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Database Programming with JDBC Photo

Product: Database Programming with JDBC and Java

The JDBC standard lets commercial databases interact in a portable, simple way with Java programs. Another standard, RMI, helps keep programs object oriented. This book teaches JDBC and RMI, shows their relationship to CORBA, and presents a robust model for developing Java database programs. Covers Java 1.1.

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Product: Database Programming with JDBC and Java, Further Information

Written by George Reese
1st Edition, July 1997
240 pages

Further Information:

Java and databases make a powerful combination. Java lends itself to portable interfaces and reuse, while databases serve up the riches stored by a corporation or other organization. Getting the two sides to work together, however, takes some fiddling -- largely because Java deals in objects while most databases are not object oriented.

This book describes the standard Java interfaces that make portable, object-oriented access to relational databases possible, and offers a robust model for writing applications that are easy to maintain. It covers the JDBC and RMI packages and uses them to develop three-tier applications (applications divided into a user interface, an object-oriented logic component, and an information store). Virtually all the important database providers have drivers to support JDBC.

If you have a database at your site and know some Java, this book will help you become a more effective application developer for Java database programs. It shows you how to embed SQL commands into a Java program using the JDBC APIs, and how to break your application into interfaces and classes that maximize the opportunities for reuse and easy maintenance. You also learn how to find servers through the RMI (Remote Method Invocation) interface and to use an object broker.

This is a book that can truly pull your computing site together. It includes a comprehensive three-tier database example and reference listings for JDBC and the most important RMI classes. Covers Java 1.1.

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