Ed. Hey, Bill - we do have volume discounts...) (June 15, 1999)

    Penguins Play Games Too! An interview with Loki Entertainment Software's Scott Draeker, where he discusses the importance of games for Linux. Loki makes the port of Civilization: Call to Power for Linux. (June 15, 1999)

    VA Linux Systems is "Cool" Fortune Magazine has declared VA Linux Systems (the company formerly known as VA Research...) one of their "Cool Companies." Congrats! (June 15, 1999)

    How to Successfully Sell Linux Tom Adelstein, the CFO/CIO of Bynari Systems, shares his strategy for making the case for Linux as a consultant. (June 14, 1999)

    What if Microsoft Gets it Right? An interesting editorial on Linux Today about the motivation of the Linux Community. (June 14, 1999)

    Linux in Business Linux is being used for a number of business solutions: SouthWestern Bell is using Linux to monitor networks, run file and Web servers and more; Linux processed more than 300,000 frames for the movie Titanic; and it's being used in Adair County, Missouri (Ed: Where I went to college...) in the Juvenile Office. Need to make a business case for Linux? Check this out, plenty of great examples. (June 13, 1999) Events Calendar Got some spare time you don't know what to do with? Check the events calendar to see what Linux-related events are coming your way. Have an event that the Linux Community needs to know about? Drop us a line at (June 10, 1999)

    Cheap Linux CDs! We've got all the latest versions of your favorite Linux distributions for just $1.89 or even free! Get all the details here. (June 10, 1999)

    Why Free Software is Bad for Microsoft This is a rebuttal to an article by Douglas Boling called Free Software: Is it Worth the Cost?. Paul Ferris gets on a bit of a rant, but makes some excellent points. (June 10, 1999)

    UseNet Server Offers Free Linux Newsgroups UseNetServer has upgraded their servers from NT to Linux. To celebrate, they're offering free access to all Linux newsgroups. Thanks guys! (June 9, 1999)

    Corel Forms Linux Advisory Council Corel has formed an advisory council made up of 25 prominent Linux advocates, with a few notable exceptions. The first meeting of the council will be next Monday and Tuesday in Ottowa, Canada. (June 8, 1999)

    Why Linux Succeeded Why Linux has succeeded making progress where others have not. (June 8, 1999)

    PC Magazine Reviews the Linux 2.2 Kernel PC Magazine has a fairly in-depth review of the 2.2 Kernel vs. NT, including a feature for feature comparison chart. (June 8, 1999)

    Jedi Master or Sith Lord? has a little personality quiz that relates your traits to Star Wars characters. Find out what side of the Force you're on. It's not exactly Linux news, but we like it anyway. (June 7, 1999)

    Linux Can't Lose Nicholas Petreley explains why Microsoft can't win. (June 5, 1999)

    Red Hat Files IPO It's official, Red Hat has filed for a $96.6 million Initial Public Offering. (June 5, 1999) Partners with Workstation 2000 is proud to announce our partnership with Workstation 2000: makers of Linux notebooks, servers and workstations. (June 5, 1999)

    The Linux Professional Institute to Deliver Certification Exams in July The Linux Professional Institute is an organization dedicated to putting together a professional Linux certification program. LPI is now accepting sponsorships and is expected to release the vendor-neutral certification program in July. (June 4, 1999)

    No DSL for You! Linux users have been denied DSL access by regional phone company BellSouth because Linux is not one of their supported operating systems. (June 1999)

    Nvidia Releases Linux Drivers for X and OpenGL Nvidia is releasing drivers and source code to all of their chipsets, including the brand new TNT2 chipset. It's great to see this kind of support for Linux from a hardware manufacturer, let's hope that the rest of the industry follows suit. (June 1999)

    Microsoft to "Embrace and Extend" Perl We all know what that means. Microsoft has signed a contract with ActiveState to "optimise" Perl for Windows. (June 1999)

    The Economics Of Linux A Jon "Maddog" Hall essay on the meeting of the commercial community and the Linux Community. Read it, it's good stuff. (June 1999)

    IBM turns true Blue for Linux IBM has forged an alliance with Pacific HiTech, makers of TurboLinux, to bundle their DB2 database software with TurboLinux. IBM has also released their ServeRAID driver as Open Source - a first for any major system vendor. (June 1999)

    Lotus "Bullish" on Linux Lotus has chosen Linux over NetWare. Lotus has promised the Domino server for Linux by the end of the year, but is abandoning Novel NetWare. (June 1999)

    Closed Source Licenses May Get Worse A proposed law may allow software vendors to shut down software remotely, disclaim warrantees, prevent transfer of software licenses and more. Open Source becomes more attractive every day... (June 1999)

    Connecting Linux to the Internet Having problems getting onto the Internet with Linux? Tim Orbaker tells you how to get connected with Linux. (June 1999)

    Caveat Emptor: Beware of WinDevices Not all peripherals are made equal. (May 1999)

    Of Course You Know, This Means War! The creation of a Linux "hit team" by Microsoft is tantamount to a declaration of war on the Open Source community. Is the Open Source community vulnerable? (May 1999)

    Linux Counter: 100,000 Served For those of you who've never heard of it, the Linux Counter is a project trying to take stock of the number of people using Linux. If you're using Linux standx������x��������l��"#ref">"hit team" by Microsoft is tantamount to a declaration of war on the Open Source community. Is the Open Source community vulnerable? (May 1999)

    Linux Counter: 100,000 Served For those of you who've never heard of it, the Linux Counter is a project trying to take stock of the number of people using Linux. If you're using Linux stand up (or sit down) and be counted! There are currently 100,347 people registered with the Linux Counter, which is about 1% of the estimated number of users. (May 1999)

    Open Season on Open Source As Linux becomes more popular (and profitable), companies like VA and Red Hat are snapping up some of the key names in Open Source. (May 1999)

