FREE Red Hat Linux Version 4.2 CD

Date: May 27, 1997

The Linux Mall announces: Starting May 27, 1997, an ABSOULTELY FREE copy of the new Red Hat 4.2 Linux (for Intel PC) will be included with every order shipped.

In addition it is possible to order the FREE CD by itself using the Linux Mall's secure online ordering system, provided you are willing to cover a small shipping & handling cost for us. This Free CD offer is only available to persons who order online, If ordered by telephone, the cost is $9.95 + S&H.;

You may use this free Red Hat 4.2 CD to install a complete Red Hat 4.2 Operating System on any PC 386 or higher, or upgrade any older Red Hat (2.0-4.1) or Linux Pro 4.0 Intel based system.


You must use the special Offer code WIX027 when you place your order.

To take advantage of this special offer, simply visit The FREE Red Hat 4.2 CD Product Page , click on the order button, and fill out the order form. Since we don't make any profit on this Free CD offer, please purchase another item if possible.

The Official Red Hat 4.2 Boxed set is also available from the Linux Mall at the special price of $39, Over 20% off the $49.95 Retail Price!!. There are number of reasons to buy this, even though you can get a free version 4.2 CD.

The Linux Mall also carries all the other great Red Hat products including:

Official Red Hat Linux/Alpha Boxed Set , Official Red Hat Linux/SPARC Boxed Set , Red Hat Linux Powertools/Archives 6-CD set , Applixware for Linux Office Suite , Applixware for Linux Developer Edition , Applixware for Linux Student Edition , Maximum RPM , and Linux Man

The Linux Mall also carries virtually every other product available for Linux with more added all the time. You save money with our service, and also the fact that everything can be ordered and shipped from one place.

Come check us out!

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