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Our Price:US$10.00
Size (in):5.25"x 5.25"x .35"

As Components of:
  • Linux Pro 5.4 CD...
  • Penguin Power Bumper Sticker...
  • Caldera OpenLinux CD by LinuxM...
  • Red Hat Linux CD by LinuxMall....
  • Slackware CD by LinuxMall.com...
  • SuSE Linux CD by LinuxMall.com...
  • TurboLinux Installation Pengui...

  • The GNU Way to Manage Your Money
    Linux SixPak Linux SixPak
    Manufacturer: LinuxMall
    Version: 2.0
    LinuxMall Part No: 01060

    This special package includes six popular Linux distributions, so you can test drive them all! In addition, the Linux SixPak comes with a Penguin Power Bumper Sticker. $10.00 when ordered online using a credit card.

    Mall Price: $10.00    Click to buy!

    Additional bundles: LinuxMall.com recommends that you also consider the Linux SixPak XL, Linux MegaPak, and the Linux MegaPak XL.
    Important! In order to take advantage of this special offer, you must order online using a credit card. For any other ordering method we must ask you for a $10 handling charge to cover human time in helping you unless you also order other items. Please read our announcement on the $1.89 CDs.
    Older version: You may be interested in the previous version of the Linux SixPak.

    Extended Information
    Which Linux is best for you? The Linux SixPak helps you answer this question. Like a car, you cannot know if you really want it till you have test driven it. It's the same with Linux, and the SixPak is a great way to test drive all major versions of Linux, while getting some great bumper stickers, and a chance to win even more great merchandise in the bargain!

    The Linux SixPak contains the following Linux CDs:

    Plus: When you've decided which Linux is best for you, please consider buying its "official" version: By doing so, you help support the companies that foster Linux development and promotion. You also get extras not included in the freely-distributable versions, such as commercial software, printed documentation, and attractive packaging.

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    6 cd US$ 1.00
    1 unclassified US$ 1.95
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