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Java Network Programming Photo

Product: Java Network Programming

The network is the soul of Java. Most of what is new and exciting about Java centers around the potential for new kinds of dynamic, networked applications. Java Network Programming describes the package, which contains classes for communications and working with networked resources.

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Product: Java Network Programming, Further Information

Written by Elliotte Rusty Harold
1st Edition, February 1997
442 pages

Further Information:

This book is a complete guide to writing sophisticated network applications, including many kinds of clients and servers. It pays special attention to content and protocol handlers, a still largely unexplored area of Java's network facilities.

An Excerpt from Chapter One

Why Networked Java?

Java is the first programming language designed from the ground up with networking in mind. As the global Internet continues to grow, Java is uniquely suited to build the next generation of network applications. Java provides solutions to a number of problems--platform independence, security, and international character sets being the most important--that are crucial to Internet applications, yet difficult to address in other languages. Together, these and other Java features let web surfers quickly download and execute untrusted programs from a web site without worrying that the program may spread a virus, steal their data, or crash their systems. Indeed, the level of safety you have with a Java applet is far greater than you get with shrink-wrapped software.

One of the biggest secrets about Java is that it makes writing network programs easy. In fact, it is far easier to write network programs in Java than in almost any other language. This book shows you dozens of complete programs that take advantage of the Internet. Some are simple textbook examples, while others are completely functional applications. One thing you'll note in the fully functional applications is just how little code is devoted to networking. Even in network-intensive programs like web servers and clients, almost all the code handles data manipulation or the user interface. The part of the program that deals with the network is almost always the shortest and simplest.

In short, it is easy for Java applications to send and receive data across the Internet. It is also possible for applets to communicate across the Internet, though they are limited by security restrictions. In this chapter you'll learn about a few of the network-centric applets and applications that can be written in Java. In later chapters you'll develop the tools you need to write these programs.

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