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  • Homepage Help

    How to order products from the home page.

    You can click on any of the products listed on the the Homepage - that will take you to the product page where you can view detailed information about the item and can order it if you so choose.

    Product categories

    You can view categories of products by clicking below:

    Product Page Help

    What's the Customs Information table for?

    We display the customs information for those of our customers who are outside the US and may need that information. If you're located in the US, you don't need to worry about customs when buying from LinuxMall.com.

    Why do you list a Retail Price and a LinuxMall.com price?

    We list those prices so you can compare our prices to the suggested list price of the product.

    What about the Online Discount?

    The LinuxMall.com online discount will be applied after you begin placing your order. We discount 5% on most of the items we carry if you purchase them online using a valid credit card.

    Review Cart

    What is this page for?

    This page allows you to see what items you have put into your shopping cart, what kind of discounts are available and what free items you are eligible to get with your order. The Review page also allows you to change the quantity of each item in your cart. >

    What is the online discount?

    LinuxMall.com discounts most of the products we carry by 5% if you purchase products online using a credit card. We encourage our customers to purchase online because it keeps our costs down and allows us to offer lower prices. When we save money, we try to save you money too!

    How do I get free items?

    Any purchase of $11 or more in LinuxMall.com products qualifies you to receive free items. Sorry, shipping and handling don't count toward the $11 minumum. Depending on the amount of your order you can get anything from a LinuxMall.com Linux distribution CD to an 18 Inch Tux! All you have to do is pick the free item you want from the menu and that will be added to your cart. You can change your mind about which free item you'd like to receive at any time up to the time you commit your order.

    Does the Web server save my order if I hit "Continue Shopping"?

    Sure does! As long as you've given us an email address to associate with the cart, we will save the cart for you so you can continue browsing. LinuxMall.com saves your shopping cart for 30 days after the last modification.

    Why do you use my email address?

    Email addresses are usually unique and easy to remember. We don't use the email address for any type of promotional mail unless you ask us to - our Newsletter and LinuxMall.com Announcements are only sent to people who subscribe to them, and we don't sell your email address to anyone. We do use email addresses as our primary form of contact in case of problems with an order, so be sure to give us a valid email address when you're completing your order. If we have to make contact by phone it will cause delays in processing orders.

    Why isn't shipping calculated on this screen?

    We need to have your shipping address to be able to calculate shipping.

    How do I delete something from my order?

    Just set the quantity of the item to 0 and hit "Recalculate" and it will be deleted.

    Will I get charged tax?

    LinuxMall.com is based in Colorado and Arizona, so we are obligated to charge sales tax for residents of those states. For residents of other states we do not charge sales tax at this time.

    Cancel Cart Form

    Why do I need to log in before I can cancel a cart?

    We ask that customers log in to cancel a cart so they don't accidentally (or purposely) cancel someone else's order, because this cannot be undone. It probably wouldn't happen very often, but it would certainly be annoying for the other person!

    I just hit "Cancel," why do I have to confirm it?

    We wanted to make sure that it wasn't possible to accidentally cancel an order.

    Can I recover a cancelled order / cart?

    Once you've confirmed that you want to cancel an order, it's gone. On the confirmation screen you will see your order one last time, so if you change your mind you'll be able to remember what items you had in your cart at the time you cancelled the order.

    Edit Address Form

    Do I need to include my company name?

    You only need to include the company name in the shipping address if you are actually having something sent to the company address. You need to include the company name in the billing address only if the credit card used was issued by your company.

    Do I need to give my email address?

    While an email address is not strictly required (because we realize that there are some customers who do not have an email account), you will not receive shipping information or confirmation of your order unless you provide a valid email address. If we need to contact you we try to use the email address. If we do not have your email address we will have to delay your order until someone has time to pick up a phone and call. We do not sell email addresses or send unwanted commercial messages via email. We only send our Linux Newsletter and LinuxMall.com Announcements to those who request them.

    Do I need to give my phone number?

    A phone number is required by most shippers so that they can contact you if they run into difficulty delivering your package. We also like to have a phone number in case we need to get hold of you quickly or in case we are unable to reach you by email. As with the rest of your personal information, we do not give out or sell any customer information that is provided to us.

    Edit Payment Form

    Why is my billing address displayed?

    We want to make sure that we have the proper billing address for the credit card that you are using. Credit cards are often verified against billing addresses, and without the proper address we have a hard time getting your card verified. Requiring the billing address helps reduce credit card fraud.

    What does "display for next order" mean?

    If you shop with us often we can help streamline the order process by displaying the credit card that you used the last time that you shopped with us. That way you don't have to re-enter the credit card information. If you prefer not to have us display your credit card information, you can specify that we are not to display your credit card info.

    Create Account Form

    Do I need to give my email address?

    While it's not absolutely required, if we need to get in touch with you we may be unable to do so without an email address. Not having a valid email address may delay your order and cause unnecessary delays that could be avoided. We do not send "spam" to our customers, nor do we sell any of your personal information to any outside entity. Unless you specifically request our Linux Newsletter or LinuxMall.com Announcements or Alerts, you will only receive email from us pertaining to orders you have placed.

    Do I need to provide a company name?

    No, we provide the space for customers who are ordering products for their company. Obviously, not everyone has a company name to provide.

    Why do I need a password?

    We protect your account with a password so that no one else has access to any of your personal information. We have added a feature that allows you to look up your account number and have your password emailed to make this more convenient for you.

    Why do you need to know if this is a residence?

