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JavaScript: the Definitive Guide Photo

Product: JavaScript: the Definitive Guide

This reference guide covers JavaScript as used in Netscape 3.0 and 2.0 and in MS Internet Explorer 3.0. Learn how JavaScript really works (and when it doesn't). Use JavaScript to control web browser behavior, add dynamic text, interact with users through HTML forms, and even control Java applets and Navigator plugins.

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Product: JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, Further Information

Written by David Flanagan
2nd Edition, January 1997
664 pages

System Requirements:

An interest in JavaScript, and the ability to read English.

Further Information:

JavaScript is a simple programming language from Netscape that can be embedded in your HTML web pages. It allows you to control the behavior of the web browser, add dynamically created text to your web pages, interact with the user through HTML forms (without CGI scripts), and, in version 3.0 of Netscape Navigator, even control and interact with Java applets and Navigator plugins. JavaScript is not an alternative to Java, but an ideal partner. The two languages have separate but very complementary features. Since JavaScript is a simple language that can be embedded directly into a web page, without need for compilation, it is accessible to more web page authors, and may actually have a larger short-term impact on the Web and on Internet computing than Java itself.

This book is a definitive guide for JavaScript. The first eight chapters document the core JavaScript language, and the next six describe how JavaScript works on the client side to interact with the web browser and with the web page. These chapters are followed by a complete reference section that documents every object, property, method, event handler, function, and constructor used by client-side JavaScript. This book also covers the use of JavaScript on web servers, as well as the object, properties, and methods of server-side JavaScript. A separate reference section documents the interaction between JavaScript and HTML -- mainly aspects of HTML that relate to JavaScript.

The book describes the version of JavaScript shipped with Navigator 2.0, 2.0.1, and 2.0.2, and also the much-changed version of JavaScript shipped with Navigator 3.0, 3.0.1, and 3.0.2. LiveConnect, used for communication between JavaScript and Java applets, and commonly encountered bugs on JavaScript objects are also covered.

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