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Linux-Mandrake Power Pack Photo

Product: Linux-Mandrake Power Pack

Also known by its code name "Festen," this popular Linux distribution is based on the GPL edition of Red Hat Linux 5.2, and includes KDE and the download version of WordPerfect 8 for Linux, as well as lots of other great software.

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Ordering Information:
Retail Price: US$ 50.00
Manufacturer: Mandrksoft
Category: LxDistribM
Release Date: 1999/02/14
Date Posted: 1999/03/04
Last Update: 1999/03/16
SerialNo: No
Delivery Method: Stock
Key Type: N/A
Replacement: N/A

Our Price: US$ 44.95
Part#: 00969
Version: 5.3
Classification: E
Shipping Weight: 1.1 lbs
ShipCharge: Y
Dimensions: 10" x 2" x 8.9"
ISBN-Code: 2-9513476-9-3
Bundle Contents: N/A

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Product: Linux-Mandrake Power Pack, Further Information


You should have a true i386 compatible processor such as an Intel 486, Pentium, Pentium Pro, Pentium MMX, Pentium II, AMD K6/K6-II, Cyrix 6x86, 6x86 MX, etc.

If you will use your Linux system for graphics, you will need a video card that is recognized by Linux. Your sound card, modem, network card, and so on should also be Linux compatible. You can check the compatibility of your hardware at the Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO document.

Further Information:

This distribution contains:

Linux Mandrake is built upon some very simple ideas. Consider a famous Linux Distribution known as "RedHat Linux GPL". This distribution is certainly one of the best linux distributions. Anyway, most people now want a RH for their Linux-box. It's easy to install, quite easy to configure and to use. Now have a look at the KDE desktop-manager. It's widely considered to be the best desktop-manager for Linux. "KDE" is now very stable, very beautiful, very practical. When you try it, you adopt it...

Inside Linux Mandrake, KDE is fully integrated with the GPLd RedHat. It's the default desktop-manager. You don't have to configure KDE anymore: once Mandrake is installed, it works!

Now, you do not have to spend all this time to get the last version of KDE, to install it and to solve all implied problems. Get Linux Mandrake, install it. It works, you can now work.

Do you see the advantages?

You've got a full RedHat Linux GPL with a full efficient Graphical Desktop Manager...

Who is Linux Mandrake for?


Linux Mandrake is based upon Linux the full 32 bit multitasking OS. It actually runs on all Intel and compatible architectures (486, Pentium, Pentium Pro, Pentium MMX, Pentium II and all clones). Linux Mandrake combines the power of Unix-based systems with the flexibiliy of a very powerful graphical desktop manager: KDE.

It comes with the famous Apache Web Server, the GNU Manipulation Image Program Gimp 1.0, Netscape Communicator 4.5, and many other excellent programs. The Linux Mandrake version numbers follow RedHat ones. When a new RedHat distribution comes, a new Linux Mandrake distribution comes too!

Linux-Mandrake 5.x is 100% compatible with RedHat 5.x! (note: 5.3 is an exception: Mandrake 5.3 is compatible with RH 5.2 since RH 5.3 is not out and will probably never be)

Furthermore, the distribution is constantly updated with the new patches, and the new Linux Kernels.

What's new with Mandrake 5.3?

First, you get an international installation procedure (including en (default), cs, fi, no, tr, ro, sr, sk, de, da, se, it, fr).

Mandrake 5.3 add-ons:

  • kpackage 1.1 (.rpm/.deb packages manager)
  • x11amp 0.65 (mp3 player)
  • kvirc 0.8 (full featured graphical irc client)
  • licq 0.44 (ICQ client)
  • aktion 0.2 (mpeg/avi/mov player)
  • ksnapshot 0.2 (screenshots program)
  • ktelnet 0.61 (K version of telnet)
  • ktop 0.9 (graphical system-ressources vizualizer)
  • kpilot 3.0 (Pilot synchronization utilitie)
  • spacesounds (pre-integrated sound-theme for KDE)
  • GPL flash2/3 plugin (pre-integrated to Netscape)
  • krubik 1.04 (nice Rubik's cube game)
  • kfortune 1.11 (get a new fortune each time you start KDE!)
  • xkobo 1.9 (a nice spacewar game)
  • wine 1990110 (windows 16/32 applications emulator)
  • Mandrake-SOHO (Small Office Home Office) extensions:

  • klyx 0.9 (WYSIWYG front-end to LaTeX)
  • maxwell 0.5 (wordprocessor, nice to import word6.0 and RTF files)
  • ksiag 3.0.6 (spreadsheet for Linux)
  • sane 1.0 (scanning plugin for Gimp)
  • korganizer 0.9 (full personal organizer)
  • ksendfax 0.3 (fax utilitie)
  • kvoice 0.3 (voice modem utilitie)
  • kisdn (isdn utility)
  • X-Server extensions(must be set manually):

  • XBF server 1.0 (for i740-based boards)
  • Locale (must be set manually) extensions:

  • Italian manpages
  • Spanish manpages
  • German manpages
  • French manpages
  • Xtel 3.2 (French Minitel terminal)

  • Core System details:

    Linux Kernel version: 2.0.36 (final) + 2.2.1 version: 1.9.5
    glibc version: 2.0.7
    egcs version: 1.0.3a
    gcc version:

    Base Applications details:

    RedHat Linux version: 5.2
    KDE version: 1.1 (ehanced)
    Gimp version: 1.0.1
    Apache version: 1.3.3
    Netscape Communicator version: 4.08 + 4.5
    emacs version: 20.3 + XEmacs 20.4

    Note: all RH 5.2 RPM packages are included! (packages updated january 1999)
    Note2: the content of FTP servers is not always up-to-date with current version of Mandrake.

    What is this Linux stuff anyway?

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    Line Item # Quantity Item Description Price per unit
    C01: 4 CD US$ 1.00
    C02: 1 book US$ 5.00
    C03: 1 Intellectual
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    of the components
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