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FreeBSD 4-CD Set Photo

Product: FreeBSD 4-CD Set

FreeBSD 2.2.7 is a full, professional quality, UNIX-compatible operating system based on Berkeley 4.4 BSD, and is a complete development environment with integrated Web servers, browsers, and much more.

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Ordering Information:
Retail Price: US$ 39.95
Manufacturer: Walnut
Category: LxDistribM
Release Date: 1998/07/01
Date Posted: 1998/11/27
Last Update: 1998/11/27
SerialNo: No
Delivery Method: Stock
Key Type: N/A
Replacement: 00910

Our Price: US$ 23.00
Part#: 00839
Version: 2.2.7
Classification: G
Shipping Weight: 0.5 lbs
ShipCharge: Y
Dimensions: 5.5" x 5" x 1"
UPC-Code: 747851023139
Bundle Contents: N/A

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Newer versions: Two newer versions of FreeBSD are now available.
Version 2.2.8 is a rock-solid, fully Internet-ready December 1998 release. Version 3.0 is a bleeding-edge release aimed at developers and early adopters, and is less stable than version 2.2.7.

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Product: FreeBSD 4-CD Set, Further Information


Standard ISA, EISA, VL, or PCI bus based PC (386sx to Pentium), 5 MB RAM. 60 MB disk space for a binary-only system and 340 MB for full development system.

Additional hardware support information:

Misc. hardware support: Standard SCSI disk, tape and CDROM peripherals, ESDI disk, floppy drives, Sony CDU 31/33 CDROM, Mitsumi FX001 or FX003D, Matsushita CD on Soundblaster interface card, IDE CDROM, 2/4/8/16 port serial cards from BOCA, Cyclades and Digiboard, Wangtec/Archive QIC drives on QIC-02 or QIC-36 controller, floppy-tape drives on floppy controller, Creative Labs Video Spigot, Matrox Meteor, Bt848 cards, Connectix Quick-CAM, Soundblaster 16/SB PRO/AWE32, ProAudioSpectrum, Gravis Ultrasound/MAX, MS Sound Source.

Hard disk controllers: Any ESDI WD 1007 compatible, Adaptec 152x and 154x ISA, 174x/274x/284x EISA, 294x/394x PCI, DPT SCSI RAID, Buslogic 742/545x ISA, 445x VLB, 747x EISA, 946x/956x PCI, Ultra-store 14F/24F ISA, 34F EISA, NCR 53C810/825/875 PCI, ProAudio Spectrum SCSI (CDROM), Future Domain 950 (CDROM), Tekram DC390 and DC390T (and other AMD 53c974 based boards).

Networking: SMC Elite 16/Ultra, SMC9432TX and most WD80x3 clones, ISOLAN AT 4140-0, Isolink 4110, Novell NE1000/2000/2100, 3COM 3C501/3/7/9, 3C579, 3C590/5, DEC DC 21040/21041/21140 PCI, DEFPA, DEFEA, Fujitsu MB86960A/MB86965A, Intel Etherexpress Pro/100 and Pro/10, Znyx ZX34 series PCI, SDL RISCom N2pci sync serial card.

Further Information:

FreeBSD 2.2.7 is a full, professional quality, UNIX-compatible operating system featuring:

FreeBSD is based on Berkeley 4.4 BSD, developed by the University of California, Berkeley, and its contributors. Complete development environment with GNU v2.7.2.1 C and C++ compilers, fortran-to-C (f2c) and GDB debugger. Other languages such as PERL4/PERL5, TCL 8.1, scheme, logo, forth, BASIC and ICON are also provided. Includes tools like GNU emacs 20.2, TeX 3.14, ghostscript, Hylafax and AFM fonts. The bash, csh, zsh and tcsh shells are also provided. FreeBSD supports ISO 9660 and RockRidge format CDs.

Walnut Creek CDROM relies exclusively on FreeBSD for our 200 Gigabyte, 3,200 user ftp machine,

You get:

FreeBSD comes with the industry standard X Window system (X11R6) for the PC, XFree86 3.3.2. You also get a rich set of ready-to-run X utilities such as the fvwm window manager, Tk 8.1, Xaw3d, xjpeg, and much more. The system comes with complete source code and features a tightly integrated build system which lets you build the entire system from sources with one command. If you want stable networking or a powerful development environment, FreeBSD is the Operating System for you.

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C01: 4 CD US$ 2.00
C02: 1 Intellectual
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