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Product: Red Hat Official Linux for Intel

Release 5 of Red Hat Linux combines ease-of-use for the beginner with power and flexibility for the advanced user to create the ultimate workstation or server.

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Ordering Information:
Retail Price: US$ 49.95
Manufacturer: Red Hat
Category: LxDistribM
Date Posted: 1997/11/28
Last Update: 1997/11/28
Delivery Method: Stock
Key Type: N/A
Replacement: 00700

Our Price: US$ 29.95
Part#: 00583
Version: 5.0
Classification: G
Shipping Weight: 1.5 lbs
Dimensions: 7.5" x 9" x 1.6"
ISBN-Code: 1-888172-94-0
UPC-Code: 6-38347-50001-5
Bundle Contents: N/A

We strive to offer the best prices and availability to our customers. However, because the computer industry changes so rapidly, our prices and/or product availability may sometimes fluctuate. If your order will be placed at a later time, please check back to confirm price and availability.
Newer version: This product has been replaced by the newer
Red Hat Official Linux 5.1!
Other processors: Red Hat Linux is also available for Alpha and SPARC.
Compatibility issue: Currently, Red Hat Linux does not work with the following software: Xi Graphics' maXimum cde, Executive and Developer editions; Xi Graphics' Motif; and TriTeal CDE Developer's Edition. Red Hat Motif version 2.0.1 had a compatibility problem as well, but that has been resolved in Version 2.1.
Upgrade from 4.2: If you bought version 4.2 of this product after November 1, 1997 and before January 1, 1998, a low-priced upgrade to 5.0 was available until January 1, 1998. That offer has now expired.

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Product: Red Hat Offical Linux, Further Information


Further Information:

The Complete Red Hat Linux Operating System is a POSIX based system that can be used as a UNIX workstation for applications ranging from internet servers to reliable workgroup computing. Release 5 of Red Hat Linux combines ease-of-use for the beginner with power and flexibility for the advanced user to create the ultimate workstation or server.

Red Hat Software provides 30 days of free installation support via email.


As an ever advancing operating system, Red Hat Linux knows where you're going before you do.

Because Red Hat Linux is cooperatively developed, Red Hat Linux benefits from the contribution of some of the greatest minds in computer development around the world. With this constant progress and evolution of the OS, problems are detected and fixed before they become a threat. This provides the user with a stable, secure and reliable operating environment. Seamlessly binding together the cooperatively developed Linux, the Red Hat Package Manger, RPM, makes upgrading and maintaining your Linux system painless and worry-free. The RPM packaging system eliminates guess work and prevents major system failures when installing, uninstalling, and upgrading software packages. Because of the wide variety of software that is included in Red Hat Linux, you can use it as a server or desktop at work or at home.

As a Server, the capabilities of Red Hat Linux are abundant. Red Hat Linux can be set up for use as a web server, email server, DNS server, news server and more, for multiple sites, with virtual hosting. There's no need to purchase additional software because everything you need for these multi-serving functions is included in one package. The included popular Apache web server and sendmail email package allow you to set up anything from a small intranet server to a large virtual hosted server for hundreds of clients. Packages are included that allow easy client/server relationships on heterogeneous computer networks.

Red Hat is exploding in popularity as a desktop environment. Red Hat Linux has received several awards; InfoWorld named Red Hat Linux 1996 Desktop Product of the Year, and in 1997, Red Hat Linux was named a finalist in the desktop/environment category of the Ziff-Davis European Software Excellence Awards.

Red Hat Linux contains all of the software needed for use as a desktop client such as email, browsers, publishing, calendars, internet tools, and more. The standard user interface combines the power of the X Window system with an easy to configure window manager.

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