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Product: CliqIT

CliqIT takes Cliq from an Office Automation system into the arena of the Business Information System. With CliqIT, Cliq becomes the delivery vehicle for information from all kinds of applications while maintaining a consistent look and feel with other Cliq Applications. Because it is character-based, CliqIT is ideal for low-cost, multiuser systems with character based terminals.

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Ordering Information:
Retail Price: US$ 79.00
Manufacturer: Quadratron
Category: Office
Shipping Weight: 0 lbs
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ISBN-Code: None

Our Price: US$ 49.00
Part#: 00341
Item Code: None
Version: 1.2.13#6
Classification: F

Important Requirement: In order to track the activation keys that we issue, we must have your phone number and physical address before we can send you a key.
Special Workgroup Pricing: The price shown above is for a single-user license. If two to ten users will have access to the software, you may purchase a workgroup license for $525.00, a savings of up to $265.00!

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Product: CliqIT, Further Information

System Requirements:

762KB RAM, 450KB hard disk space

Download the Files to install this Product here:

This product is delivered online by downloading and installing the files below. You can download these files at any time and then E Mail the Linux Mall for a free temporary "full use" key (it will expire) to test the product.

When you are satisfied with the product, and wish to purchase it for real use, then place the order for the product online using the "Order This Item" button above. We will charge you, and then inform Quadratron, and they will register your product and issue your PERMANENT key. Once the permanent key is ordered and issued there is no longer a way to get your money back.

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Download this product as cliqIT.tgz

Detailed Installation Information is available here.

Physical Media Optional:

If you wish to purchase a printed manual AND physical media (two 3.5" floppies), this will require an additional $75 charge per module (plus shipping and handling). The Linux Mall will notify Quadratron so that the Manuals and Diskettes can be be drop-shipped to you.

Further Information:

CliqIT is a powerful screen painter and high-level language that facilitates the integration of RDMS or other 3rd party applications. This is achieved in a way that allows Cliq to maintain independance from the RDMS or 3rd party applications, and between these applications. Applications can be used collectively to build up information, even though they may have no knowledge of each other, or any normal way of passing information. All the leading RDMS packages are supported including Oracle, Sybase, Ingres, Informix and Unify. CliqIT works in a way which allows moving from one RDMS to another, "invisibly" as far as the user is concerned. Implementing CliqIT requires very little effort by the MIS staff.

Third party applications, a user's own custom application or calls to the operating system utilities can be incorporated using whatever facilities are available within the package for input/output of data. In many cases, the application's report printing facilities are used.

Full RDMS integration can be achieved using the native facilities of the RDMS, including SQL and Report Writer. The advantage of using native commands, rather than interpretive commands, means that product and version independance is maintained, avoiding the need to keep product releases in step, and that any SQL extensions, specific to the RDMS, can be used.

CliqIT Features and Functions:

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