    UPS and other shippers need to know if they are delivering to a residential address or a business. Having this information is sometimes necessary to help make a delivery.

    I don't want my information given out to anyone else.

    If you don't want your postal information shared, click "no" on the button that asks if it's ok to share postal information. Our policy is to only share postal addresses if our customer is willing to have it shared. In the event that we do share postal addresses we will only provide them to a third-party, bonded mailing house. We do not sell addresses to companies, but we may rent them to a company providing we feel that their mailing is of interest to our customers. We will not provide any addresses of customers who have indicated that they do not want them shared. Under no circumstance will we sell, distribute, rent or otherwise disseminate your phone number or email address. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

    What does "solicit" mean?

    We are simply asking your permission to send you our Flyer or other LinuxMall.com postal mailings from time to time. We respect your privacy and will not send you postal mail if you do not wish us to. This refers only to postal mailings from LinuxMall.com - we do not send any Announcements or other email to our customers unless they subscribe to our mailing lists. The only thing we use your email address for by default is to contact you regarding an order.

    Can I place an order without creating an account?

    Unfortunately, no. We need to know who we're shipping products to, and how to get in touch with you if there are problems.

    Why does the web server take me to the confirm address screen when I've already given it my address?

    We need to know if you have separate billing and shipping addresses. If not, you can simply click "proceed" to continue with your order. If you have separate addresses, you can fill that information out now. Many of our customers have separate billing and shipping addresses, so we needed to plan for that eventuality.

    Complete Order Form

    Is it too late to modify my shipping instructions?

    Nope. Just click on the "Modify Shipping Instructions" button and change to the options you'd like.

    Is it too late to modify payment instructions?

    Nope. You can modify the order up until the time it is committed. Just click on modify payment options and choose the type of payment you'd like. Sorry, "put it on my tab," is not available at this time.

    I've changed my mind, can I still cancel?

    Yup - until you've committed your order, you have made no commitment to buy. We want to provide the ability for our customers to see exactly what they're paying before they commit to an order.

    I'm not sure if I want to order, can I save this and come back?

    Sure. Your shopping cart is saved for you for 30 days from the last date of access. If your cart hasn't been accessed in 30 days, it may not be available after that time. Think it over and come back when you're ready.

    This says "Free Item: Not Selected." What's that all about?

    Looks like you forgot to specify your free item! If you commit the order now, you'll lose out on getting a LinuxMall.com CD-ROM or other goodies for free. Click on "Modify Order Items" and you can specify what you'd like for free. If you don't want a free CD or anything else, go ahead and hit "Commit." Please remember, you need to purchase $11 or more worth of products to be eligible for a free item. Shipping and handling charges do not apply towards the $11 total.

    Program Sign-Up Page

    What is a contact name?

    The contact name field is provided for companies, Linux User Groups and other entities that may be comprised of several members. If you are a member of one of these types of entities, please specify the person who is the main point of contact. If you're the only person signing up, please list yourself.

    Do I have to post my contact information?

    Not necessarily. For some of our programs, we require posting of contact information because that is one of the main features of the program. For instance, the Consultants program is provided for people who are Linux Consultants to have the opportunity to reach LinuxMall.com's audience. If they do not post contact information it is somewhat ineffective.

    What if my User Group doesn't have a location?

    If you're participating in a "virtual" Linux Users Group, you can opt not to fill out the address information, or you can use the address of the person heading the LUG.

    What is an Organization Abstract?

    You can use this field to describe your company, user group or other entity. This will be helpful to people deciding if they'd like to contact you.

    What if I don't have an URL?

    If you don't have a Web page or other URL then leave that field blank. We provide it to give people the opportunity to post a link to their site. Please check the URL for accuracy!

    Customer Edit Page

    What is the "Alternate ID Question"?

    This allows you to give us a question to ask you in case you forget what your customer ID and password are. For example, I might want to be asked "Who's on first?", and have the server expect me to respond, "That's right" - that would be the question and answer pair that would show me my customer ID and password.

    Customer Login Form

    What if I don't have a Customer ID?

    No problem. Just click on the "Create New Account" button at the bottom and follow the steps to create a new Customer ID.

    What if I forgot my Customer ID or password?

    All is not lost! Click on the "Lookup" button and follow the steps to find your Customer ID.

    Why do I have to re-login after 30 minutes?

    In case you're using a shared computer, we log you out of the system after 30 minutes of inactivity. This is so that others cannot access your account.

    Customer Lookup Form

    I typed in my last name, and the lookup failed. How come?

    We need at least your email address or your first and last name to look up your account.

    What if I haven't given you my email address?

    That's not a problem, just type in your first and last name and your company name, if any. Unlike first and last names, email addresses are usually unique, so they are the most accurate identifier. However, it isn't absolutely necessary.

    Edit Shipping Instructions

    What's this about "Handling of Backordered Items"?

    Occasionally we run out of stock on items, or offer items for sale as pre-orders. In the event you order something we don't have in stock, we want to give you the opportunity to let us know what you'd like us to do. Please note that shipping backordered items separately will incur additional shipping charges.

    What about special handling instructions?

    We do provide an area for special handling instructions. However, since special instructions require human attention, it may delay the processing of any order. In addition, special instructions may cause you to lose the 5% online discount. We provide the online discount as an incentive for our customers to use the automated ordering system - which allows us to keep prices low.

    What about comments?

    The comments field is provided to so that you can give us feedback. Please feel free to let us know what you think about LinuxMall.com, ways we could improve, products you'd like us to carry or any good jokes you might know.

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