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Product: Vibe Enterprise

Vibe EnterpriseTM gives developers the power to build high performance Java-based applications which incorporate database connectivity. Vibe Enterprise, which is used to access relational databases, provides support for Oracle and Sybase as well as other popular databases via ODBC.

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Date Posted: 1997/10/30
Last Update: 1997/10/30
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Our Price: US$ 1995.00
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Product: Vibe Enterprise, Further Information


An Intel 486-based PC or higher, Intel 486-based PC or higher (Pentium recommended); Linux 2.0.x; 16 MB RAM (32 MB or more recommended)

Further Information:

Vibe EnterpriseTM is an application development environment that gives developers the power to build high performance JavaTM based applications which incorporate database connectivity. Developers can graphically build inventory control applications, trading systems and many other database applications without regard to the underlying database. Vibe combines an intuitive user interface with a Java virtual machine, compiler, debugger, editing tools, interface construction tools and extensive runtime classes into a comprehensive environment. Because Vibe's foundation class libraries were written in C, Vibe-built applications have the unique distinction of looking and acting like native applications built with C or C++. Vibe Enterprise provides support for Oracle, Sybase and other popular databases via ODBC.

Vibe Enterprise is used to access relational databases. It isolates the application program from the client libraries provided by the database vendors. Instead of requiring the use of database-specific libraries, Vibe Enterprise supports efficient transparent access to all supported database servers. The developer can build an application which will work with multiple databases rather than building one application for each database.

Available Platforms
Microsoft WindowsTM 95 Microsoft Windows NTTM Sun Solaris(R)
Hewlett Packard HP-UX(R) IBM OS/2(R) IBM AIX(R)
SGI IRIXTM Linux Apple Mac(R) OS
Vibe Enterprise enables developers to write an application once and deploy it on Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2 and UNIX without making changes to the source code or recompiling. Vibe supports a superset of cross-platform user interface objects in a native look and feel on every platform, even when the native platform does not support a particular function. All user interface items have consistent behavior across platforms and can be subclassed to modify their appearance and behavior. Springs and StrutsTM, Vibe's unique geometry management model, enables the developer to make changes to the user interface regardless of language, font or resolution.

Standard Graphical Query Builder

Vibe's Standard Graphical Query Builder generates SQL statements so that queries can be executed without writing code. Novice programmers, who are not familiar with SQL, can generate complicated queries and display them graphically for easier understanding.

Forms and Fields

Vibe Enterprise uses database aware components to create associations between the user interface and the database. These components save development time by automatically implementing all of the database communication for the programmer. The programmer uses the components to interpret the data according to their needs.

Database aware components are implemented via Vibe's Forms and Fields. Forms and Fields are a set of classes that provide the developer with a framework for associating database queries with custom dialog items. This provides the developer with an intuitive method to build custom components. A developer can establish items that directly connect to the database and automatically update data as it is modified in the user interface.

Vibe Enterprise Features and Benefits
Feature Benefit
Data, Database and Platform Independence Enables the developer to build applications once for multiple platforms and a variety of databases
Geometry Management Build dynamically resizable interfaces and database forms regardless of font, language or target user interface
Standard Graphical Query Builder Graphically builds SQL select statements so the developer doesn't have to type mountains of code
Forms and Fields Provide an extensible abstraction for managing database aware components
Database Aware Components User interface items inherently know how to communicate with Oracle, Sybase and other popular databases
Database Independent Metaqueries Allows the developer to query the contents of a database without making database specific requests
Abstract Classes Developers can write one subclass to connect all database aware items to a different database API
Synchronous or Asynchronous API Allows the developer to query the database with an event loop or a thread allowing the application to continue processing while a request is being handled

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