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Linux Pro 6 CD Set Photo

Product: Linux Pro 6 CD Set

An easier-to-install, more professional and more fully debugged version of Linux on the primary CD, plus supplemental 5-CD set including lots of programming tools, languages, software and games!

Linux Pro 4.1a can be used to upgrade any Red Hat version 2.0 through 3.0.3 in place, with no messy reinstallation.

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Ordering Information:
Retail Price: US$ 49.95
Manufacturer: WGS
Category: LxDistribM
Shipping Weight: 0.06 lb
Dimensions: 5.63" x 5" x 1"
ISBN-Code: 0-9644309-3-2
Replacement: 00569

Our Price: US$ 47.00
Part#: 00025
Item Code: LXCDS
Version: 4.1a
Classification: B
UPC-Code: 061590000023
Bundle Contents: 00360, 00065, 00603, 00425, 00601, 00602
This product is still available, but we recommend that you purchase the brand new Linux Pro 5.4 instead. Please don't miss the excellent new Linux Pro bundles, including Linux Pro Sampler and Linux Pro Plush. If you already own the Linux Pro 6-CD Set, you can upgrade to Linux Pro Sampler at a special low price!
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We accept all major credit cards, and offer a 30 Day money back guarantee.
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WorkGroup Solutions, Inc, PO Box 460190, Aurora, CO 80046-0190
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Product: Linux Pro Plus Further Information

System Requirements: Minimum: 386SX/16, 8MB of RAM, 100MB of hard disk, 3.5" Floppy, Supported CDROM drive Good: 486/66, 16MB of RAM, 500MB of hard disk Fabulous: Pentium, 16-32MB of RAM, 2GB of hard disk. SCSI devices will provide the best performance.

Further Information:
The Linux Pro 6 CD set is included along with the
Linux Encyclopedia in the Linux Pro Plus Package, which is the bundle that most customers buy.

Click here to see the introductory announcment for Linux Pro 4.0.

What is this Linux stuff anyway?

Linux Pro is:

32 Bit Internet Ready, GUI, MultiMedia, MultiUser, MultiTasking Network ready Operating System with more software and utilities than you'll ever use.

Linux Pro has:

All the software and utilities you will find on other Linux CD sets with a difference! We believe that the latest is not always the greatest. We test to make sure what we are including is complete, and as stable as possible. You will find that our CD is often a revision or two behind other CDs for this very reason. We focus on commercial users who would rather have it work, than fight with the latest code. All the documentation you need to use Linux Pro is on the CD. This is the main CD.

----But you also get the Latest...

The WGS Supplemental 5 CD Set adds more software AND the latest software available by including various software from of the largest Linux archive sites in the US. If you want the absolute newest possible, here it is. We trust that if you use items from the 3 supplemental CDs, you know enough not to get yourself into trouble with them, or do not mind playing around. In some cases drivers for the latest hardware are needed from these additional CDs. Included is the latest Red Hat Linux distribution, Also included are The Linux Shopping Mall CD, and a Live file system CD with full source code for the entire Linux Pro CD contents.

For commercial users who need assurance, we also have annual update subscriptions as well as annual support and maintenance contracts.

What exactly does Linux Pro include?

So much stuff you won't believe it. Really good stuff. I intend to list the highlights here, but I have not gotten that far yet, Sorry...

A brief listing is as follows: Worldwide Web Server, DOS Emulation, Windows for Workgroups LAN Server, SCO UNIX Emulation, E-Mail, C, C++, Perl, Fortran, Pascal, Lisp, Smalltalk, Tcl, Tk, FlagShip "Test- Drive", X-Windows, Full Networking (HTTP, HTML, TCP/IP, NFS, Netbios, Usenet News, etc), clones of virtually every Unix utility you have ever heard of, and much, much, more.

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C01: 6 CD US$ 2.00
C02: 1 Intellectual
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