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Red Hat Linux 4.2 for Alpha: Hardware Requirements

Red Hat Linux/Alpha supports a variety of hardware based on the Alpha processor and the PCI bus. Platforms on which this release is known to work include: All of the above platforms except the Jensen include an NCR 810 SCSI controller, though BusLogic PCI SCSI controllers (other than the FlashPoint), the Adaptec AHA2940 SCSI controller, and Qlogic 1020 ISP controllers are also supported. The Jensen design uses an AHA1740 SCSI controller and is supported. NE2000, DE422, and DE4x5 (PCI) Ethernet cards are supported. This includes the UDB's internal Ethernet hardware. Token ring support is also included in the kernels.

The X Window System should work on any machine with a S3 based video card except the Jensen machines. There is a server available from for S3 cards. TGA servers (which work on the UDB for example) are available on your Red Hat Linux/Alpha CD in the X11 directory. Most of the cards from Orchid and Number 9 will work. Most Diamond Stealth cards are also supported. Digital TGA cards (based on the DC21030 chip) are supported in 8 bit mode, and an X server for Mach64 cards is also provided.

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