    Are We There Yet? Red Hat's Bob Young says that the introduction of the Open Source "mindset" is the greatest victory. (May 1999)

    Tweak Your Desktop Joe Barr shows you how to make your desktop your own by customizing desktop themes. (May 1999)

    Dell to Preinstall Linux on Desktop PCs Dell is now installing Red Hat 6.0 on some of their OptiPlex desktops as well as on their workstation and server models. Linux: It's not just for servers anymore! (May 1999)

    KDE 2.0 Preview Kurt Granroth tell us what to expect from the upcoming version of KDE. (May 1999)

    LinuxExpo '99 Report If you didn't make it to LinuxExpo '99, you can read Mark Merlin's report of the show. You can also spot a really good picture of our 36" Tux, and a really blurry picture of company Prez Mark Bolzern. That, or Mark has had way too much caffeine. There are tons of great pictures from the show, including one of the controversial LinuxCare poster. (May 1999)

    AIX to run Linux Applications IBM is modifying their brand of Unix, AIX, to run Linux Apps. This comes very shortly after Sun announcing support for Linux apps on Solaris. Instead of fragmenting the Unix market, Linux is helping unify it! (May 1999)

    It's the Applications, Stupid! Nathan Cochrane's essay "Applications for the Masses" makes some good points about what Linux needs now: More apps! Linux already has some fine office suites, namely ApplixWare, StarOffice, and Corel's world-class wordprocessor WordPerfect 8. What Linux really needs is more games, like Civilization: Call to Power. (May 1999)

    The Price of Success Red Hat's new pricing policy has caused some grumbling and concerns in the Linux Community. ZDNet's Evan Leibovitch talked to president Mark Bolzern about the new pricing and how it will effect the market in the long term. (May 1999)

    New List for Open Source Writers / Editors Do you want to volunteer to write for an Open Source Project? Does your project desperately need a writer or editor? Check out Techwriters, a discussion list for writers, editors, and developers who are interested in or are currently working on documentation for Open Source software projects. (May 1999)

    Linux takes Flight Linux beat out NT and AIX for Northwest Airlines' new generation of flight simulators. (May 1999)

    Microsoft Wants Your Opinion Is the DoJ Anti-trust lawsuit unfair or is Microsoft getting their just desserts? You decide on Microsoft's "How You Can Make A Difference" page. Even includes a handy link to the Legislative Action Corner so you can tell your congressman how you feel. Be sure to give your opinion! (May 1999)

    Is it Time for Linux? Network Computing Online features a balanced comparison of Linux and NT. Linux does still have a few weak spots, but its strengths may make it the ideal OS for you - depending on the task at hand. (May 1999)

    GNOME helps Linux Mature GNOME is one of the keys to Linux gaining mass acceptance. (May 1999)

    Live from Linux Expo Floor! If you couldn't make it to Linux Expo in North Carolina, then you can get live MP3 streams from the floor provided by Linux Today. If you do make it to Linux Expo, be sure to stop by the booth and say hello. (May 1999)

    The Linux Hardware Database A common question for people who want to try Linux: "Does my hardware work with Linux?" Now you can search the LHD and find out! Users can also submit reports on hardware, as well as ratings and known workarounds. (May 1999)

    The Empire Strikes Back According to ZDNet, Microsoft has formed a strike team of marketers and engineers to keep tabs on Linux and convince the public that Linux is not ready for prime time. Thanks to Ron Erickson for the link! (May 1999) Newsletter #14 The Newsletter for May 1999. Read it here and get future issues delivered by subscribing. (May 1999)

    Linux Demo Day Project This is a great idea - one day a year for Linux User Groups and Linux enthusiasts to go out and demonstrate Linux. The target date is between September 12th-19th. (May 1999)

    SGI Open Sources XFS SGI is making the XFS file system Open Source, giving the Linux community access to a journaling file system. With a journaling file system, Linux will become even more attractive for critical applications. (May 1999)

    GNOME vs. Windows BBC News gives GNOME some well-deserved coverage. (May 1999)

    WordPerfect 8 For Linux: 1,000,000 Served Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux has surpassed 1,000,000 download attempts! You can get the full WordPerfect 8 Personal Edition here. (May 1999)

    First, they ignore you... Kit Cosper has written a thoughtful essay about the future of Linux. (May 1999)

    GNU Inside? A possible solution to the GNU/Linux Controversy What's in a name? Apparently, quite a bit. This issue has been a hot topic for quite a while...Jon "Maddog" Hall may have a solution. (May 1999)

    AOL Looks at Linux Word has it the industry titan is looking at Linux as a solution for a set-top device that may give Microsoft's WebTV a run for it's money. Thanks to Bradley Willson for the link. (May 1999)

    SGI Includes Linux in Server Product Line SGI deepens their commitment to Linux and Open Source by offering Linux alongside NT and Irix on their Intel-based systems. (May 1999)

    Gates: The Issue Is Credibility Ed: It speaks for itself (May 1999)

    Xyplex Introduces the OSR8040 the first high performance enterprise routing switch to integrate the Linux operating system Ed: It's about time... look to see more and more devices using Linux as their OS. There are many that have been for some time and are only now finally daring to say so in the light of day. Thanks to Frank Bartlett for the link (May 1999)

    Encryption is free speech US government likely to appeal new ruling Ed: If the supreme court upholds this it would be great for the US software industry for which this export restriction amounts to restraint of trade, and loss of competetive advantages. (May 1999)

    Linux, Open Source Movements Shift Spotlight Back To Unix System Innovation And Away From Single-Vendor Lock-In SCO Adds Linux Application Binary Support To Award-Winning UnixWare System (May 1999)

    SuSE Linux 6.1 The English version of SuSE 6.1 is finally available! (May 1999)

    Caldera OpenLinux 2.2 Now Available is proud to announce the availabilty of the long-awaited Caldera OpenLinux 2.2. (May 1999)

