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Our Price:US$0.99
Size (in):5"x 5"x .2"

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    SuSE Linux CD SuSE Linux CD
    Manufacturer: LinuxMall
    Version: 6.0
    LinuxMall Part No: 00970

    Version 6.0 of the popular open-source operating system SuSE Linux is now available on this very inexpensive single CD. $1.89 when ordered online using your credit card! See below if you wish to order using any other method.

    Mall Price: $0.99    Click to buy! This item is replaced by 01044

    Newer version: You can read about the newer Version 6.1
    Specially priced: In order to buy this CD for the special low price of $1.89, you must order through this website using a credit card. If you order by phone, fax, email or snailmail, we must add a $10.00 service charge to your order unless your product prices add up to at least $11.00.
    Older version: You can read about the older SuSE Linux 5.3.

    Extended Information
    For feature information, please see the page for the Official SuSE Linux 6.0.

    This is a one-CD set. The official distribution is a 5-CD set.

    Sorry, we cannot accept returns on this item.

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    QuantityItem Description Price per Unit
    1 cd US$ 1.00
    1 Intellectual value is sale price minus sum of components

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