Technical support at the Linux Mall:

We offer information for free as well as high quality individual technical support on a paid and guaranteed basis.

Support will go smoother if you register your product first:

  1. Mail your completed registration form to: Linux Mall, P.O. Box 460190, Aurora, CO 80046-0190
  2. Fax your completed registration form (be sure to fax all sides or pages) to: (303) 699-2793
  3. Or: Email complete information per the registration form, including the serial number to

--- Free Support ---

Be your own resource. Education pays big dividends, and Freedom begets responsibilty, so we strongly recommend that you use the resources listed below to solve your own issues.

A great many problems can be solved by carefully reading the documentation that comes with computer hardware and software. Before contacting tech support, make sure your solution is not readily available in the manual.

The following options are currently available:

What do we mean by guaranteed answers? Simple: if we cannot help you with at least one of your problems, we will not charge for the call. This does not mean we'll leave you in the cold. The technician will try to recommend a software package or documentation that can help you solve the problem yourself. We obviously cannot be held responsible for hardware problems on hardware purchased elsewhere.

--- Paid Consulting --

For highly complex problems, the technician will charge for the initial call. He or she will then research the problem, and call you back with a quote as to the anticipated cost. We will credit the price of the initial call, whether you decide to proceed or not. Please be prepared to allow an internet connection to your system for diagnostics if needed.

--- Support Contracts ---

Support contracts for the various products we sell are available upon request.

Products supported under any contract set forth below allow 2 registered contact persons together up to 10 incidents per month. Additional incidents would be handled at 25% off the standard per incident/call rates. A product is defined as whatever comes included with a particular item we sell. Please note that support for special order products may be higher.

--- Remote System Administration ---

Remote administration contracts are available, contact us for a custom quote. Let our professional system administrators do the hard work for you. Under this contract we administrate, monitor and maintain systems for you remotely.

--- Other ---

Some manufacturers have pre-purchased support calls for you on certain products, and include them as part of a product purchase. WorkGroup Solutions for instance includes a certain number of free support calls with *some* of their packages. These calls are often limited to initial installation support issues. The serial number of the product or included support coupon must be provided to our support staff in order to receive this free help.

On products retailing for less than $50, it should be obvious that it is only possible to include very little if any technical support which normally costs $150 per hour or more. However, the Linux Mall stands ready to support and help with any Linux or Linux Product related product on a billable basis, in addition to the free support mechanisms as listed above which are always available to you.