    Sun Moving Ahead With Linux Efforts Ed: this is great, now vendors can write to Linux and expect it to run on Linux, SCO, and Solaris. This is the Unification that Unix has been "dying" for. Expect others to follow suit. (May 1999)

    Intel: Server Solutions Linux Approaches the Enterprise Ed: this is posted on the Intel Web site. (May 1999)

    Don't hate me... (because I use a beautiful OS.) Ed: Good article. It Looks like the backlash is underway. This is the way so many unfortunate Windows users have been treated by Linux Zealots, so it was inevitable that the reverse would occur too. That is what militancy engenders. Please everyone, calm down and realize that everyone has a right to their opinions regardless of how wrong you think they may be. Offending someone does not convert them, it just causes them to dig in their heels, think you are a heel, and possibly fight back. A better way is to wait and gently show them the advantages of your approach when they run into problems with theirs. (May 1999)

    Unix's Creator Hates Linux And, as you might guess, Linux users are a little miffed. Ed: Don't believe everything you read. In recent weeks the press has reported out of context statements from various major computer industry figures to make them out as saying something entirely different from what they actually said. Doug Michels of SCO, and Scott McNeely of SUN are recent examples who really didn't say what the press reported. I imagine it is the same with the Ken Thompson quote referred to here. Remember, the press thrives on controversy, it's news, and if they don't find it, some few are unethical enough to make it up. I too have been the victim of the press twisting my words , as have many of the other Linux International board members. Both SCO and Sun have spent money to sponsor LI, so it is unlikely that their CEOs would say the things attributed to them. However, some of the press feel the Linux is been riding too high too long, and it is time to stir up problems. It was / is inevitable . The question is not so much what other people think, but rather what you can do with it... and at, we have done a lot... completely implementing our business from the ground up, and helping many customers reduce costs. (May 1999)

    Armoring Linux: preparing your linux box for the Internet (May 1999)

    Stop the MindCraft madness You can't fight FUD with fact Ed: And on it goes. (May 1999)

    IACT Quarterly Newsletter Issue #5 -- May 1999 Ed: Lots of interesting stuff here, check it out (May 1999)

    Linux Book for Newbies Project Ed: neat project, lend em a hand! (May 1999)

    Caldera leaves a crater where Windows once Stood A Caldera is a large crater usually left by collapsed volcano. It is also the name of the company that produced OpenLinux 2.2 - perhaps the first desktop Linux powerful enough to collapse the furious volcano called Windows 9x, leaving a Caldera in its stead! Ed: Our techs give it the thumbs up. In stock and shipping, you can get it here. (May 1999)

    Can You Survive The Linux Frenzy? HP is the latest company to promise 24 x 7 support. How does this affect Linux vendors and VARs? Ed: I say, Welcome HP! All industries that grow fast have growing pains. VARs have always filled gaps, and vendors have modified business plans to meet with reality. (May 1999)

    The Practical Manager's Guide to Linux Can you profitably use Linux in your organization? Ed: This is a very well written article containing only minor errors and oversights that do not significantly affect the veracity of the overall article. A *Must Read* for people still on the fence about Linux. Thanks to Kelly McNeill for the link. (May 1999)

    Linux gushes savings for oil giant Switch from IBM saves Hess nearly $2M (May 1999)

    Linux reaches for the desktop Ed: Thanks to K.W.Eaches for the link (May 1999)

    Dell + Sun = VA ? Ed: Thanks to K.W.Eaches for the link (May 1999)

    The Great Divide Developers must cross the `great divide' to push Linux onto the corporate desktop (May 1999)

    The Linux Religious Wars May the customers win (May 1999)

    What's Next For Linux? IT Pros Are Sold On Linux, But The OS Must Run More Business Apps Before It Wins Over The Enterprise (May 1999)

    Linux: Your Next OS? (May 1999)

    Linux's plus (May 1999)

    The Buffer Overflow Problem Is there a Canary in your future? (May 1999)

    In the Beginning was the Command Line... Ed: While not entirely accurate, this article starts in ancient history (about 1973) weaving an interesting and anecdotal path while making points. These points are then taken as examples to predict why Open Source will succeed, and why it is in your best interest to adopt it sooner rather than later. It's quite long, but worth reading. Perhaps a few emails would convince them to put up a true HTML form of it. Thanks to Mike Viland for the link. (May 1999)

    Can Linux crash the gates? Ed: Generally a very good and realistic article. Although he misses the mark on a number of points, considering the progress since his last article, I say kudos overall. (April 1999)

    The "Digital Ink" Revolution Ed: Here's an interesting concept if it really works. Imagine Linux running on the equivilent of a sheet of paper, with full cellular internet connection, voice recognition, handwriting recognition, etc.. (April 1999)

    'Why Open-Source is Slow' considered harmful (April 1999)

    Caldera releases new Microsoft evidence (April 1999)

    Major Tape Drive Manufacturers Embrace Linux Tape Certification Program (April 1999)

    Linux Vendor Buys Rival And Restructures (April 1999)

    The Linux Bandwagon: Will It Roll Over Windows NT? (April 1999)

    OS War to cure Cystic Fibrosis A good cause, $1 per vote for your favorite OS. Can MacOS stay ahead? (April 1999)

    Swimming In Linux Experts say VARs should treat Linux as any other OS (April 1999)

    Linux To Land On Notebooks (April 1999)

    Doonesbury does Linux (April 1999)

    Techno-geeks prefer Linux to Microsoft applications Ed: Come on guys, it is free as in "Freedom", not price... that is why most of us have switched to the term "OpenSource". Just as it took MS time to do a GUI, and to get to consumer level, so it will take Linux time... patience. (April 1999)

    Business Week does Special Reports on Linux (April 1999)

    Nuance Ships SpeechObjects with Open Source Code to Enable Rapid, Easy, and Cost-Effective Development of Speech Applications Ed: Very cool, I've been woondering who'd be first (April 1999)

