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Version:1st Ed.
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The Linux Internet Server The Linux Internet Server
Manufacturer: MIS:Press
Version: 1st Ed.
LinuxMall Part No: 00470

This book covers how to set up Linux (Slackware in particular) as an Internet server, and then delves into the details of creating, editing, and defining Web content of all sorts - mail, Web pages, maps, and more.

Written by Kevin Reichard
1st Edition, March 1997
512 pages

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Extended Information
Linux has the reputation for being a rock-solid Internet server that never crashes or goes down. When combined with powerful Internet applications like the Apache HTTP server (the most widely used Web server in the universe), Linux becomes an unbeatable Internet server. This book covers how to set up Slackware Linux as an Internet server, and then delves into the details of creating, editing, and defining Web content of all sorts-mail, Web pages, maps, and more.

Slackware Linux is the popular distribution of Linux which was created by one of our series editors, Patrick Volkerding. This book shows you how to use this free operating system for all of your Internet server tasks.

  • Describes setting up Linux as an Internet and an Intranet server
  • Explains creating and editing Web pages
  • Covers using Linux to offer services like electronic mail and
  • Usenet news
  • Details offering multimedia files to the Internet with Linux
The CD-ROM contains the Slackware Linux operating system, as well as a slew of Internet applications: Apache HTTP server, Web page creation and mapping tools, search engines/indexing software, multimedia servers, and mail servers.

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