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Product: Applixware Office Suite - Professional Edition

Applixware is the leading Office Suite of desktop tools for advanced operating systems. It provides Builder, a rapid application development environment, as well as fully integrated Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Graphics, Mail, and HTML features. A Red Hat Linux 5.0 CD is included.

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Ordering Information:
Retail Price: US$ 249.00
Manufacturer: Red Hat
Category: Office
Date Posted: 1997/12/01
Last Update: 1997/12/01
Item Code: N/A
Delivery Method: Stock
Key Type: N/A
Replacement: N/A

Our Price: US$ 239.00
Part#: 00589
Version: 4.3.7
Classification: F
Shipping Weight: 2.8 lbs
Dimensions: 8" x 9.5" x 2"

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Upgrade from previous version: If you already own
Applixware Developers' Version 4.3, you can inexpensively upgrade to 4.3.7.
Office Suite: Customers who just want a comprehensive office suite without the Rapid Application Development tools should consider the less expensive Applixware Office Suite.

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Product: Applixware Office Suite - Professional Edition, Further Information


Applixware runs on all current Intel Linux distributions that we know of - provided that they have versions of libc above 5.2.18, kernel 1.2.13 or better, and xfree86 3.1.2 or better. Support is sometimes easier if it is running on Red Hat Linux, so a copy of Red Hat 5.0 is included for this purpose.

Applix does not use or require Motif.

Further Information:

The Developer's Version of the Applixware Office Suite includes all the functionality of the regular office suite, including word processor, spreadsheet, presentation graphics, mail and HTML authoring software. The Extension Language Facility (ELF), an interpretive programming language and powerful back-engine provides Applixware with unique capabilities:

Features: Applix Builder

Powerful rapid application development environment for creating and deploying custom decision support applications quickly and efficiently.

Other Features

The word processing, spreadsheet, presentation graphics, email, HTML authoring, and other office-suite features of Applixware are listed in detail on the Applixware Office Suite page.


Includes 2 CDs: Applixware and a complete version of Red Hat Linux 5.0 as well as a 750+ page manual with documentation on Applix Words, Applix Spreadsheets, and Applix Presents.

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