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Red Hat Wrap Photo

Product: Red Hat Wrap

What do we mean by "wrap"? In this bundle, the Red Hat Official Linux 5.2 box is securely wrapped in a Penguin Power T-Shirt for extra padding during shipment, as well as for your fashion enjoyment!

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Ordering Information:
Retail Price: US$ 69.90
Manufacturer: Linux Mall
Category: Special
Release Date: 1998/11/02
Date Posted: 1998/11/02
Last Update: 1998/11/02
SerialNo: No
Delivery Method: Stock
Key Type: N/A
Replacement: N/A

Our Price: US$ 49.95
Part#: 00817
Version: 5.2
Classification: E
Shipping Weight: 2.5 lbs
ShipCharge: Y
Dimensions: TBD
Bundle Contents: 00800, 00709

We strive to offer the best prices and availability to our customers. However, because the computer industry changes so rapidly, our prices and/or product availability may sometimes fluctuate. If your order will be placed at a later time, please check back to confirm price and availability.
Even better value: Everything in this bundle plus a whole lot more is in the
Red Hat with Penguin Power and Red Hat Power Pack bundles.
Also available separately: Linux Mall offers Red Hat Linux 5.2 and the Penguin Power T-Shirt as individual items, but you'll find that this bundle puts them together for a lower price than buying them separately.
Older version: The Red Hat Wrap bundle used to be packaged with Red Hat Linux 5.1.

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Linux Mall/WGS, PO Box 460190, Aurora, CO 80046-0190
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Product: Red Hat Wrap, Further Information


See the prerequisites for Red Hat Linux 5.2. There are no prerequisites for the Penguin Power T-Shirt, although it's optimized for use with a human body, size XL.

Further Information:

In addition to being fun to wear, the Penguin Power T-Shirt provides extra protection for the software during shipping. Please see the individual products' pages for further information.

For an even better value, see the Red Hat Celebration Bundle.

What is this Linux stuff anyway?

Customs Information for this item:
Line Item # Quantity Item Description Price per unit
C01: 3 CD US$ 2.00
C02: 2 floppy US$ 1.00
C02: 1 book US$ 5.00
C03: 1 garment US$ 7.50
C04: 1 Intellectual
Value always=
Sale Price
minus the sum
of the components
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