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  • Integrated Marketing Programs


    Capture the market attention you deserve

    What is Integrated Marketing?

    Integrated marketing uses mixed media to reach prospects multiple times with a single unified message.

    Only offers integrated website banners and buttons, E-mail, print and radio marketing to maximize every one of your advertising dollars.

    Every tool in our Integrated Marketing Program builds your brand. We will help you create powerful campaigns that reach Linux buyers while building market share. At, we take a holistic look at communications and use what is necessary from each discipline to build your brand. We work with our clients to create an Integrated Marketing campaign that presents a single brand message across all media - educating people about Linux opportunities, conveying the Linux Community vision, and positioning Linux vendors as the technology suppliers for the next millennium.

    We believe that each time a company presents itself, it is a brand building opportunity - whether it is on a website, in an E-mail, or in print. We have fully integrated the disciplines of traditional advertising and direct response combined with cutting-edge interactive technologies of the Internet to ensure that our clients can take full advantage of every opportunity.

    Integrated Marketing connects you with customers

    Discover the value of buyers who flock to the #1 Linux E-commerce site. Through the formative years of the Linux market, has been there, nurturing the growth of distributors, applications, books, and ancillary products, providing fast, resourceful fulfillment of Linux product buyers? needs.

    Website Marketing
    Email Marketing
    Print Marketing


    Call your Account Manager today to build your position in the rapidly growing Linux market!

    800-217-9035 ext 1024;

    Capture the market attention you deserve with an Integrated Marketing program

    at - the largest source of Linux buyers.

    VShop by intraDAT

  • Practical KDE $23.99

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