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Product: A Practical Guide to Linux

This new book by Mark Sobell is designed for both beginners and experienced Linux users. It begins with an extensive tutorial, then progresses to detailed chapters on GUIs, networking, programming tools, and more, all with thorough examples. Part two is a comprehensive reference with descriptions and examples of 87 utilities.

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Software too: A special edition of this book that includes Caldera and Netscape software is available under the title Hands-On Linux.

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Product: A Practical Guide to Linux, Further Information

Written by Mark Sobell
1st Edition, July 1997
1015 pages

Further Information:

In this book, bestselling UNIX author Mark Sobell combines the strengths of a tutorial and those of a reference to give you the knowledge and skills to master Linux. Uniquely designed for both beginners and experienced users, A Practical Guide to Linux requires no prior programming experience. It begins with an extensive tutorial to bring those with less experience up to speed, and then quickly progresses to detailed chapters on GUIs, networking, the vi and emacs editors, three popular shells, programming tools, and system administration. Part two is a comprehensive reference containing descriptions and examples of 87 utilities. The book includes several complete example sessions on downloading and installing Linux-based utilities and other software from the Internet.

A Practical Guide to Linux contains:

The text is compatible with all Linux distributions, and a companion Web site is maintained by the author to provide assistance in locating on-line Linux documentation, software, news groups, and more (


"...I am indebted to Mark for helping me to learn UNIX and now for helping to make Linux accessible to more people...I strongly recommend [this book] to anyone who is interested in learning and using Linux."

Linus Torvalds
Father of Linux
"Finally, a Linux 'tome' I will recommend to friends. Mark knows Linux well, and presents it clearly. In a book primarily and successfullyaimed at new users, he has succeeded in teaching me more about my favorite environment -- and I'm paid to be an expert."
Michael K. Johnson
Software Developer, Red Hat Software
(Former Editor, Linux Journal)

About the Author:

Mark G. Sobell is the author of two of the best selling introductory UNIX books, A Practical Guide to the UNIX System and UNIX System V: A Practical Guide, each now in its third edition. He has more than 20 years of experience with UNIX. He is president of Sobell Associates Inc., a consulting firm that designs and builds custom software applications for UNIX and Linux systems and provides UNIX and Linux training and support.

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