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Product: TriTeal CDE - Developer's Edition

Red Hat's TriTeal CDE for Linux provides a complete graphical environment to access both local and remote systems. Users will appreciate the familiar "look and feel" of other UNIX-based systems. In addition to the graphical user interface you have come to expect, this Developer's Edition provides everything you need to create CDE-aware applications for any X system platform.

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Ordering Information:
Retail Price: US$ 199.95
Manufacturer: Red Hat
Category: GUI_Tools
Shipping Weight: 1.49 lbs
Dimensions: 7" x 10" x 1"

Our Price: US$ 189.00
Part#: 00423
Item Code: None
Version: 1.2.5
Classification: E
Date Posted: 1997/07/01
Last Update: 1997/07/01
We strive to offer the best prices and availability to our customers. However, because the computer industry changes so rapidly, our prices and/or product availability may sometimes fluctuate. If your order will be placed at a later time, please check back to confirm price and availability.
Compatibility issue: Currently, this product does not work with Red Hat Linux 5.0, but the Client Edition does, with certain patches.

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Product: TriTeal CDE - Developer's Edition, Further Information

System Requirements:

16MB RAM (32MB recommended), 45MB disk space, CD-ROM drive

Further Information:

Red Hat's TriTeal CDE for Linux provides users with a complete graphical environment to access both local and remote systems. The familiar "look and feel" of other UNIX-based systems is now ready for you to install on your Linux PC. It gives you the icons, pull-down menus, and folders you have come to expect in this industry-standard friendly graphical user interface.

Complete Development Toolset

Red Hat's TriTeal CDE for Linux is available in two versions. The Client Edition gives you everything you need to operate a complete licensed copy of the CDE desktop, incluidng the Motif 1.2.5 shared libraries. The Developer's Edition allows you to perform all functions of the Client Edition, and also includes a complete integrated copy of OSF Motif version 1.2.5, providing a complete development environment with static and dynamically linked libraries, Motif Window Manager, and sample Motif Sources. It provides you everything you need to create CDE-aware applications for any X system platform. Both versions include a CD-ROM, a printed Advanced User's Guide, and extensive on-line documentation written by the experts at TriTeal.

CDE is an RPM-based product, and will install easily on Red Hat and other RPM-based Linux systems. We recommend using Red Hat Linux 4.2 to take full advantage of CDE features. For those who do not have Red Hat 4.2, CDE includes several Linux packages that can be automatically installed to improve its stability.


Benefits Compatible With

All up-to-date Linux distributions (Red Hat, Slackware, Debian, Caldera, others)

All major X servers: (Xfree86, Metro-X, Accelerated-X)

Recommended Distribution: Red Hat Linux 4.2 For those of you without Red Hat 4.2, the following packages are included with CDE and can be automatically installed to improve stability:


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