    Comment: Linux Is Going to Crush Microsoft? Ed: Ever see the comic strip where the king of a Medieval age army refuses to see a salesman selling a machine gun? So the salesman goes on to the other king that looks like his army cannot win? It is not a company that MS faces this time. Besides, Linux does not need to "Win" to be chosen by many as a viable alternative based on "ROI" (Return on investment). (April 1999)

    An investing guy tries to figure out the Linux Business Ed: Too bad he left us out of his list (April 1999)

    CNET answers 10 FAQs about Linux (April 1999)

    Eric Raymond responds to MindCraft's Linux-vs.-NT benchmarking study (April 1999)

    HP Delivers 24x7 Worldwide Support For Linux Systems and Applications HP's new support services include a maximum two-hour response-time commitment, and immediate response for critical calls, on multivendor Intel-based platforms. (April 1999)

    Troubleshooting Professional Magazine Volume 3, Issue 4, April 1999 The Education Revolution. Ed: Definitely worth reading this issue. One additional point, unfortunately by the time you can certify the knowledge, it is out of date! (April 1999)

    Linux Mall Newsletter # 13 The April 1999 Linux Mall Newsletter is out! Big Linux stories, Linux Mall announcements, geek humor and more all for the low cost of nothing. (April 1999)

    The New King Of The Hill NetWare or Linux? When it comes time to deploy a new network, there is a choice. Ed: Thanks to Bonnie Greene for the link (April 1999)

    Microsoft: How 'Open' Is 'Open'? Don't expect real source-code distribution changes from Redmond any time soon, say industry watchers. Ed: FUD time. While interesting it is unlikely to be truly significant, other than in the confusion it causes, and vapor it creates. Thanks to Bonnie Greene for the link (April 1999)

    Comparing Linus to Elvis? Ed: Thanks to Zonker Brockmeier for the link (April 1999)

    Microsoft to open source? Not likely Despite company comments, it's not likely to cede control of Windows 2000. Ed: and here is the next step, creating confusion by redefining terms who's meanings you don't like as they are, to mean what you want them to mean. Thanks to Bonnie Greene for the link. (April 1999)

    Linux an integral part of Compaq's enterprise Unix strategy, Red Hat Corp. will guarantee interoperability (April 1999)

    Slicing and dicing Ed: The basics of running a second OS with a partitioned hard drive (April 1999)

    Ballmer: Linux Is Threat to MS Ed: Here's the Vaporware stage! Actually, I hope they release the source to Windows, but they will probably do it in small pieces at a time, the least they can get away with at any given point in time, if they do it at all. And then the world will see just how bad and unmaintainable the source is (according to my contacts inside MS). And this will boost Linux even more. The dream of course would be to merge the best of Linux and the best of MS products into one ongoing project that is finally the world's open and standard OS. But it is unlikely Microsoft will let go enough for this to happen. Thanks to Zonker Brockmeier for this link (April 1999)

    Associate Program Launch Ed: Want to help build the Linux community? Need a little money? (April 1999)

    Salon Adopts Linux as Its Enterprise Internet Server Platform Ed: A very significant NT to Linux Switch, and for very good reasons! (April 1999)

    Dell Bolsters Support Of Windows Rival Linux Ed: Thanks to Carlos A. Rocha for the link (April 1999)

    Even Dilbert's Mom is using Linux Ed: Check out this cartoon. Thanks to Jason Fletcher for the link. Now if only DilWorld will join our referral program. It's probably worth a bunch to whomever recruits Scott Adams with your ID as his referrer! See our "Associate Program" link in the gold LinuxMall navigation bar to the left. (April 1999)

    Samba 2.0: A License To Kill NT? Samba teaches new steps to Windows file serving. Ed: Submitted by CEO (April 1999)

    Linux Professional Institute A community project to develop professional certification for Linux Ed: Between now and April 9th 1999, a survey is being taken as to what should be included in a Linux Certification test to be a "Certified Linux System Administrator". If you currently administer a Linux System, please fill out the job analysis survey! (April 1999)

    Opinionated Suse Installer Ed: Patience Mr Mickus, Linux has gone from zero to zoom faster than any other OS in history. It started as an ultrageekkernelhacker's dream. Then they did the pieces necessary for it to appeal to the OS hackers, who in turn did the work to interest those wanting to expand on the OS, who did what it took to make it possible for the average geek or hacker to actually use it for something, and so on. Now we are at the stage where ease of use is being built on top of a VERY solid foundation. Most commercial OS companies focused on ease of use first, and then try to make their OS work right. Linux People focus on building the house the way it should be built, from the ground up, foundation first, then support and structure, and the trim will be put on over the next year to two. Then those of you not wanting to deal with the guts of the system will get your opportunity to crow about how nice all the decorations are that make you happy. If you try Linux and don't like it, pitch in and help, or go away and try again in about six months. Repeat until satisfied. But don't badmouth that which clearly is not ready for you yet. You are right, and time will solve it, there are many thousands of people working on seeing to it, just as they have gotten us this far. Regarding hardware support, Microsoft has had the luxury of having the hardware manufacturers doing the drivers, while volunteers did the drivers for Linux. This too is quickly changing. Hardware support & drivers will become more numerous, even for the newest items as manufacturers feel left out of the Linux/OpenSource revolution. The same is true of end user applications, games and more. (April 1999)

    You can't build yourself up by tearing others down. Ed: While there are some minor errors in this article, the primary point is very accurate. Please take heed and treat others with the same respect you would like from people who disagree with you. Submitted by Kelly McNeill (April 1999)

    Linux Advocates Turn Violent, Go On Rampage Ed: April Fools! No not the people, the all too possible story. Did you spot the Linux Mall items in the pictures? (April 1999)

    Beyond the server Flexibility, open source heritage making Linux a contender with developers (April 1999)

    IDC Says Linux likely to lead OS growth But getting exact numbers for Linux is impossible. Ed: I know they didn't count all the CDs made and shipped by Linux Mall. The numbers are large enough that they would have made an impact on the totals. (April 1999)

