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Product: Tux, a 10 inch tall plush stuffed Penguin

Tux the penguin is now available as a 10" tall plush stuffed animal toy. The famous "Tux" image by Larry Ewing has become so identified with Linux that hardly a day goes by without a request for a "stuffed Tux" at some place besides a wedding. We looked and looked, and finally located a source for this similar and adorable fellow.

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Ordering Information:
Retail Price: US$ 29.95
Manufacturer: WGS
Category: CoolStuff
Date Posted: 1997/11/12
Last Update: 1997/11/12
Item Code: N/A
Delivery Method: Stock
Replacement: 00749

Our Price: US$ 19.95
Part#: 00562
Version: 1997
Classification: G
Shipping Weight: 0.4 lbs
Dimensions: 10.5" x 5.75" x 5.5"
Bundle Contents: N/A

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Newer versions: By the 1998 Christmas shopping season, a newer set of penguins that more closely resemble Larry Ewing's famous drawing will be available in
ten inch, six inch, and four inch sizes.
Note: Tux can be yours at no charge if the other discountable items in your order total at least $500.00.
The perfect gift: One Linux Mall Gift Certificate covers the purchase of Tux and domestic shipping.

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Product: Tux the Penguin, 10 inch tall plush toy, Further Information


None. You don't even have to know about Linux. You just have to know someone who appreciates cute plush toys. Yourself, maybe.

Further Information:

In addition to being irresistably cute, soft, and cuddly, Tux is non-toxic, non-allergenic, polyfiberfilled, surface washable, and safe for all ages. His bead eyes are firmly attached to prevent any choking hazard.

What makes Tux Tux?

Larry Ewing drew the famous "Tux" image based on a suggestion from Linus Torvalds, using the GIMP graphics suite (included in Linux Pro).

So when you think "penguin", you should be imagining a slightly overweight penguin (*), sitting down after having gorged itself, and having just burped. It's sitting there with a beatific smile - the world is a good place to be when you have just eaten a few gallons of raw fish and you can feel another "burp" coming.

(*) Not FAT, but you should be able to see that it's sitting down because it's really too stuffed to stand up. Think "bean bag" here.

[People looking at the penguin] should say (sickly sweet voice, babytalk almost): "Ooh, what a cuddly penguin, I bet he is just stuffed with herring," and small children will jump up and down and scream "mommy mommy, can I have one too?".

- Linus Torvalds

Penguins can't fly, right?

Well, some intrepid exhibitors at the Linux Pavilion at Comdex ended the flightless penguin era this November. A person that spoke to Mark Bolzern at Linux Mall's booth saw the penguins and said he would try Linux when Penguins flew. Mark had an idea, and went next door to Red Hat's booth with one. They had a helium tank and ballons. For the record, 41 helium-filled balloons tied to Tux's wings are sufficient to free him from the confines of gravity at Las Vegas' altitude.

What is this Linux stuff anyway?

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C01: 1 unclassified item US$ 24.95
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