Red Hat Software Releases Red Hat Linux 5.2 and Application CD!

Red Hat Software Eases Installation, Promotes Efficiency With Red Hat Linux 5.2

Research Triangle Park, NC -- November 2, 1998 -- Simplified installation, Apache 1.3 , GIMP 1.0, and the Application CD are among the features that mark Red Hat Software's November 9 release of Red Hat Linux 5.2, a rock-solid update of Red Hat Software's award-winning Red Hat Linux Operating System.

The release of Red Hat Linux 5.2 builds on the momentum generated by the support of such key industry players as Intel and Netscape. Technology leaders like Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Computer Associates and Corel Computer Corporation also lend instant credibility to the Red Hat Linux Operating System.

Said Bob Young, President and CEO, Red Hat Software, Inc.,"The ease-of-use features of Red Hat Linux 5.2 coincide with the incredible support by industry leaders of the Linux development model. Right now, our momentum is absolutely contingent on our ability to best advance the technology according to the demands of the industry. With Red Hat Linux 5.2, we are bringing to market an installation class that is the answer to enterprise-level demands."

A feature of Red Hat Linux 5.2's new and improved installation is the ability to automatically partition the hard drive by selecting either a workstation or server install. All of the power of the Red Hat Linux OS is still available via "custom" install. Back buttons DHCP, boot floppy creation, enhanced rescue mode and countless other tools that made 5.1 a success are all still there.

In addition, Multiple SCSI support during install ease installation of systems with more than one SCSI adaptor. The Red Hat Linux 5.2 release also includes Apache 1.3, the world's most popular web server, and the long awaited GIMP 1.0 graphics package . Kernel traffic shaping utilities and kernel support is great for ISPs who need to do bandwidth limiting, and when the Linux 2.2 kernel is ready, 5.2 is prepared for install. Updated PCMCIA support for some of the latest cards and better sound support mark this release as well.

Red Hat Linux 5.2 comes with 3 CDs, including the software application disk, and an Installation Manual. Real Audio and BRU provide an additional value. Red Hat Software continues to support installation support up to 90 days. Red Hat Linux 5.2 can be purchased from Red Hat Software for $49.95 or from local resellers worldwide.

RED HAT is a registered trademark of Red Hat Software, Inc. INTEL is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation. SPARC is a registered trademark of SPARC International, Inc. Products bearing the SPARC trademarks are based on an architecture developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. ALPHA is a trademark of Digital Equipment Corporation. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group. BRU 2000 is a trademark of Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc.

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