Linux Shopping Mall

Important Shipping Information

Customers have many options in how to have their purchases sent to them from the Linux Mall. This page is intended to clarify our policies regarding those options.

What is meant by "Best Way"?

When ordering online, "Best Way" is the default shipping method. This tells us to use our best judgment as to the most effective and economical means of getting your order to you. We prefer trackable methods. Please bear in mind that if you choose "Fastest Method Regardless of Cost" you are responsible for to the costs, whatever they are. These costs are often higher than you would think, and this selection should be reserved for honest to goodness emergencies. "Cheapest Method, Regardless of Delivery Time" can be extremely slow. Please do not hold us reponsible for product that is very slow to arrive if you make this choice.

If in doubt about the shipping method, please select "Other" and elaborate for us in the Comments field exactly what you really want.

How long will it take?

The most important thing to know is that our warehouse requires at least one half workday to process an order before it is picked up by the carrier. This means: UPS Ground generally takes 5 to 7 business days within the lower 48 United States. Postal mail may take up to three weeks domestically, and longer internationally.

But what if I absolutely positively have to have it overnight?

In an emergency, we may be able to accommodate a request for same-day shipping even if you've missed the deadlines (4am via Web, noon via phone). There is a $25.00 special-handling fee in these cases, and you must place your express order via telephone before 3pm, mountain time.

How much will it cost?

Unless otherwise specified, shipping and handling costs must be added to your order total. If you prepay your order (i.e., if you use a check or money order) please be sure to add money for shipping and handling in the amount of $2 per pound (minimum $7) for ground shipping within the US, or $8 per pound (minimum $25) for the cheapest available international service. The weight shown on the specific product page is the weight of the PRODUCT and NOT the actual shipping weight. We have to add the weight of the packaging materials to your total product weight to arrive at the actual shipping weight. Additionally, the shipping companies (UPS, FedEx, Airborne) charge on the rounded-up, even pound, weight. If you would like express shipping please call or email for a quotation. Eventually the online ordering system will calculate it for you.

Please note that we cannot prepay or predict any VAT, customs or duties for overseas shipments. You are responsible for these costs.

If you refuse delivery of any order, you are responsible for either:

Can I waive the shipping and handling charge by picking my order up in person?

No. There is a Will Call fee of $25.00 for picking up an order from the warehouse (we do not have a storefront). If you want to pick it up on the same day you ordered it, you must order before 12:00 noon.

Can I waive the shipping and handling charge by using my own FedEx account number?

Most of it. There will still be a $5.00 handling charge. We do have to cover the costs of preparing the order for shipment. This goes for FedEx, Airborne Express, and UPS.

Can I have it sent COD?

This option is available within the USA, but we prefer to avoid it. If you must have your order sent COD, a COD fee of $10.00 will be added to your shipping and handling charge.

Why can't I have my order postal-mailed outside the US if it weighs a pound or more?

The US Postal Service now refuses to pick up from our warehouse any international package that weighs 1 pound or more. These must be hand-delivered to the nearest post office, and must be accompanied by a great deal of paperwork. The labor costs involved in this would eliminate any savings that our customers might have enjoyed from postal delivery. We have therefore adopted the policy of shipping any international package weighing 1 pound or more via a commercial carrier such as UPS, FedEx, or Airborne Express. Lighter packages, such as our $1.89 CDs, may still be sent via the postal service. Domestic shipments may still use the postal service as well.