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Product: System Commander

"... a blooming miracle!" says Jerry Pournelle of BYTE magazine. With this incredible utility, you can switch between operating systems - as many as a hundred of them - as easily as changing channels on your television. Even Windows 95 will now coexist peacefully with Linux and other operating systems.

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Manufacturer: V Communications, Inc.
Category: SysUtils
Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Dimensions: 10" x 8.25" x 1.5"
ISBN-Code: 7-20789-91532-5

Price: US$ 99
Part#: 00096
Item Code: None
Version: 3.0
Classification: E
UPC-Code: 0615900000443

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Product: System Commander Further Information

System Requirements: IBM PC or compatible (80286 or higher)
DOS or Windows 95 needed for installation, but not for use
Uses NO resident memory
1 MB hard drive space

Supported Hardware:
Intel, AMD, Cyrix and any other x86 compatible CPU
Any combination of IDE, EIDE, or SCSI hard drives
FAT, FAT-32, VFAT, NTFS, HPFS and all x86 UNIX file systems

The package includes:
One 3.5" high density floppy disk
User's Manual

Further Information:

Award winning utility!
System Commander won the 1995 Pournelle's User's Choice Award from Byte Magazine. InfoWorld called it "a mighty superhero to users of multiple operating systems."

So what does it do?
System Commander lets you run up to 100 different operating systems all on the same PC. Without giving up your current system. Without using any resident memory. With just a click of a button!

Can't decide whether you should stay with Windows or move to Linux? ...ZING!... Now you can run both. Is your favorite game written in an old version of DOS? ...CLICK!... Just reboot and System Commander lets you play it again, without giving up your current OS. Does your office use UNIX, while you use Windows at home? ...SWITCH!... Run them on the same machine. Tired of reconfiguring your laptop every time you want to log onto the network? ...SNAP!... Now you can choose your setup when you boot up.

Make Windows 95 play nicely
If you're a Windows 95 user, you know that Windows 95 likes to be the ONLY operating system on your machine. Upon installation it makes your other OSs unusable - along with much of the software that ran on them. System Commander lets Windows 95 exist peacefully alongside your other OSs, so you don't have to give up your favorite DOS, Windows 3.1, Linux or UNIX applications.

System Commander uses NO resident memory
Here's the miracle: since System Commander uses no resident memory, it can't conflict with your existing system, applications, TSRs or drivers.
System Commander installs automatically in just five minutes, using only 1 MB of hard drive space. And should you ever need to remove it, System Commander comes with its own uninstaller.
Plus, System Commander's multiple levels of security protect individual operating systems, boot options, and setup preferences. You can even password-protect the password options!

Run any or all of these operating systems on a single PC!
Coherent UNIX
Free BSD
Interactive UNIX
Lynx OS
NeXT Step
Windows 3.x
Windows 95
Windows 95J
Windows NT
...and any other Intel compatible OS!

What is this Linux stuff anyway?