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Product: Debian Linux CD Set

This is a very low cost copy of the well known Debian Linux in a 2 CD set. The primary CD is the actual Debian Linux, while the second CD contains additional files from the Debian Linux site.

For system requirements and more detailed Information: Click Here

Ordering Information:
Retail Price: US$ 14.95
Manufacturer: WGS
Category: LxDistribC
Shipping Weight: 0.42 lbs
Dimensions: 5.7"x5"x1"
ISBN-Code: 0-9644309-6-7
Replacement: 00603

Our Price: US$ 5
Part#: 00029
Item Code: LXDEB
Version: .93R6
Classification: B
UPC-Code: 061590000054

To see a newer version of Debian Linux, click here.
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Product: Debian Linux further Information

System Requirements: Minimum: 386SX/16, 2MB of RAM, 40MB of hard disk, 3.5" Floppy, Supported CDROM drive Good: 486/66, 16MB of RAM, 500MB of hard disk Fabulous: Pentium, 16-32B of RAM, 2GB of hard disk. SCSI devices will provide the best performance.

Further Information:
Our currently shipping version is Debian .93R6. This is the version before the curently released Debian 1.1. We have not yet cut the new Debian 1.1 CDs as the site where we get this information has yet to stabilize. We did not figure that our customers wanted disks with missing files, or corrupted boot disks among other issues. The 1.1 is going to be able to upgrade .93R6 in place, so it is easy to order .93r6, and then we will send you a free copy of 1.1 after we are finally able to make the CDs, providing you send in the registration from from your 93R6 version.

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