    Tim O'Reilly talks Open Source in interview with IT Week UK. Thanks to Eugene Lacey for the link (March 1999)

    Agalmics; The Marginalization of Scarcity Ed: An interesting economics and sociological paper about Open Source software and why it works. Thanks to Robert Levin for the link and the article. (March 1999)

    Auction or Open Source Windows?! Ed: Interesting stuff... Submitted by OSO (March 1999)

    Making the play for Linux in the home Will the real "killer app" please stand up? (March 1999)

    Linux Alert 03-26-99! Three major security issues we think you should be aware of (March 1999)

    Open Source and the Re-unification of Unix Who would have thought that when a Finnish University began to patch together bits and pieces of code that he was about the revolutionize the computer industry and light a fire under the pants of the mainstream computer "Establishment?" Ed: I did, and I said so, and published it in 94.... see Why Linux Is Significant (March 1999)

    A startup gives PlayStation2 a boost (March 1999)

    The Ultimate Argument Against Linux (March 1999)

    Yo, Server Market! Here Comes Intel (March 1999)

    Gates Downplays Linux Threat Ed: Interesting how the courts and the press are told entirely different, and irreconcilable things, eh? (March 1999)

    The story of the Linux kernel Linus Torvalds explains what makes the Linux kernel great (March 1999)

    Linux popular at CEBIT, Microsoft bans press asking Linux related questions from their booth (March 1999)

    New! LONE-TAR Archive and restore utility (March 1999)

    Removing the plank Microsoft should be more concerned with its own OS design problems than with Linux (March 1999)

    Hard times... at Microsoft? One of the Web's most popular financial websites discusses, from a stockholder's viewpoint, the possible breakup of Microsoft and the Linux alternative - Ed: BTW on, Fool with a capital F is a compliment. Wise or Wisdom with a capital W is an insult (March 1999)

    Dell preinstalling Linux on workstations (March 1999)

    Commented Rebuttal from Ed Muth of Microsoft on the topic of Linux (March 1999)

    Linux Republic gets rolling (March 1999)

    An interesting piece on Software Copyrights Ed: Judge for yourself. The link was submitted by Seth David Schoen (March 1999)

    Gates book seems to contradict trial testimony Ed: Actually I believe the testimony, as opposed to the book. I know for a fact that Microsoft is not able to implement itself completely using it's own technology. The farce is that they tell the rest of the world that MS software is good enough that it can be done, and many waste their money trying. Then Microsoft tries to develop the products fast enough not to get into too much trouble. The computer industry would be a lot more sane, if software companies first implemented themselves and then sold only what they had already proven to customers. Isn't that the way it should be? Sell to others only what you would use yourself? This is a primary part of what is so neat about Open Source. Instead of marketing taking the lead, accomplishment and example do. In addition eveyone has the power to tailor what they receive further if they find it necessary. This is why Linux Mall is completely implemented using Linux and Linux related products. Thanks go to Aldo Ramos who submitted the link. (March 1999)

    Halloween V The latest installment of Eric Raymond's now-famous "Halloween" series of commentary on Microsoft and open source. In this most recent installment (March 1999)

    Microsoft Office for Linux? Ed: I cannot reveal the source, but I do have independent confirmation of this. (March 1999)

    Free Software Founder Weighs In On Remedies (March 1999)

    Free Radicals Freeware promises to give CIOs control over their computer systems' destiny. Should you join the Revolution? Ed: Submitted by Mike Blackburn, who works in Japan, and also shares that with the recession there, Linux appears to be winning over new Wintel boxes in many organizations. (March 1999)

    New Linux Security Section at Ed: Submitted by Jim Reavis (March 1999)

    Linus Torvalds' LinuxWorld Expo keynote (March 1999)

    LinuxWorld Expo Conference Session Writeups Another item for those that missed LinuxWorld in San Jose earlier this month, here are all the write-ups of the conference sessions from LinuxWorld San Jose. If you want to find out what happened at the Beowulf, GNOME, or Larry Wall talk, for example, this is a good place to go. (March 1999)

    LinuxWorld Expo / Winter 99 If you didn't get to go, you can get the flavor by taking this complete tour of LinuxWorld Expo, including the evening parties (LinuxCare, RedHat, and geeks with guns/Denny's). The page includes a full story with comments, 350 easy to browse pictures, and links to a few other relevant pages. Ed: Thanks to Mark Merlin for the painstaking hours he put into this photojournal, and for submitting the link to us! Please take a look, LinuxWorld was a blast. (March 1999)

    Linux Puts On a Business Tie Linux isn't just for enthusiasts anymore. At least, that's the message from last week's LinuxWorld show in San Jose, California. If Linux someday manages to topple the Windows empire, software historians will likely point to this show as the turning point in operating system history. (March 1999)

    Linux And Sex Appeal? Linus discusses why open-source programmers should focus on less-glamorous enhancements to the operating system. (March 1999)

    Linux in the Limelight (February 1999)

    Helius and Caldera Systems Announce Availability of First Satellite Internet Router (February 1999)

    Linux legitimacy (February 1999)

    EJBOSS, an enterprise java beans (EJB) compliant server for Linux (February 1999)

    Oracle Q&A; with Linus Torvalds (February 1999)

    For Consumers, Linux a Work in Progress Ed: Good article, and he has it exactly right. Thanks to Charles Hill for the link. (February 1999)

    HP On Linux Bandwagon (February 1999)

    Intel says Linux unstoppable Ed: Another person who spouts the obvious, and disbelieves the next step which will happen in the same way and for the same reasons that past ones did. It will only take time. Interesting that the title and the content should contradict each other so. (February 1999)

    Timing is everything, and for Linux it's good (February 1999)

    Watch out for Linux (February 1999)

    IDG / Linux Torvalds Award at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo (February 1999)

