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Product: WebCheck

WebCheck is a site administration tool which allows you to effectively analyze and visualize your site.

The browser based GUI provides a highly integrated environment for editing, correcting, and publishing changes to your site using your favorite HTML editor.

HTML reports identify broken links and invalid HTML syntax as well as many other common site ailments with links to forms which allow problems to be easily corrected either individually or globally.

Downloadable - no physical media.

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Ordering Information:
Retail Price: US$ 185.00
Manufacturer: CutterNet
Category: ISPcom
Shipping Weight: 0 lbs.
Dimensions: N/A
ISBN-Code: N/A
Replacement: 00439

Our Price: US$ 170.00
Part#: 00497
Item Code: None
Version: 1.3.1
Classification: D
Date Posted: 1997/09/03
Last Update: 1997/09/03
Delivery Method: DownLoad
We strive to offer the best prices and availability to our customers. However, because the computer industry changes so rapidly, our prices and/or product availability may sometimes fluctuate. If your order will be placed at a later time, please check back to confirm price and availability.
No longer available: Sorry, but the Linux Mall can no longer supply licenses for this product, and Cutternet is no longer able to support it. You might be interested in
Web+ instead.

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WorkGroup Solutions, Inc, PO Box 460190, Aurora, CO 80046-0190
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Product: WebCheck, Further Information

System Requirements:

WebCheck runs on PC based Linux 2.0.x systems, with Netscape 2.0 or newer. The installation requires 3Mb of disk space, with an additional 1-3 Mb per project.

Download the product here:

You can download and install a fully functional 30-day evaluation copy of WebCheck. Sorry, but we can no longer sell a permanent license.

Further Information:

WebCheck is a website administration tool that helps you save time and manage, modify, and maintain your website more effectively.

WebCheck helps you to manage your site more effectively by putting the power of website meta data in your hands, giving you access to the information you need, presented in the format best suited for the task at hand.

WebCheck allows you modify your site with global changes or a single page at a time. Global Change Operations allow you to replace a broken link with the correct link every where it is referenced in one step. The Global Change Operation can perform more sophisticated tasks as well, such as replacing server side imagemaps with client side imagemaps. WebCheck also makes it easy to edit and replace individual pages without having an entire copy of the site on the local system.

WebCheck helps you maintain your website, saving you time by automating the time consuming quality assurance tasks of checking HTTP links and HTML syntax, and eliminating the error prone process of transferring files from your server to your local system and back.

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