WebCheck Site Modification Features

Making changes to your website is easy with WebCheck. WebCheck's simple Edit/Publish and Global Replacement operations make it as easy to change one page as it is to edit many pages, and the Website Mirroring operations make it easy to move pages from one server to another without worrying about relative versus absolute urls.

Edit and Publish Operations

The Edit and Publish operations makesaccess to pages to on remote servers as easy as accessing local files without maintaining an entire copy of the site on the local system. Access to any page on the server is as easy as clicking on the Edit or Publish link in any url's page view.

WebCheck invokes the user's editor of choice for any mimetype by allowing the user to specify their choice using the browser's familiar helper application interface. When a user requests an object for editing, WebCheck sends the object to the browser prefixing the objects mimetype with application/webcheck. The browser then invokes the editor specified by the user as a helper application for that mimetype. In addition WebCheck automatically modifies url specifications in the page so that the user is editing the page within the context of the server rather than the local system. Which often times is not in sync with the server causing errors when the page is replaced.

Publishing pages with WebCheck can be accomplished via HTTP through the browser automatically eliminating the hassles of performing the task manually.

Global Replacement Operations

The most difficult thing do when maintaining a website is to make changes on multiple pages on the site. WebCheck Global Replacement Operations make moving pages, fixing broken links, or other text replacement operations simple.

Most pages are referenced by more than just one other page. So when a link is broken it often means making changes to many other pages. With Global Replacement you simply specify the original url and the replacement url and WebCheck replaces each occurance of the original url with the correct url.

Website Mirroring

Moving pages from one place to another is a complicated process because of the nature of the links between objects. WebChecks flexible mirroring operations were designed to make mirroring files between staging and production servers, or between server and disk for use on CDROMs, or for offline browsing simple and automatic.

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