    Upside's Elite 100 for 1998 Ed: Linus is #6! (February 1999)

    Interview with Dennis M. Ritchie Ed: This man and his compadres by creating C as well as the fundemental principles of Unix are as responsible for Linux' existence as Linus himself. (February 1999)

    The Rebel Code Ed: Good New York Times article on Linux and Open Source (February 1999)

    Microsoft-Compaq-BeOS (February 1999)

    Linux May Be Threat to Microsoft (February 1999)

    Bring your Product to Market A special seminar at Linux World Expo. Click on the above link to register. (February 1999)

    Police standoff ends A Peters Creek family of three is homeless, after a man living with the family set fire to their home. Ed: Noel helped to raise me after my father died, I don't know where I'd be if he hadn't cared. Trisha was once my receptionist. I also knew Lee in passing many years ago. I would never have expected him to be dangerous. Noel has a big heart and has spent his life helping others. He also spent 20 years building that huge house of his. It is very sad when bad things happen to good people. Please be generous. We will pass on any donations sent to Linux Mall on his behalf. (February 1999)

    MS Charged with Monopoly Pricing Class Action suit filed in Federal court (February 1999)

    Linux Global Summit at Spring Comdex! Ed: Come to Chicago on April 19-22 for the Linux Global Summit, sponsored by Linux International, Linux Journal and Linux Mall, Booths for Exhibitors, Free Tickets and Linus Torvalds keynoting... (February 1999)

    Retailer commits to Linux in 250 stores Burlington Coat a big win for shareware OS; user sees better price/performance than NT (February 1999)

    SCO to deliver Linux Compatibility (February 1999)

    Will app servers be Open Source's next foray? (February 1999)

    Of Mice and Microsoft Linux Takes Another Step Forward While Steve Jobs Attempts Rodentophelia (February 1999)

    Antitrust and Linux hurting Microsoft Ed: Why Linux is Significant, I was ridiculed from all quarters when I released this article written in 1994. And I dared do no more than imply that Linux would challenge Microsoft (to keep it from being summarily dismissed). So was I right? For whatever it is worth, I also have many presentations I gave at User Groups and Trade shows on video where I elaborated ranging from 94 to 97. Please excuse me while I pat myself on the back. (February 1999)

    Updating Red Hat 5.2 to the 2.2 kernel Ed: Unless you are doing this for fun or testing on a non critical system, I suggest you wait a little longer. There are many issues to be considered, and much that could break. In fact I'd wait until after Red Hat releases RPMs and even then test carefully on a non crucial machine. (February 1999)

    Linux Sound & MIDI Applications page updated (February 1999)

    Judge grants Microsoft 6-month delay in Caldera case (February 1999)

    Free the open source (February 1999)

    BUSINESS Computer programming Hackers rule: Software that has been developed by thousands of volunteers and is given away is often better than the stuff for sale (February 1999)

    News from the Windows Refund Day Rally (February 1999)

    Linux: The Ultimate Enterprise OS? (February 1999)

    Would you employ Linux as more than just a Web server? (February 1999)

    IBM to Linux-ize PCs (February 1999)

    SAP on Linux trail (February 1999)

    Open in the NIC of time Open-source plans may speed gigabit adapters' deployment Ed: This great news link was submitted compliments of Charles Hill. (February 1999)

    Under the Hood (February 1999)

    Linux-Mandrake 5.3 released Ed: We'll have it available just as soon as we can get masters made and replicated. Keep an eye on the "Newest Products" Index in the navigation bar on the left. (February 1999)

    Creative Labs and Linux (February 1999)

    Microsoft Executive Talks Of Netscape Challenge Ed: And people wonder why we don't like Microsoft, or Internet Explorer (February 1999)

    Vendors reject Windows refunds Ed: Very interesting article... (February 1999)

    What is The MetaChart? The MetaChart is a very complete hypertext chart comparing Linux and Windows NT. (February 1999)

    Linux gathers critical mass needed to compete with NT Like a snowball getting larger as it rolls downhill, Linux continues to gain momentum. (February 1999)

    Computer vendors hosting Linux Web sites. Ed: Welcome to the party all you latecomers! The more the merrier! (February 1999)

    Small Linux Machines (February 1999)

    A Linux Support System Ed: while Linux Mall has supplied Linux Support for years, we still do not do 24 hour, 7 day. (February 1999)

    Linus Torvalds - Microsoft killer? Creator of Linux operating system untouched by money, immersed in details, Open Software community (February 1999)

    Linux Distributions Compared Ed: Remember, you'll get the best prices on all of them here at Linux Mall (February 1999)

    Report from Silicon Valley: Does Linux represent real threat? (February 1999)

    Non-Windows Users of the World, Unite! Microsoft Windows Refund Day is just around the corner Ed: Possibly the best written story yet. (February 1999)

    Pain in the OS (February 1999)

    Don't Do Windows? Ed: Thanks to Matt Jensen for this link (February 1999)

    IBM Gives Linux PowerPC Boost Ed: Major news for Linux, and IBM! (February 1999)

    Can't Hide Your Linux Eyes (February 1999)

    Linux users unite against Microsoft Ed: Thanks to Chris DiBona for the link (February 1999)

    IBM DB2 Universal Database 5.2 for Linux, beta (February 1999)

    Interview with Alan Cox Linus' right hand man. (February 1999)

    Linux to be at CeBIT in Hannover, Lots of it! This is one of the world's largest technology trade shows. (February 1999)

    Bill Gates on Linux Ed: Mostly FUD, but he is right about some of the advanced speech & handwriting recognition functionality being needed in the OS so all applications can use it. But there is no reason Linux cannot do it better... And I don't think MS will be able to keep up. (February 1999)

