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Product: Red Hat Motif

Release 2.1 of the full OSF/Motif development system will turn your Linux PC into a Motif development workstation. This release allows developers to create even more powerful applications. Release 2.1 is ported specifically for use with the X11R6 (XFree86 3.2) version of the X Window System. (Note: 2.1 is Red Hat Software's version number. It is still based on OSF's 2.0 release.)

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Ordering Information:
Retail Price: US$ 149.00
Manufacturer: Red Hat
Category: GUI_Tools
Release Date: 1998/02/27
Date Posted: 1998/03/11
Last Update: 1998/03/11

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Our Price: US$ 129.95
Part#: 00675
Version: 2.1
Classification: F
Shipping Weight: 1 lbs
ShipCharge: Y
Dimensions: 7" x 10" x 0.5"
Bundle Contents: N/A

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Older version: The previous version of this product was
Red Hat Motif 2.0.1.

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Product: Red Hat Motif, Further Information


Red Hat's Motif for Linux is compatible with all major Linux distributions, including Red Hat, Slackware, Debian, Caldera and others.

Requires: glibc 2.0+ (Linux libc 6) or Linux libc 5.3.12+, XFree86 3.1.1+, xpm 3.4i+

x86 PC, 8 MB memory, 15 MB hard disk space, CD-ROM drive

Further Information:

Red Hat Motif 2.1 is the full OSF/Motif development system. Red Hat Motif will turn your Linux PC into a Motif development workstation. This release allows developers to create even more powerful applications. Release 2.1 is ported specifically for use with the X11R6 (XFree86 3.2) version of the XWindow system.

For developers, Motif 2.1 makes creation of software applications and custom widgets simple. The many toolkit enhancements, new widgets, and UIL improvements provide uncomplicated application portability across a variety of platforms.

For end users, Red Hat Motif 2.1 improves their interface performance. The virtual screen support unclutters their workspace by providing alternate locations for chosen windows, while providing greater consistency with PC environments.

Red Hat Motif includes the following:

Also includes the KL Group Professional Developer's Suite containing:


  1. An extensibility framework to ease application and widget development.
  2. Support for desktop infrastructures such as virtual window management and workspace management.
  3. Numerous toolkit enhancements including a Uniform Transfer Model (UTM) for simplified data transfer.
  4. Convergence with PC widget styles including several new widgets. UIL improvements which include 64-bit support and support of extensibility features.
  5. A common user interface across a wide range of applications and platforms.
  6. Easy-to-use PC windowing-style interactive behavior, providing users with rapid skill transfer.
  7. Distinctive 3-D beveled user interface elements.
  8. A single, stable, widely available application programming interface (API) allowing application developers to "write it once" for many platforms.
  9. A superior set of tools offering high developer productivity in establishing a consistent look and feel.
  10. Internationalization, easing access to worldwide markets.
  11. Hardware independence for scalability across all types of operating and file systems.
  12. Network transparency based on the XWindow system.
Changes from Previous Version

New Features for Motif 2.1 include: thread-safe libraries, widget printing support, and Internationalization enhancements for vertical text, "on-the-spot" input and user defined characters for Asian languages. Although there are some significant new featurs to 2.1, some features of Motif 2.0 needed to be removed. The following have been removed:

  • Platform-independent uid files
  • CSText widget
  • Support for C++

    The Motif 2.1 Window Manager (mwm) is a "lite" version of the CDE 2.1 Window Manager, desktop window manager (dtwm 2.1), and provides functionality compatible with Motif 1.2 mwm. Users of Motif 2.0 can continue to use 2.0 mwm without experiencing compatibility problems between Motif 2.0 and 2.1 releases.

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