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Product: FlagShip Tools Pro for Linux Key

This product is the activation key to install and use FlagShip Tools Pro from the FlagShip CD. FlagShip Tools Pro is just like FlagShip Tools Personal except that it adds a royalty free distribution license, and supports unlimited users. Use this key if you have FlagShip Pro.

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Ordering Information:
Retail Price: US$ 430.00
Manufacturer: Multisoft
Category: ProgDB
Date Posted: 1996/09/15
Last Update: 1998/02/09
Serial No: Yes
Shipping Weight: 0 lbs
Dimensions: None
ISBN-Code: None

Our Price: US$ 420.00
Part#: 00073
Item Code: LXF2PE
Version: 4.4
Classification: E
UPC-Code: 061590000245

Note: This item is an activation key only. For the CD that contains the software, see the main page on FlagShip. Activation keys are codes sent by email or fax, and therefore have zero shipping weight.

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WorkGroup Solutions, Inc, PO Box 460190, Aurora, CO 80046-0190
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Copyright 1996 by WorkGroup Solutions, Inc. - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Product: FlagShip Tools Pro

System Requirements: A system with FlagShip Pro installed and running

Further Information:
FlagShip Tools Pro, like FlagShip Pro, allows royalty free distribution of code that you create with it.

Click here for more information on FlagShip Personal for Linux or FlagShip Pro for Linux.

You can see a list of FlagShip Toolbox Functions. FlagShip tools is a superset of Clipper Tools III, and as such can be very useful for a Clipper Programmer who is porting his existing code with a lot of third party functions in it.

For futher information see FlagShip Tools Personal for Linux.

What is this FlagShip and Clipper stuff anyway?

Customs Information for this item:
Line Item # Quantity Item Description Price per unit
C01: 1 Intellectual
Value always=
Sale Price
minus the sum
of the components
Please note that activation keys have no physical components, and therefore have intellectual value only.

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