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Contribution to the Debian Organization Contribution to the Debian Organization
Manufacturer: LinuxMall
Version: 1.0
LinuxMall Part No: 00952

When you purchase this service, you are making a donation to the Debian Organization, which produces and maintains the Debian Linux distribution.

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Extended Information
When you purchase this service, we donate the amount of your purchase to the Debian Organization. You may donate any amount you wish in increments of $5.00, by purchasing more than one $5.00 contribution.

Although created by a volunteers throughout the world, Debian has expenses that were, for a long time, paid for out of the pockets of a few of the developers. These expenses include registering the debian.org domain, cutting CD's for testing new releases, unreimbursed travel and lodging expenses while appearing at conferences, etc.

Many of the donations to date have been from appreciative users. While all donations are welcome, it especially hoped that any businesses that make money through Debian (CD manufacturers, support companies, or even businesses that rely on Debian for day to day operations) will contribute a percentage of their profit to help make Debian GNU/Linux the best OS it can be.

Contributions are exempt from the 5% online discount and from generating referral commissions. Linux Mall does not keep any part of the $5.00 contribution as profit. However, if your credit card company or bank charges us a fee for the transaction, the fee is deducted from your $5.00 before we pass it on to the recipient. We submit accumulated donations to the recipient on a quarterly basis. Your contribution will be shown as a line item on your invoice. Sorry, but we cannot provide additional documentation of your contribution.

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