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Product: Pre-Paid Legal Services

Q: What is as important as Health Insurance if you get sick? As important as Auto Insurance if you have an accident?
A: Legal Services if you are sued!

Legal safety for less than the price of cable TV in most areas of the USA!

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Product: Pre-Paid Legal Services, Further Information

System Requirements:

You must be a resident of the United States, excluding Massachusetts, Alaska, territories and protectorates. You must have a Social Security Number and a bank account.

Further Information:

Why is the Linux Mall offering Pre-Paid Legal Services?

Legal safety for less than the price of cable TV in most areas of the USA!

There are a lot of programmers and engineers working on making Linux the best it possibly can be. Many are going out on a limb to install Linux for their customers and employers. It is a worthwhile goal, and Linux is often the best solution. But as Linux is used in more and more companies for mission critical applications, is it possible that occasionally something will go wrong, and some of us may get sued? Will the "no warranty" clause in the license agreements be enough to stop a potential suit?

Is this just for programmers? Oh, no. It is for anyone with any kind of legal problem. Sooner or later that is everyone. In most of the United States, filing a lawsuit is cheap and easy; anyone can do it without even hiring an attorney. Given that it's that easy to sue, it is only a matter of time till some of us get sued -- if not for our code, or our well-intentioned work, then maybe for what we say in a public forum. It can happen at any time and for any reason.

Maybe the problem you encounter will have nothing to do with Linux. Did you know that in case of a fatal accident, auto insurance companies will not help you defend yourself against a wrongful death suit? And how do you ensure justice in a child custody situation, or a case where someone owes you money?

Unfortunately in the United States of America, it is not "if" you are going to be sued by someone, but "when." Equally unfortunate is the fact that a good defense is not affordable to most of us. This inability to defend actually costs us our rights! How much justice can you afford?

What is the solution? The Linux Mall knew that there had to be one, and we just located it! We are so excited about it that we made a deal to make the same solution available to you too.

The Linux Mall is now an Independent Associate of Pre-Paid Legal Services(R), Inc.
PPL memberships make legal services affordable. Never worry about legal difficulties again!

How it works: After reviewing all the information we have available, you contact us via email or phone and tell us what plans & programs you wish to sign up for (or you can order online, and we will contact you). We then send you the appropriate forms and documentation in order to sign up. No money changes hands until you return the completed forms to the Linux Mall for processing, along with your initial check (or credit card number and signature). There is an initial sign up fee to be paid by credit card or check, and then a monthly deduction from your credit card or checking account thereafter. If you are not satisfied you may cancel at any time with no penalty of any kind.

Once payment has been received you immediately have access to a top-rated attorney in your area according to the plan that you have chosen.

For those interested in a lucrative marketing opportunity, it is also possible to sign up to sell Pre-Paid Legal Services to others.

Important note:

Upon request the Linux Mall will mail to you all forms and brochures needed to sign up for legal services provided by PPL (You can request these items via email ). For further information online however, we must now send you to PPL's web site.

If you choose to fill out the information request form at PPL's site (there is no need to do so), please make sure you do so correctly: under "How did you hear about Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.?" mark PPL associate (not "Internet"), and note that you are linking from the Linux Mall in Aurora, Colorado. (Image of what the online form will look like) This will ensure that we will be credited with referring you should you choose to subscribe. If your browser supports frames (Netscape, Explorer and most others do), click here for product information, or for marketing opportunities. Otherwise click here .

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