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Product: sendmail

Linux users are familiar with sendmail, the traffic-cop program that routes and delivers mail on Linux- and Unix-based networks. This book covers sendmail Version 8.8 from Berkeley and the standard versions available on most systems. This cross-referenced edition offers an expanded tutorial, solution-oriented examples, and new topics.

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Product: sendmail, Further Information

Written by Bryan Costales with Eric Allman
2nd Edition, January 1997
949 pages

System Requirements:

An interest in UNIX system administration, and the ability to read English.

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This new edition of sendmail covers sendmail Version 8.8 from Berkeley and the standard versions available on most systems. It is far and away the most comprehensive book ever written on sendmail, the program that acts like a traffic cop in routing and delivering mail on Linux- and Unix-based networks. Although sendmail is used on almost every Linux and Unix system, it's one of the last great uncharted territories -- and most difficult utilities to learn -- in Linux and Unix system administration.

This book provides a complete sendmail tutorial, plus extensive reference material on every aspect of the program. What's more, it's authoritative, having been co-authored by Eric Allman, the developer of sendmail. In addition to Version 8.8, it covers earlier versions available on many systems, such as those found on Sun workstations. Part One is a tutorial on understanding sendmail; Part Two covers the building, installation, and m4 configuration of sendmail; Part Three covers practical issues in sendmail administration; Part Four is a comprehensive reference section; and Part Five consists of appendices and a bibliography.

In this second edition an expanded tutorial demonstrates hub's cf file and Other new topics include the #error delivery agent, sendmail's exit values, MIME headers, and how to set up and use the user database, mailertable, and smrsh. Solution-oriented examples throughout the book help you solve your own sendmail problems. This new edition is cross-referenced with section numbers.

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