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Welcome to the Penguin Power Store! All of these high quality products are intended for Linux computing gurus as well as anyone who just happens to like penguins.

Check our Live Penguin Links Page to see how we use the proceeds from the sale of these items to help preserve our favorite live birds.
Comfortable cotton t-shirts in a wide range of sizes and a variety of styles. One is just right for you!
Polo Shirts
Dress with a touch of class, but still show your penguin allegiance! Many combinations of sizes, colors, and sleeve lengths.
Miscellaneous Wearables
If it's not a shirt and you can wear it, look for it here.
Stuffed Animals
Cuddly stuffed penguins ranging from the tiny four-incher to the larger-than-life 36-incher, each more huggable than the last!
Other Penguin Goodies
Household items, office accessories, and anything else that doesn't fit the other departments.

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