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Product: Red Hat Linux 4.2 for Intel

Red Hat Linux release 4.2 for Intel, Alpha and SPARC builds on Red Hat Linux 4.0, which was InfoWorld's 1996 Desktop OS of the Year. Ease of installation, security, stability, X Windows support, and network configuration have all been enhanced.

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Ordering Information:
Retail Price: US$ 49.95
Manufacturer: Red Hat
Category: LxDistribM
Shipping Weight: 1.35 lbs
Dimensions: 7.5" x 9" x 1.6"
Replacement: 00583

Our Price: US$ 39.00
Part#: 00393
Item Code: None
Version: 4.2
Classification: G
Date Posted: 1997/05/27
Last Update: 1997/12/31
UPC-Code: None
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Product: Red Hat Linux 4.2 for Intel, Further Information

System Requirements:

Further Information:


Red Hat's third generation installation system is easier to use than ever. By presenting simple fill-in-the-blank forms, and applying intelligent automation to network, package, and module configuration, the system relieves you of the most tedious and most troublesome aspects of installation. Installation is supported via CD-ROM, NFS, FTP, SMB, and from hard drives, and includes seamless PCMCIA and PLIP support.

Package Management

The RPM package system is designed to be powerful yet easy to use. These design features, along with smart config file handling across package upgrades, "shared" file handling, documentation searching support, package installation via FTP, dependencies, and powerful querying, make RPM the most advanced package system available.

With our graphical package manager, Glint, you can track every package installed on your system, and all packages available on the CD-ROM. You can examine package descriptions and file contents before you install them. With a few mouse button clicks you can install, uninstall, list and verify all installed packages. No other installation system comes close.

Configuration Tools

The Red Hat control panel tools cover configuration of your network, printer, filesystem, users and groups, services started at boot, time and date, and modem. PPP and SLIP configuration has never been easier!

Compatibility between Linux Platforms

The Red Hat Linux 4.2 for Intel, Alpha and SPARC products are built from the exact same source packages. This ensures maximum ease of software portability between machines running Red Hat Linux regardless of the underlying hardware architecture. Your investment in configuration of Red Hat Linux will pay off on all three platforms.

License Terms

Red Hat Linux is distributed under the terms of the GPL, and is freely available from our FTP site, and dozens of mirrors. The Red Hat Linux User's Guide is also available freely, under the terms of the LDP license!


After installing Red Hat Linux once, you will never need to reinstall Linux again! Our RPM packaging system is sophisticated enough to allow upgrading to new Red Hat Linux releases without reinstalling your system - no partitioning, no backing up all your files, no headaches.

Red Hat Linux 4.2 is built on a third generation packaging system called RPM. The RPM system features include smart configuration file handling across package upgrades, "shared" file handling, documentation searching support, and package installation via FTP. You can install, uninstall, query, verify, and upgrade individual RPM packages.

RPM is also a powerful software building tool. It supports reliable, reproducable builds on multiple platforms.

A graphical package management tool called GLINT allows you to quickly and easily manage and track your system. It displays a hierarchy of packages represented by individual package icons, and displays progress meters during installation.

We are releasing RPM under the terms of the GPL and we would like to encourage everyone to use it to package their software. You can get RPM separately from Red Hat Linux from our FTP site.


An important element of the design of Red Hat Linux is our commitment to the concept of "pristine sources". Our RPM source packages include pristine, untouched sources, as well as patches and a control file which defines the building and packaging process. It enables us to work with other members of the Linux development community easily and effectively by clearly separating and documenting the code that they contribute from any modifications that are required by Red Hat Linux.

Updated Since Last Version

New features include:

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