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Red Hat Linux Deluxe for Intel Red Hat Linux Deluxe for Intel
Manufacturer: RedHat
Version: 6.1
LinuxMall Part No: 01462

Official Red Hat Linux 6.1 Deluxe is ideal for the new user. Important to new users is the included telephone support. If you need to talk to someone while installing, Red Hat is simply a phone call away. Another huge bonus that is very popular is the Linux Application Library/Workstation edition which contains the Linux Application CD (40 packages of 3rd party software) plus the PowerTools.

Mall Price: $74.95
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Even more great software: You may be interested in Red Hat Linux Professional for Intel, which includes everything in the Deluxe Edition plus a Secure Web Server, software for E-Commerce, databases, and 30 days of Apache configuration support.
Less expensive: You may also be interested in Red Hat Linux Standard, which includes fewer CDs and no telephone support for a lower price.
Export Edition also available: Customers outside the US and Canada should consider the Export Edition, which we can legally export.
Older version: You can read about the older Red Hat Official Linux 6.0.

Extended Information
Red Hat Linux Deluxe includes:
  • 180-Day FREE priority FTP access - get the official updates from Red Hat fast and easy!
  • 30-day telephone support for immediate answers and 90-Day Web-based installation support
  • 5 CDs!
    • Red Hat Linux and source code (2 CDs)
    • Linux Application Library - Workstation Edition (2 CDs)
      • Linux Application CD - access to over 40of the most popular 3rd party applications for the workstation
      • PowerTools - Over 300 packages of applications that run on Linux
    • StarOffice 5.1a (1 CD)
  • Comprehensive documentation - Installation, Reference, and Getting Started Guides

Technical Features:

Improved, easier installation

  • Graphical Installer. The GTK+ based installer allows you to install on a fresh machine or upgrade your existing system. Text based installs are also possible for those looking for a choice.

  • Configure before installation. The full installation is written to a configuration file before your machine is ever touched, so you can exit the installation at any time without affecting your previous configuration (for systems with more than 32MB RAM).

  • Software RAID. Set up RAID at installation time and you no longer need to take down your system to replace a hard disk. Create servers that will offer increased reliability due to RAID protection.

  • Hardware probing. Enhanced autodetection of hardware during installation and reboot means that supported hardware is detected and configured automatically with no hassles.

  • Online help. Now there is documentation at your fingertips to answer your questions about the installation procedure.
Easy connection to the Internet
  • Easily configure your Red Hat Linux system for Internet access with the PPP Dialer. This simplified tool walks you through configuring and logging on to your ISP.

  • Check the performance of your connection through a visual network monitor.
High availability clustering
  • Load balancing for Web and FTP servers.
  • Failover capability between dynamic load balancing routers.
  • Simple graphical configuration tools.
  • Service monitoring for server clusters.
  • Compatibility with most third party Web and FTP servers.
LDAP integration
    LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is rapidly emerging as the standard protocol used in large networks to authenticate and maintain information about users and network services. New in Red Hat Linux 6.1 is the integration of an LDAP server and authentication modules. Features include:
    • User lookups to LDAP servers are seamless.

    • Authentication via LDAP gives unprecedented policy based access control.
Priority FTP access to updates
    No more late nights trolling congested mirror sites. Now you can update the kernel and other important packages without having to wait on busy FTP sites! Technology included in Red Hat Linux 6.1 (GPG encryption) allows you to receive updates from Red Hat with Red Hat's digital signature for added security.

    When you purchase Red Hat Linux 6.1 and register with Red Hat, you gain access to ftp://priority.redhat.com - a dedicated update site for Red Hat customers. With this service, you get notifications of enhancements, updated packages via FTP download, and automated installation of packages via the Red Hat Update Agent.

You can read a complete list of included packages.

The differences in features between the Standard, Deluxe, and Professional editions of Red Hat Linux 6.1 are shown in the following chart:

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