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FreeBSD 4-CD Set FreeBSD 4-CD Set
Manufacturer: Walnut
Version: 3.4
LinuxMall Part No: 01639

FreeBSD(tm) 3.4 is a full, professional quality, UNIX-compatible operating system with over 2,500 third party software packages and full source code included.

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Other Information
New features: (Top of Page)

FreeBSD(tm) 3.4 is a full, professional quality, UNIX-compatible operating system with the following new features since 3.3-RELEASE:

  • Support for Adaptec 152x/151x/AIC-6360 SCSI controllers is back.
  • The netgraph(4) system has been added. Net-graph provides a uniform and modular frame-work for the implementation of kernel objects which perform various networking functions.
  • i4b(4) has been upgraded to version 00.83.00, providing increased robustness and stability, and supporting many new cards (Asuscom ISDNlink 128K, AVM Fritz!Card PCI, AVM Fritz!Card PnP, ELSA PCC-16, ITK ix1 micro V.3, Siemens I-Surf 2.0).
  • RAID-5 support has been added to vinum(8).
  • Driver support for the Intel PIIX4 and AcerLabs M15x3 power management controllers has been added.
  • Inetd has gained built-in support for ident and has a workaround for accidently blocking while accepting.
  • ppp(8) now supports PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) compliments of the pppoe netgraph node. It also supports PPP over ISDN, including standard ISDN link bonding. Support for dynamic loading of the tun module is also provided, along with support for on-demand multi-link PPP, fast queuing, GRE filtering and more. A new pppoed daemon for servicing PPP over Ethernet requests is also now part of the system.
  • New networking security features include the ability to drop TCP packets with SYN+FIN, restrict emission of RST, ignore incoming ICMP REDIRECT messages, and also set to log incoming ICMP REDIRECT messages. See rc.conf(5) for details on how to utilize these new features.

FreeBSD comes standard with: (Top of Page)

  • Over 2,500 third party software packages; everything from Emacs to TeX is included.
  • All standard TCP/IP networking services.
  • Wide selection of web servers, browsers, and email software.
  • Full source for the entire system with an integrated build environment.
  • X Window System (XFree86 3.3.5).

FreeBSD is based on Berkeley 4.4 BSD, developed by the University of California, Berkeley, and its contributors.

Walnut Creek CDROM relies exclusively on FreeBSD for our 500 gigabyte, 6,000 user ftp machine,

Miscellaneous hardware support: (Top of Page)

Standard IDE & SCSI disk, tape and CDROM periphe-rals, ESDI disk, floppy drives, ATAPI/IDE CD burner and tape drive support, multi-session CDR support, Sony CDU 31/33 CDROM, Mitsumi FX001 or FX003D, Matsushita CD on Soundblaster interface card, IDE CDROM, 2/4/8/16 port serial cards from BOCA, Cyclades and Digiboard, Wangtec/ Archive QIC drives on QIC-02 or QIC-36 controller, Creative Labs Video Spigot, Matrox Meteor, Bt848 cards, Connectix Quick-CAM, Sound Blaster 16/SB PRO/AWE32, ProAudioSpec-trum, Gravis Ultrasound/ MAX, MS Sound Source.

Hard Disk Controllers:

AdvanSys SCSI controllers, QLogic SCSI controller, any ESDI WD 1007 compatible, Adaptec 152x/151x/ AIC-6360, 154x ISA, 174x/274x/284x EISA, 294x/39xx PCI, 789x on board, DPT III and IV series SCSI RAID, Buslogic 742/545x ISA, 445x VLB, 747x EISA, 946x/956x PCI, NCR 53C810/825/875 PCI, Tekram DC390 and DC390T (and other AMD 53c974 based boards).


ATM networking support (HARP), SMC Elite 16/Ultra, SMC9432TX and most WD80x3 clones, ISOLAN AT 4140-0, Isolink 4110, Novell NE1000/2000/2100, 3COM 3C501/3/7/9, 3C579, 3C590/3C905, DEC DC 21040/21041/ 21140 PCI, DEFPA, DEFEA, Fujitsu MB86960A/ MB86965A, Intel Etherexpress Pro/100 and Pro/10, Znyx ZX34 series PCI, Texas Instruments TNET 100, IBM Etherjet, SDL RISCom N2pci sync serial card. SMC EZ Card 10/100 PCI 1211-TX and other RealTek 8129/8139 and Accton MPX 5030/5038 based cards. Adaptec Duralink cards. LinkSys LNE100TX, NetGear FA310TX Rev. D1, Matrox FastNIC 10/100 and other PNIC based cards. ASIX Electronics AX88140A based cards, Macronix 98713, 98713A, 98715, 98715A and 98725 based cards, Winbond W89C840F, VIA Technologies VT3043 Rhine I, VT86C100A Rhine II. Tigon 1 and 2 based gigabit ethernet cards.

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