    Intuit denies rumors about Linux Company official says there are no plans to port Quicken to the open-source OS. Ed: Isn't this what Lotus said not too long ago, and Corel about 2 years ago? Go Getem guys, they claim there's no demand. If they don't do it, someone will make a clone. Here is the Intuit Feedback form for Quicken enhancement suggestions. Thanks to Travis Gummels for the link. (February 1999)

    Anything-but-Microsoft users out to cash in on clause (February 1999)

    Evaluating 'the Linux factor' (February 1999)

    Mac and Linux - Two of My Favorite Things (February 1999)

    It's here and getting stronger... Linux (February 1999)

    Solaris chief: Linux great for Sun Ed: Site Registration required (February 1999)

    Would You Pick Linux Over Windows 2000? Ed: I already have (February 1999)

    Sunk by Windows NT Remember the Yorktown? Well here is more recent information about why the Navy chose Windows NT and now admits it was foolish. Linux may be adopted instead. Ed: From other sources, the Air Force is is looking at adopting Linux as an "Official" operating system for military computers. Now there have been people fired for buying Microsoft! (February 1999)

    I Hate Computers newsletter Features the Windows Refund center page. Ed: We at Linux Mall thought it only fair to let you know there are more people than just us working on it. Thanks Don, Rick, Matt, Nick, etc, and Thanks to Thomas R. Fasulo for the link. (February 1999)

    Linux enters comfort zone (February 1999)

    The Best Windows File Server: Linux! (February 1999)

    Linux: Enterprise-ready (February 1999)

    Migration: It's Never Too Early To Start Worrying Ed: Maybe it would be easier to switch to Linux? (February 1999)

    Linux Up Close: Time To Switch (February 1999)

    Write your representative! Why? Congress will be voting in less than two weeks. CNN stated that the Government would in two weeks time decide to allow or not allow a charge to your phone bill equal to a Long Distance call EACH time you access the Internet. Thanks to Maxine Prindle for this link. Ed: Sorry Maxine, and everyone else. As it turns out this is a hoax!. I have left it up along with this correcting link by way of apology. Many people depend on us as a reliable news source, and we are embarrassed to have been drawn in without sufficient checking in this particular case. In fact congress has a moratorium on any taxing of the Internet for 3 years. But beware, they'll get back to it again, so be prepared to act when the time comes. Thanks to Rob Warren and Richard Montalbano for the correction. See how openness keeps one honest? (February 1999)

    A Linux desktop wish list Now supreme as a server OS, what will it take to make Linux an equally impressive client? Ed: Time is all it will take, and probably not too much of it either. (February 1999)

    Unix redux? Why Linux won't make like Unix and split. Ed: I have agreed with Bob's assessment on this for years, and still do, or I wouldn't still be involved today. (February 1999)

    Linux and the monopoly game Does Red Hat played backwards sound like Satan to you? Ed: As usual, well put Nick! (February 1999)

    The Monopoly Game (February 1999)

    Linux World Expo will be largest Linux related show yet. Be there in San Jose, March 1-4, 1999 (January 1999)

    Windows NT and Real-Time Applications: Solution, or Problem? (February 1999)

    Linux Kernel 2.2 bug fixing is in high gear. See our earlier news story predicting this below. (February 1999)

    IBM joins Linux International as a corporate sponsor, alongside the likes of Adaptec, Corel, Compaq, Sun Microsystems, Informix, O'Reilly, and many other well known names. Ed: We at Linux Mall are proud of our role in visualizing early (1994) what LI could become, and in helping to make it happen, but there is plenty left to do, and we look forward to being instrumental in this as well. (February 1999)

    How My Linux Killed Her NT NT is at fault. (February 1999)

    Maritz on... Linux More on how Linux threatens Microsoft (February 1999)

    Windows NT workstations beating out Unix Ed: Microsoft FUD at work. Note that Linux is not included in the figures that result in the headline. Especially where Linux is replacing NT (not unusual). They'd be counted as an NT user (having bought it), yet Linux is running the system. They also extrapolate a narrow band of workstation offerings as representative of the whole Unix marketplace. This is ill conceived, as many of these machines come bundled with NT under OEM agreements, and NT is never loaded on them, or erased if it is (See the windows refund day news item below). Another factor is that Unix versus NT surveys generally only count how many installations there are, not the number of users. Since NT tends to be single user or small server systems, and Unix (other than Linux) tends to be high end systems, this is an apples to oranges comparison, with Unix gaining users much faster than NT is! When someone is losing mindshare (and Microsoft is), they have to point out aggressively any bright spots and silver linings they can find. (February 1999)

    Windows Refund day movement continues to gather steam. Note the two new resources available on this page to actually register your complaints with OEMS! Ed: Please provide your input, and it will be routed to the proper people within the companies you are concerned with. (January 1999)

    Wall Street Journal on Linux Linux Operating System Gets Boost (January 1999)

    Linux hits Microsoft where it hurts (January 1999)

    New and Improved: Linux 2.2 kernel Ed: This is great news, but non hackers shouldn't get in too much of a hurry as there are always bugs (even major ones) for the hackers to flush out after there is widespread hacker adoption. kernel 1.2 had 13 re-releases, and kernel 2.0 had 36. I anticipate version 2.2, being much more complex will probably have more. If it is a critical system, slow and cautious adoption along with your own testing of new software is called for, not a rush, especially with something as crucial as a kernel. (January 1999)

    The International Alliance for Compatible Technology Ed: They have posted three heads up warnings so far, all worth looking at, and all available at this link. (January 1999)

    Linus on Linux: The OS phenomenon PC Week quizzes Linus Torvalds about Linux 2.2, Microsoft and the future. (January 1999)

    Linux in the limelight (January 1999)

    Windows refunds and the law (January 1999)

    Linux to become a 'core OS' for HP, SGI (January 1999)

    Details emerge on Linux plans by major manufacturers (January 1999)

    Waiting for Windows Refund Day Ed: Class Action, eh? I hope it doesn't come to that. (January 1999)

    Code donors are Open for business Ed: Great article. (January 1999)

