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Product: FlagShip CD

This is a programming language, an application development language, and a database engine all rolled into one, all royalty free. Create software on Linux, and port it easily to other systems. Complete online documentation is included.

This CD contains all the code for FlagShip Personal, Flagship Pro, FlagShip Tools Personal, and FlagShip Tools Pro. The programs run in a useable test-drive mode. In order to remove the limitations of the test-drive mode, you must purchase an activation key.

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Ordering Information:
Retail Price: US$ 25
Manufacturer: Multisoft
Category: ProgDB
Shipping Weight: 0.25 lbs
Dimensions: 5.6" x 5" x 0.4"

Our Price: US$ 20.00
Part#: 00062
Item Code: FSCD
Version: 4.42
Classification: E

To see the keys needed to fully enable any versions of the product on this CD, see Flagship Pro, Flagship Personal, Flagship Tools Pro, or Flagship Tools Personal.
FlagShip comes with complete online documentation. The FlagShip Printed Manual is an optional, additional purchase.

To Order by Phone: Call 1-800-234-7813 or 1-303-693-3321, 8am-5pm MDT.
We accept all major credit cards, and offer a 30 Day money back guarantee.
To Order by Fax or Mail: Print this page, and fax it to 1-303-699-2793 or mail it with full information (see below) to:
WorkGroup Solutions, Inc, PO Box 460190, Aurora, CO 80046-0190
Orders also accepted via E-Mail at
Important: For more specific and complete ordering information Click Here,

Copyright 1996 by WorkGroup Solutions, Inc. - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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System Requirements:

An Intel Linux system with at least 10MB of free space on the hard drive, the C development tools and libraries installed. May be obtained in either a.out or ELF format, must choose when ordering.

The FlagShip CD includes demos and full releases of FlagShip for all of the following operating systems:
AT&T; x86 SVR4.1
DG AViiON DG-UX 5.4.3
HP UX rel. 9.x
HP UX rel. 10.x
IBM PowerPC & RS AIX 3.2
IBM PowerPC & RS AIX 4.1
ICL DRS 6000 SVR4 7.7.2
Fujitsu Sparc SVR4 7.7.2
Interactive Unix 3.2.2
Linux ELF 1.2.13+
Linux a.out 1.0+
NCR Unix SVR4.2
SCO Unix 3.2.2..4
SCO Unix 3.2.5 OS5
SCO Xenix 2.3.2
Siemens RM Sinix 5.42
Siemens MX Sinix 5.4
Sun Sparc Solaris 2.3-2.5
Sun Solaris X86 2.5
UnixWare 4.2
If you would rather have FlagShip on floppies, please order this CD and, in the Comments field of the online order form, specify the operating system, media and license (
Personal or Professional) desired. The price may differ from that shown here. If so, we will contact you before fulfilling the order.

Further Information:

This CD includes FlagShip in its Demo version, and also in both Personal and Pro versions. The latter two require licensing and an activation key. In order to let you evaluate FlagShip with your applications at no risk, the demo version is fully functional with the following limitations:

With the activation key, FlagShip Personal creates executables that support up to two simultaneous users on the system where the compiler resides. FlagShip Pro permits as many simultaneous users as the hardware and operating system can handle.

The optional extension FlagShip Tools is also included on the CD. For activation, you must order the FlagShip Tools Personal or the FlagShip Tools Pro license, corresponding to your FlagShip license.

FlagShip comes with a full online manual, and the optional FlagShip Printed Manual may be purchased separately.

Product Description: FlagShip

Take the best of Basic, Perl, C and C++, then add superfast database libraries and a touch of Java. Mix it up, make it easier and put it all on steroids. That's FlagShip! This is THE development tool for building business and data-oriented applications. An easy, powerful, complete, yet user-extensible , early binding and late binding object-oriented, next-generation language for rapid prototyping, debugging and royalty-free deployment. FlagShip integrates easily with other languages such as Tcl/Tk, Perl , C++, Java including allowing Inline C with full access to all FlagShip memory variables and data structures. FlagShip's native data engine is far faster than SQL, and allows data manipulation in a manner that SQL just cannot match The FlagShip Language can also be connected to and directly use popular SQL data engines. Accepts CA-Clipper 5.x, dBase and Fox code, as well as database files. Includes complete on line documentation; a.out available on request.

Product Description: FlagShip Tools

FlagShip tools is a library of functions that allows you to do a myriad of things with and for FlagShip. Click here to see a list of FlagShip Toolbox Functions. FlagShip tools is a superset of Clipper Tools III, and as such can be very useful for a Clipper Programmer who is porting his existing code with a lot of third party functions in it.

Further Information:

If you would like a free Linux ELF Demo (.tar.gz 4159k), click here. Be sure to check the demo requirements (.doc 1k) before downloading the demo.

Click here for more information or "Test Drives" of FlagShip for any OS platform, including Linux and other versions of the UNIX system.

Click here to see which operating systems are supported.

What is this FlagShip and Clipper stuff anyway?
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