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Product: Sunsite Linux Archive CD Set

This 4 CD Set is intended to augument an existing Linux installation with all of the files, source code, and applications that can be found on the Sunsite FTP site. These CD sets are produced approximately quarterly, and we have a subscription available to automatically send these as they are produced.

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Ordering Information:
Retail Price: US$ 14.95
Manufacturer: WGS
Category: LxDistribC
Shipping Weight: 0.34 lb
Dimensions: 5.7"x5"x1"
ISBN-Code: 0-9644309-4-0

Our Price: US$ 5
Part#: 00037
Item Code: LXSNS
Version: 9056 (June 96)
Classification: B
UPC-Code: 061590000085

To get the latest software, instead of purchasing this product we recommend that you purchase the InfoMagic Developer's resource or the Yggdrasil Linux Internet Archives
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Product: Sunsite Linux Archive further Information

System Requirements: Minimum: A running Linux system, with a CDROM drive.

Further Information:
The currently shipping version was produced in June of 96. This CD set, unlike so many other available linux archive sets, actually contains ALL the Linux software on the very popular sunsite FTP site. The only exceptions are the three Linux distributions
Red Hat , Slackware and Debian, because they deserve and therefore get CD sets of their own. Also excluded is whatever small amount of software explicitly specifies that no one is allowed to put it on CD.

These archive sets are a bonanza for those that do not have FTP access, or only slow FTP access, or even those that just want the latest software handy. The archive sites on the internet are often so busy that it is difficult to access then when a particular piece of software or information is desired.

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