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Product: CoffeeShop

This development platform for Java and JavaBeans lets you create applets, applications or JavaBeans components for the Java platform. It is written in Java to meet all the needs of a Java development professional. Read the downloading instructions below before purchasing a license.

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Retail Price: US$ 99.00
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Release Date: 1998/02/28
Date Posted: 1998/04/10
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Try before you buy: This is a downloadable product which you can try at no charge before you purchase a license. The demo expires 14 days after installation. When you are satisfied that CoffeeShop is all it claims to be, come back to this page and press "Order this Item" or "Order this Item Secure" to buy the license.

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Product: CoffeeShop, Further Information


You should have JDK 1.1.5 installed. Before running the CoffeeShop installation program, do the following:

  1. RPM JDK: Download and install the appropriate Java 1.1.5 JDK from
  2. Set the CLASSPATH variable: In the /etc/profile file add lines like this:
  3. CLASSPATH=./:/usr/local/jdk-1.1.5/lib/ export CLASSPATH
  4. Logout this shell and login again, to make sure that the script will take effect. Test if the Java VM is already present by typing "java" in the shell box. If not enhance your PATH variable:
  5. PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/jdk-1.1.5/bin/i386/green_threads export PATH

    Further Information:

    CoffeeShop is the Development Platform for Javatm and JavaBeanstm, which is completely implemented using the Java language. CoffeeShop lets you create applets, applications or JavaBeans components for the Javatm platform.

    CoffeeShop provides you with many tools for your development needs. Although CoffeeShop is targeted to professional developers, it is also easy to get rolling with. But SFS Software didn't clutter the software with unecessary wizards that provide irrelevant advice. Java is much more than some blinking or nervous text applets. CoffeeShop has many features that give you full transparency to your code and make it as scalable as possible.


    Powerful Source code editor The CoffeeShop Source code editor is very easy-to-use, comfortable and powerful. It contains a Source code colorizer, is able to open multiple files and projects within one fine-designed window.
    GUI builder Is it the best GUI builder available anywhere? See for yourself, CoffeeShop's visual programming interface three supports Layoutmanagers now: BorderLayout, FlowLayout, GridLayout. CoffeeShop supports the Java Foundation classes (Swing components).

    CoffeeShop's centerpiece is its Visual Programming Interface. With this interface you can write Applets, Applications or JavaBeans in an easy to use, intuitive visual environment. Select a Component or a Bean from the AWT or Swing bars and place it onto a visual form and change some properties in the Inspector. If you ever worked with development tools like Delphi, Visual Basic or Visual C++ then you can start right now.

    CoffeeShop lets you place AWT components, Swing components, JavaBeans components or any other component on visual forms. The "Shapes Window" lets you align and resize these components on the form via drag & drop and gives you the perfect tool to manage all components via a new zoom in / zoom out feature, which makes the management easy, (i.e. when you are working with multiple panels and containers)

    Debugger The CoffeeShop debugger is available to you in all types of projects you are creating. Simply place a breakpoint in your source code and start your applet, application or component. CoffeeShop will then open it's Watchlist, which will give you all required information about your variables, expression etc.

    PreProcessor This professional programmer tool is now included in CoffeeShop. That means you can use functions like #ifdef, #undef, #define, #endif, #include, #ifndef and many more in your source code now The preprocessor functions also enables you to create debug/release versions. Read more.

    To download:

    1. Make sure JDK 1.1.5 is installed as instructed above and is working properly.
    2. Download CoffeeShop_install.class.
    3. Start the installation with the command:
      java CoffeeShop_install 
      InstallShield's Java Edition will guide you now through the installation process. Simply set a target directory in which you would like to install CoffeeShop.
    4. Once the installation process is complete, you will find a Batch (CoffeeShop.bat), Script or CMD file in your CoffeeShop installation directory. Simply start it. Then have fun exploring and using CoffeeShop.
    5. Take up to two weeks to evaluate the software; the demo expires 14 days after installation. Then come back to the Linux Mall to purchase a license by clicking on the "order this item" or "order this item secure" button.

    Note: Java is a trademark of Sunsoft Corporation.

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