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Announcing the Linux Newsletter, a Free Emailed publication

Perhaps you have heard about Linux and wonder what it is? OR you are already a Linux lover, OR you have never heard of it ...

In any case you will want to know about the ** Linux Newsletter **

Now with OVER SIX MILLION USERS, up from only ten or so a very few years ago, Linux has taken it's place as the world's #3 computer operating system overall. And Linux is breathing down the neck of #2 for very good reasons. If growth rate to date continues, Linux will be the #1 computer operating system by late '98 or '99. Are YOU ready?

Why is this? Click here: , put the word "SUBSCRIBE" in the subject line and find out! It will be well worth it, we promise. You can also Subscribe to the Linux Newsletter online using your web browser.

No Bills, EVER. The Linux Newsletter is a totally FREE monthly email publication for those that want to know more about Linux. All the hottest news, hottest product details, useful tips, information resources and special deals revealed! Subscribe for free, and unsubscribe at any time with NO obligation.

Back issues of the Linux Newsletter can also be found at /announce.html in case you want to see first what you'd be getting yourself into by subscribing.

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