    World's Smallest Web Server runs Linux (January 1999)

    Microsoft Executive admits Linux is a threat (January 1999)

    Linux boxes show promise for the enterprise (January 1999)

    ABCs of Linux Tech Support (January 1999)

    Windows: Linux's Secret Weapon (January 1999)

    Smart Reseller's Linux Info Pack (January 1999)

    Ready For Main Street? Linux raises the stakes for networking (January 1999)

    High School Linux Users Group. Formed to unite Linux Users in Secondary Education worldwide (January 1999)

    The Linux Banner Exchange Program Ed: A great new service, Linux Mall just joined. (January 1999)

    Linux bandwagon grows Momentum behind the Linux platform will soon surge again (January 1999)

    Sending Windows back for a refund is no easy feat (January 1999)

    Stanford Linux Activists Ed: I appreciate your energy and enthusiasm. Take it from someone that learned the hard way, be Pro-Linux everywhere, but *NOT* openly Anti Microsoft! It'll get a lot further in the professional world, many more will listen. Linux is good enough to stand on it's own without mentioning Microsoft. Present only facts, and positive fervor, not hate. It'll speak for itself. Thanks to David Weekly for the link. (January 1999)

    Linux based Job site Ed: Uses Linux, and is OpenSource friendly. Check it out. (January 1999)

    Microsoft Responds to Windows Refund effort (January 1999)

    Windows Refund Center for people that don't want to pay for MS-Windows which they won't use on the machines they buy. (January 1999)

    How to Persuade Your Boss to Take the Linux Plunge. Ed: Includes a survey, go fill it out! Today's issue also has a lot of good stories on Linux, you'll need to use the Previous and Next buttons, titles include: "Resellers Key to Linux Success", "Tips and Tricks to Get You Started", "Grab Jon's Linux Toolkit". Thanks to Ted Cook of EST Software for this link. (January 1999)

    Linux Clubs Rule at Yahoo! (January 1999)

    Linux Seeks To Take Over, Prove Microsoft Right (January 1999)

    NetWare For Linux: Get The Best Of Both Worlds Ed: For more information, or to buy it click here! (January 1999)

    Linux Users to MS: We want our refund! (January 1999)

    Informix Database On Linux Declared A Success (January 1999)

    A Windows user takes the plunge with Linux Ed: From PC World Magazine (January 1999)

    Web Portal Acquisition Excites Tech Sector AND Compaq Stock rises after announcing Linux support Ed: Read about halfway down the article for this newsbyte. (January 1999)

    Linux bandwagon gains Compaq (January 1999)

    Linux and Telephony Ed: This is not Tell-A-Phony, but rather whether the major suppliers of telephone switching hardware should support Linux. You can find a surveys for Dialogic and Aculab. I've been talking to these people for some time (years). If you have uses for this, or know people who do, Go GetEm! BTW: Links are thanks to Greg - (January 1999)

    ZDNet opens Linux Lounge (January 1999)

    Linux user wins refund for unwanted Windows 95. Ed: Cool, go for it guys! (January 1999)

    Unix - The Granddaddy of Open Source? Ed: Yup it's true, history is repeating itself. (January 1999)

    EXCLUSIVE: Compaq To 'Test Drive' Linux (January 1999)

    Papows admits Lotus got it wrong about Linux Ed: See didn't I tell you this would happen? See our news archives for details. (January 1999)

    GNU's not Linux Learning the Language of the Oldest Merchant in the Bazaar. Ed: Submitted by Christopher Wright. (January 1999)

    Linux is gaining steam as a Game Platform Valve and Sierra Studios Announce Immediate Availability of Half-Life Update; Team Fortress Classic to be Released for Half-Life at the End of January (January 1999)

    MS attorney caught plying witness with Linux numbers (January 1999)

    The Last Dinosaur and the Tarpits of Doom: How Linux Smashed Windows. Ed: This essay says in more detail, exactly what I said in my 1994 paper "Why Linux is Significant", which incidentally is still accurate and current in it's predictions. (January 1999)

    The Cheapest Route: A Tale Of Linux Vs. Cisco. Ed: We agree, everything Linux Mall has (except QuarkXpress & Adobe Illustrator - we're working on it) runs on Linux. Not bad for the top Linux reseller in the world with one of the top 200 web sites in the world eh? Linux DELIVERS (January 1999)

    Dell plans cut-down Linux server (January 1999)

    Linux, Grab Your Slingshot Linux in Healthcare, Ed: See halfway down this page for the article. (January 1999)

    Will this be the Year of Linux? (January 1999)

    Code Warriors NewsWeek Article: The grass-roots 'open source' software movement is no longer just a hacker cult. It could end up challenging mighty Microsoft (January 1999)

    MS cites 960 per cent Linux growth rate in defense (January 1999)

    Linux is making the transition from bit player to overnight sensation (January 1999)

    Linux creator: Next Bill Gates? (January 1999)

    Microsoft backs off In Caldera case (January 1999)

    Linux Takes Shot At Making History (January 1999)

    Linux Databases .. Linux has plenty to choose from (January 1999)

    The Open Source movement takes off (January 1999)

    Take nothing for granted Ed: Super article Nick. Please, everyone pay attention! Even if defection occurred we'd eventually win. It would happen the same way we got where we are, behind the scenes. But it would be a LONG time in coming. And thanks for the order. We hope to have them in stock in just a few more days. (January 1999)

    Does Linux Need A Standard Window Manager and Desktop? (January 1999)

    Linux Advocacy Crackdown, and more (January 1999)

    The problem of Linux... ...continues to bother me. (January 1999)

    Halloween IV? or maybe, Linux in Sherwood forest... Costumes everyone, and HAPPY NEW YEAR (January 1999)

    1996-1998 News Archives Moved Stories posted before January 1999 can now be found in the 1996-1998 News Archive. If you're new to Linux, you can find some interesting background information here. (September 7, 1999)

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