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Product: Learning Perl

Linux programmers new to Perl 5 won't want to be without this second edition. This step-by-step, hands-on tutorial is designed to get you writing useful Perl scripts as quickly as possible. Program examples and exercise answers reflect typical usage under Perl 5. New sections introducing Perl references and CGI programming are included.

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Product: Learning Perl, Further Information

Written by Randal L. Schwartz and Tom Christiansen, foreword by Larry Wall
2nd Edition, July 1997
328 pages

Further Information:

Learning Perl is designed for those who seek a rapid working knowledge of Perl, and contains a foreword written by the author of Perl, Larry Wall. This new edition brings the text fully into the world of Perl, version 5. The program examples and exercise answers have been radically updated to reflect typical usage under Perl 5, and numerous details have been added or modified. In addition, there are new sections introducing Perl references and CGI programming.

Perl is a high-level, multi-purpose language. It is used in diverse system administration tasks, while also playing an endless variety of roles in other areas. These range from data reduction and report generation to distributed computing and assorted auxiliary roles in software development. Perl has even encroached upon the territory of C and other programming languages.

Learning Perl, written by a leading Perl instructor, provides a systematic, step-by-step, tutorial approach to learning the language. There are numerous short code examples punctuating a relaxed, informal, and precise tour of all the main features of the language. In addition, each chapter contains exercise problems, together with their solutions. Anyone who works through the book will be capable of programming with a broad and productive range of Perl features. For a comprehensive and detailed guide to advanced programming with Perl, read O'Reilly's companion book, Programming Perl.

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