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As Components of:
  • Linux Pro 5.4 CD...
  • Tux the 6 Inch Stuffed Penguin...
  • Debian Disk 1...
  • Debian Disk 2...
  • TurboLinux Installation CD...
  • TurboLinux Companion CD...
  • Running Linux...
  • SuSE CD by Linux Mall...
  • Caldera OpenLinux CD by LinuxM...
  • Mandrake CD by LinuxMall.com...
  • FreeBSD CD by LinuxMall.com...
  • Red Hat Linux CD by LinuxMall....
  • Slackware CD by LinuxMall.com...
  • SourceIT! CD...

  • The GNU Way to Manage Your Money
    LinuxMall.com Beginner's Bundle LinuxMall.com Beginner's Bundle
    Manufacturer: LinuxMall
    Version: 1.0
    LinuxMall Part No: 01537

    Get started right! This bundle provides everything you need to get up and running with Linux. It includes all of the CDs in the Linux MegaPak, the acclaimed book Running Linux, the SourceIT CD from GNUWare, a 30-day demo of Applixware, and a loveable six-inch Tux penguin.

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    Everything you need to get up & running: (Top of Page)

    Can't decide what distribution you want to use? The LinuxMall.com Beginner's Bundle includes all of the LinuxMall.com Penguin Power CDs so you can test them all! Get a jump start on using Linux with the acclaimed O'Reilly book Running Linux by Matt Welsh, Matthias Kalle Dalheimer and Lar Kaufman.

    The Beginner's Bundle also includes the SourceIT CD by GNUware. SourceIT contains the source code to more than a thousand Open Source programs and an easy to use interface to find the software you want quickly and easily on the CD, rather than hunting for it on the Web!

    You can also try out the Applixware Office Suite with a 30-day demo included in the LinuxMall.com Beginner's Bundle. Pick up the full version of Applixware with a $10 mail-in rebae from Applix - good until January 31, 2000!

    Of course, no Linux lover's collection is complete without Tux, the lovable Linux mascot. The LinuxMall.com Beginner's Bundle includes a 6 inch plush Tux, suitable for all ages.

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    1 toy US$ 9.95
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