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Product: Web+ for Linux

TalentSoft Web+ is a powerful tool for developing dynamic Web sites and web-based client-server applications. Its power is in its integration capability: sites and applications designed with Web+ can pull information from files, databases, e-mail, and other sources.

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Retail Price: US$ 970.00
Manufacturer: TalentSoft
Category: ISPcom
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Our Price: US$ 195.00
Part#: 00439
Item Code: None
Version: 3.0
Classification: D
Date Posted: 1997/07/22
Last Update: 1997/07/22
The $195 special price on this product is valid until September 30, 1997
We strive to offer the best prices and availability to our customers. However, because the computer industry changes so rapidly, our prices and/or product availability may sometimes fluctuate. If your order will be placed at a later time, please check back to confirm price and availability.
Newer version: Web+ 3.0 has been replaced by the newer Web+ 4.0.
Also available: You can supplement the software you download from this page with optional printed documentation, or you can buy the Web+ 3.0 Bundle which combines printed documentation with software on floppy.

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Product: Web+ for Linux, Further Information

System Requirements:

A PC with an Intel 80X86 processor, Linux installed, Web server software installed, and at least 3.3 MB of hard drive space (12.1 MB recommended).

Further Information:

The power of Web+ comes from its great integration capability: sites and applications designed with Web+ can incorporate information from files, databases, e-mail, and other applications and servers.

Web+ applications are written in an easy-to-use hybrid of BASIC and HTML. Customers are using Web+ for many different purposes, including conferencing and on-line stores.

In addition to this Linux version, Web+ runs on a variety of platforms, including Windows 95, Windows NT, and Solaris. If you prefer one of these other versions, send us an email. We will be happy to special-order it for you.

Download the Files to install this Product here:

Web+ 3.0 may be obtained by downloading and installing the files listed below. After you have downloaded the files you must E-Mail the Linux Mall for a license ID which will expire after 30 days. The trial version of Web+ 3.0 is fully functional, but after the trial period expires it will automatically place a "Powered by Talentsoft Web+" message on every page created.

Download Web+ 3.0 for Linux (1,083,032 bytes).

Download the Web+ 3.0 Documentation (664,345 bytes).

Web+ 3.0 for Linux is also available as a fully packaged product on 3.5" floppy disks with a printed manual, which can be purchased separately.

Features of Web+

Web+ can create dynamic Web pages which use the following sources:

New Features

Web+ 3.0 includes the following improvements and new features:

Web+ Applications

Web+ applications are similar to ordinary HTML files, but they contain special Web+ Basic tags that instruct Web+ to do its variable manipulation, looping, database queries, file manipulation, and other things. Web+ Basic has commands similar to those of the well-known BASIC programming language, and a syntax similar to that of HTML.

Web+ resides in the CGI directory of a Web server. A user runs a Web+ application by using a standard Web browser to execute Web+, supplying the name of the script to be executed. The Web+ server executes the Web+ Basic commands in the script and returns the results to the Web server.

What People Are Doing With Web+

Web+ has fast gained a significant user base in North America, Asia, and Europe. Companies and other organizations are using Web+ to build web-based applications on the Internet and intranets. Applications include internal groupware, workflow, human resource management systems, online chatting, online discussion forum (conferencing), cyber store, online order entry, contact management, scheduling and registration, help-desk support, and integration with SAP, Oracle Financial, and other financial accounting systems.

Platforms Supported By Web+

Web+ runs on Windows NT, Windows 95, Linux, and Solaris. It will soon be available on MacOS and other Unix platforms.

The Web+ interface is not tied to a particular server architecture. Any Web server can implement the Web+ interface. Also, Web+ does not impose any architecture on the application: applications can be single or multi-threaded, regardless of the threading architecture of the Web server. It works with most web servers and integrates easily with all ODBC-compliant databases.

The Architecture of Web+

Web+ uses a client/server architecture consisting of two applications: a Web+ client, which runs on the Web server, and the Web+ server, which can run on a different machine.

When a user runs a Web+ script, the Web server invokes the Web+ client using CGI or ISAPI. The client then transmits the user's request over a TCPIP socket (on Windows NT, a named pipe may be used instead) to the Web+ server application, which may be on the same machine or on a different one. The server processes the request. The server then returns the results of the script to the client, which returns a response to the Web server.

The Web+ server can access the data sources, file system, and executable applications on the server's machine. The Web+ server can also communicate with any other machine on the Internet by means of TCP/IP sockets.

The Web+ server can run on Linux, Solaris, Windows 95, and Windows NT (as an application or a service). Since the Web+ client and server are independent, they may run on different operating systems, giving Web+ cross-platform capability.

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